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    ❝What do you say baby? You, me and a night in the warehouse? ❞ ~•*•~ A Park Jimin ff 18+ Gangster au {Short Story} Story Idea :- mr_kriswuyifan Cover credit @siadistic

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    ❝When you sleep, I will creep Into your thoughts Like a bad debt that you can't pay Take the easy way and give in❞ •°~°• A Kim Taehyung ff 18+ Stalker au Story idea :- mr_kriswuyifan Cover credit @siadistic Note : Images/Videos/GIFs used in this book belong to their respecti...

  • The Streets of Seoul | 전정국
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    " The price of my services should be cheap for a rich girl like you~" 🔫 Roomate Gangster Jungkook x Gender Bender Rich Reader High School AU 🔫 ・: ♤ Disclaimer: BTS and their affiliates own themselves ♤ :・

  • ight imma headout
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  • ✔️Still Beating | 전정국✔️
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    No matter what, we'll always have each other The three of us Forever as one~

  • A.I Want You | K•TH
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    There's a medium sized-box with your name and address waiting at your doorstep. Though skeptic at first, you decide to take it in anyway only to read that the sender's none other than your sister. Cover © Jeonomel

  • ✔️What Was Once Written | 전정국 ✔️
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    "Words can hold many meanings, if only I knew what the other meanings were ~"

  • ✔Spring Day || 정호석 Ft. 전정국✅
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    "Past the end of this cold winter Until the spring comes again Until the flowers bloom again Stay there a little longer" °••°°••°°••° You recall the time you had spent with him. Retracing your steps, you try to understand what happened in hopes that you can spend another Spring Day together with him... 《Disclaimer: BT...

  • Dear Santa || J.JK (Slow Updates)
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    "Me." He whines, cupping her cheeks before forcing her to look his way. "Only look at me, Noona." All Y/n wanted for Christmas, was a boyfriend to cuddle and spend her time with. That was until she found a human-sized box standing outside her doorframe. And what's much worse was that it had a human inside. Or was it e...

  • Cinderella's Step Brother || 박 지민
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    "I'll take good care of you sis" he whispers as he towered over you, "Just promise not to scream"... ・・:⊰ Yandere Vampire AU ♤ Jimin x Reader♤⊱:・ ・:⊰Disclaimer: BTS and their affiliates own themselves. I just own my unique plotline⊱:・

  • Dear Past me | J.hs ✔️
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    "I hope you noticed the things I couldn't." _________ Cover made by GoGoSugaKookies (me)

  • Forgive Me | Kth FF
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    "Taehyung please stop it! " He stopped pulling my hand and turned, now facing me. A smile appeared on his face, that boxy smile that I had once fell in love with. Once... "You called, love? " I cringed at the name. "Stop this, whatever it is you're doing and leave me alone! " His smile disappeared, leaving behind a...

  • Forever Rain | Namjoon ✔️
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    "I can't live without you, rain." _________ Short Story, based off Namjoon's new album ( Mono ) Completed - 10/22/18

  • tutor ||jjk
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    "I want you to meet your tutor," Tutor? But you were doing so well! You looked up from your seat, making eye contact with the very male you've had a crush on since the beginning of high school. Your eyes widened. Your crush, is your tutor?! You faced the principal, gripping tightly onto the seats arm rests. ...

  • Jeon Academy | j.jk
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    ❝what happened in the academy stays in the academy❞ Cover by @TAEHYUNGACID 𝕯𝖆𝖉𝖉𝖎𝖊𝖍𝖔𝖘𝖊𝖔𝖐 Copyright 2018 ©️ Lunar

  • Novelist |
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    It all started with a book but the obsession was becoming more uncontrollable. He wanted you. He needed you. He can't get enough of you. He was too obsessed with you. He wrote the book with his experiences. And you had no idea it was all about you. ❝Has my existence really became a character in his book?❞ 18+ mature c...

  • Fallen | K. Taehyung
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    ❝He told me that I'll be his Queen, but how come there's someone else on the throne?❞ ❝is it so wrong for me to love you even though I don't have the right anymore?❞ BOOK 2 of Rise and Fall Series - do not read if you haven't read the first book for you to understand this book ❤️ This is for those who read the entire...

    Completed   Mature
  • Risen | K. Taehyung
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    ❝Welcome to the world where vampires have risen and humans have fallen.❞ ❝You will be my queen.❞ And no one dares stop Kim Taehyung from making her the next Queen. Just another cliché beginning of their love story but with twisted obstacles in the future. A story where betrayals and trusts will be tested. copyright ©...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Ex-Wife || 전정국
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    "You're mine! I don't care how much you hate me, but I'm taking my heir back. If you disobey me, you won't be walking for the next month!" ❅❅ It has been three years now since you've been forced to marry a person you don't love for the benefit of both your parents' companies. For three years you were forced to live un...

  • Undercover Killer || J.JK (Slow Updates)
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    NOW A FEATURED STORY! "I'm gonna fucking kill You!" He seeths, squeezing her throats harder. "You won't even dare, Jeon!" She immediately jerks away from him. "Drill this in your stubborn head, If i die, you'll die with me!" She was suppose to just protect him. But no one told her, she'll also have to protect her ot...

  • The King : Forever Reign |J•JK
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    "Who are you?" You asked as the man placed a collar on your neck and forcefilly pushed you onto bed. "I'm your King, and you are my little pet" he purred as he sat besides you and brushed your hair away from your neck. You froze when you felt him lean closer to your neck. You gasped as you felt his ice cold lips lick...

  • The Billionaire Killer || 전정국
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    "Just try escaping me and see what happens" he chuckled as you tried to break away from the binds that bound you to the wooden chair. His slender fingers traced the outline of your face as he leaned in closer, dangling a knife above your head. "Didn't I say it before, you're all mine. Your mind, body, and soul... ever...

  • Angel, Say My Name |JJ•K ✔️
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    He's got you pinned, hands rounding your struggling form as his piercing cold gaze continues to devour you whole. You don't hesitate to glare back. "I'll say this once, so you better get this into that little mind of yours." He growls, slowly leaning in. "You. Belong. To. Me." ~ Thank you so much for the cover ©️minj...

  • A Date With Professor Park || 박 지민
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    "Wh-what do y-you want?" You stuttered as you were pushed against the wall. "Princess, it's time I teach you what I mean when I say that you are mine" Jimin chimed as he brought his face closer to your own. His lips were inches from your own as he continued to look you directly in your eyes. "Now Strip..." ・:🔫🔫:・ 《K...

  • ▍The Lonely Hour | Jungkook
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    "Please. I just need a bit more time. He's a good kid, he just needs a little help" A counselor is faced with the difficult task of trying to help a young criminal. A boy who guards himself with sarcasm and narcissistic tendencies. This makes this young woman's job very hard. A battle of wits both wanting to beat the...

  • BTS Story Ideas <Closed>
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    These are some ideas I had that I never got a chance to actually write. I hope someone will get inspired and write them❤ If you do want to use any of the ideas please do credit me and let me know so I can read them!❤

  • Boy and The Poppy
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    Hello. My name is Lex Jensen, I'm fifteen years old, and I'm immortal. I've been wandering around these cold woods for a year, but its much more welcoming than the house I used to call home. I'm alone, a bit terrified, and mentally exhausted. That is, until the mysterious, yet beautiful girl in the woods, Poppy, shot...

  • Opposites attract
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    She's dark, rarely laughs at his jokes, and barely pays any attention to him at all. So why does he like her so much? Beast Boy just wants to have fun. Raven... wants to have a purpose. But in the crisis of life or death, you realize how much you have to leave behind, and all the things you didn't do. All the things y...

  • ▍The Exotic Dancer | K.TH
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    "Welcome to Allure" Life itself is hard as it is. It becomes even harder when you're left alone to care for your younger sister. Shailene will do whatever it takes to properly provide for her sister. And the need to do so places her in a difficult lifestyle. When she meets Taehyung she begins to see a whole different...