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  • The Ring
    4K 171 5

    After the school issues a new rule banning any sort of accesory due to multiple thefts, Adrien loses his ring. Marinette finds the ring and before she can return his miraculous, a new akuma attacks Paris. What will happen to ladybug? what about Adrien? Read to find out... (Reveal story) Disclaimer: I don't own Mirac...

  • Miraculous Diary
    194K 9.8K 55

    Ladybug couldn't keep going. She tripped. She fell. And she couldn't get up. "No...NO!" She screamed struggling to get up. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!" The butterfly flew into her earrings. And the purple outline was on her face. With the word 'yes', the purple goo devoured her. TY Ansu13 for the cover! ...

  • Miraculous Ladybug MEMES!
    60K 2.3K 33

    Just a continuation of Miraculous Ladybug Memes, updates on S2, and other cool Schtuff! In this book, I'll include some of my own memes as well! Hope y'all enjoy! Awaiting (im)patiently for S2, Golden01_Rose

  • The boy and his Dragon
    60K 1.5K 8

    Five years ago Hiccup was declared dead after he went missing. However, one day Astrid and the Gang were on their entrance test (a test a test when all the 17 year olds have to survive a whole year on an island) they saw something on the beach and found out that it was an unconscious Night Fury lying next to a semi-co...

  • MariChat: Soul Link (SoulMates AU)
    243K 9.2K 34

    A soul linked, near and afar, She loves you simply for who you are. Behind a mask her truth may lie, But other times, she is clear as the sky. You know not her face, only as half, She knows you, via photograph. Invisible links are made between people at birth. The person you are l...

  • "I wuv my daddy!"
    161K 3.3K 18

    This is the cliché werewolf story. Abused girl been saved from her abusive patents by her beloved mate, and living happily ever after. Well as happily ever after they can. Maddie jones is a runaway looking for a better life. She's sixteen and 'a little'. She ran-away from her home and her abusive father,the beta of...

  • Taking Hits | P. Parker
    736K 22.1K 61

    Peter has been living in an orphanage for almost a year after Aunt May died. His only escape from the now miserable life he lives is going out as Spiderman but no one can know who he is. The Avengers are sent to catch him on his patrols and unmask the young hero. How will he keep this secret if the ones who are after...

  • Stuck Together( Iron dad and SpiderSon)
    113K 3.1K 18

    a collection of one-shots and short stories about the best father son duo around

  • How To Be Sarcastic ✓
    704K 37.6K 200

    ❝Oh I'm sorry, did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?❞ Just a couple conversations for shits and giggles between four idiotic beings on how to be sarcastic and other necessities. [Book 2 in the "How To" series] WARNING: CONTAINS A LOT OF SWEARS AND TALKS ABOUT MATURE CONTENT.

  • Invisible (Completed)✔
    116K 3.1K 35

    Marinette Dupain-Cheng is a lonely girl, her school hates her, she is small and fragile. Everyone seems taller than her, passing through streets, bumping into her like she is not even there. Everyone is against her, her father, her mom, She is useless in their eyes. Except for one, Adrien Agreste. He bullies her, to...

  • Mortifier
    25.3K 818 6

    Due to boredom Plagg decides to play with Adrien's shoelaces till he falls asleep next to his feet. What happens when he doesn't get back into Adrien's bag before class ends?

  • Curious Kitty (Miraculous Reveal)
    102K 4K 39

    Ladybug and Cat Noir have agreed not to reveal their secret identities, to protect themselves and their families. Just as he's convinced himself that his love for Ladybug might never happen, Cat Noir starts to suspect he might know Ladybug in his real life. Too many coincidences have drawn him to one of his closest fr...

  • Dragon or Viking
    12.1K 264 14

    After Valka was taking away by a dragon Stoick sent his daughter hiccup away to her death, after sending hiccup away to sea Drago found her and took the baby as his daughter. Years later now all grow up Stoick meets two people who he thought was dead for over 20 years.

  • Princess Marinette
    110K 1.6K 18

    In which Marinette's class wins a trip to China, more and more secrets start to come out of hiding.

  • When I'm With You
    27.1K 1K 7

    Peter Parker is definitely NOT your ordinary high schooler. And whatever his classmates thought about his internship, they clearly didn't think he was actually telling the truth. Tony Stark and Peter Parker father/son relationship fic. (Set after Civil War and Spiderman: Homecoming) Not Infinity War or Endgame (or an...

  • Behind you. (Creepypasta x reader)
    2.5K 76 13

    You hated your life. Your abusive parents, your bullies, your teachers who don't give a crap about you, everything was terrible. One day you couldn't take it anymore. Everything around you corrupted, was it for the better, or the worse?

  • The Girl with a Blue Eye
    404 19 18

    She was not meant to be here. In this laboratory. Where kids are have powers. Powers like water, lightning, fire, and much more. Her the rarest. She is the only one with this power. And of course, she's the strongest. The power...........of death. The power that she and only she can contro...

  • Two dads
    35.8K 1.1K 20

    Your a YouTube you have around 55m subscribers You also have a 1 year old daughter and son Will your ex's find out about them?

  • What's a soulmate?
    1.7K 86 12

    "Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey." Marinette was the daughter of the famous baker in Paris, Adrien was the son of the famous fashion designer in Paris. They live two completely different lives but once they meet their whole lives start to form, what happens when they found out how specia...

  • A Trip to China (Under major editing)
    48.6K 989 12

    Marinette's class are invited to a luxurious week in China along with the chance to watch the live Coronation of the Princess of China. Join Marinette in her royal mishaps and general mayhem. Will her secret get out before the coronation, or will her class be shocked at the event? Disclaimer: I don't own Miraculous La...

  • Creepypasta x neko reader TWO
    27.8K 712 18

    When (y/n) goes missing on her birthday, no one knows where she went. The search seems to go on forever. Everyone misses her and feels guilty. It's their fault. They were pretending that they forgot her birthday so she would leave and they could prepare the surprise party. Where are you? With demons.

  • The slendermans daughter
    28.9K 794 9

    I'm sixteen now. Tall and dark. But I don't want to be in the dark, I love the light! And now I know the truth, I can't look back....

  • Miraculous Ladybug one shots
    157K 5.4K 32

    Just a bunch of one shots for a bunch of ships

  • Miraculous Ladybug Short Stories/One-Shots
    96.9K 2.3K 14

    Random Short stories and one-shots for every ML shipper's fantasies. Ships will set sail and tears will be shed ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

  • Danny Phantom:Field Trip Mayhem
    41.1K 837 20

    What happens when Danny and Sam(rulers of the Ghost Zone) have to go on a field trip with their entire English class and Jack and Maddie. Will their secret stay or will it get out. Find out more by reading I don't own cover or Danny Phantom. Please read the my first fanfic☺️☺️☺️? Sequel after this book. Details of bo...

  • The Return Of Danny Phantom-Sequel to Danny Phantom: Emotional World
    15.9K 372 16

    After the class of Mr Lancer, Jack, Maddie and Vlad went inside Danny's mind, Danny ran away to protect his family and friends. Now on the run from The GIW, Danny tries to survive all around the world running away from the stupid agents. Danny is now the Crowned Prince of The Ghost Zone and his power is growing majorl...

  • Miraculous Phantom
    13.1K 406 22

    Danny is caught in an explosion when he is trying to protect Amity Park from a bomb. When he wakes up he is greeted by Paris' heroes Ladybug and Chat Noir. Now he has to help them save Paris before it's lost forever. Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. Special thanks to: Rose

  • TMNT & Danny Phantom
    5.6K 183 10

    Danny runs away from Amity when he saw his family and friends betray him in a time of need. While Danny was heading to who knows where he fell unconscious in a alleyway where The Turtles were fighting Shredder's goons. Stockman, Razhar(dog pound), Fishlegs, Bebop and Rocksteady. The turtles managed to sneak away with...

  • Slenderman x reader
    34.5K 1K 21

    The story starts out as you being a 7 year old (boy or girl), you have never met your parents and thus grown up in a orphanage. But because of what happened when you where a baby, everyone in the orphanage treats you terribly. One day you encounter someone of which you never thought you would meat. THIS IS AN ONGOING...