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    Humanity's Strongest and its Last Hope are suffering. After the deadly mission to rescue Eren, the Survey Corps was put on hiatus to await fresh recruits. Everyone seemed to be relieved, enjoying their much needed R&R, except for Levi and Eren. Drowning in their own regret, guilt and despair, they're forced together...

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  • Bounded by Fate
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    Eren was a teen that has been on the Run since the age of 10, now 7 years later, he's still running. He thought that life would never change for him. One day he was careless and he got captured. But that didnt mean he would stop fighting. He fought like always. And like always he made it out alive.But He still wasnt o...

  • Love Painted Red
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    "We had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. I couldn't just abandon our progress on the cure, so I chose to stay. Looking back on it I regret my decision. Maybe if we had stuck together during this time of chaos, we wouldn't be in this situation now." This is a story about a medical student named Sage su...