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    "do you remember the dove necklace?"

  • invisible crush
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    You, a fan, are dead and haunt BTS. Being involved in an accidental hit-and-run by the boys' tour bus on your birthday wasn't how you planned on dying. But it happened. A confused ghost you were, failing to find its place, you did what you could do and followed them back. You don't know why, but you targeted your bia...

  • Who Do I Choose (Book 1) {COMPLETED}
    4.8K 399 24

    "So who are you guys taking to prom?" Taehyung asked. "I'm not telling until you guys until you tell me." Jungkook said. "Why don't we say it at the same time?" Jimin suggested. "Yeah let's do that." Taehyung said, agreeing. "On 3. 1...2...3!" "Y/N! WAIT WHAT?!" They all shouted. •~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~...

  • Hard to love (J.JK)
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    ''Who is Mr. Do not answer?'' My friend Chanhee asked as she looked at my phone lighting up. I sighed annoyed just thinking about the caller. ''My husband.....Jeon Jungkook'' I answered and her face instantly turned into regret, for asking such a thing.

  • A Little Burden ( J.JK)
    395K 21.6K 59

    - Y/N's POV- I still remember that day clearly.....every night it comes back to me like a nightmare. The small fragile human getting pushed into my arms. Tears streaming down my face as I looked at her....Doctors storming in from everywhere trying everything they could to keep her alive. The look in her eyes she gave...

  • |[ RUN ]| Bts zombie apocolypse au
    171K 7.1K 58

    All was normal until one day. When the dead rose. Now Jilee must fight to survive. Alongside her brother, her childhood friend, a boy from down the road and some strangers... who can she trust? And how long will she survive? --------------- this is one of my first actual fanfics, so it might not be good at all... so y...

  • Apocalypse // BTS
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    It was told to us that the government had everything under control. Everything was supposed to be fine within a few days. The only thing the government had under control was lying. It took me a year to realize this.

  • The Virus |Jungkook
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    "Rule 1: Don't get bitten" "Rule 2: Don't go out on your own" "Rule 3: only shoot if necessary" "Last and most important rule do not let anyone who is bitten into the camp..." Your only young when your brought into such a world...but I wonder what happens if you break a rule.

  • The Apocalypse
    588K 28.6K 52

    What happens after the zombie apocalypse begins? survivors stick together and fend for themselves right, however it's not always that easy, a big group means that their in constant need of supplies. What makes matters worse is when you get separated from your group on a supply run and end up with a bunch of strangers...

  • Mr. Jealous || JJK ✔️
    839K 27.5K 40

    ❝They say if boys get jealous it's kinda cute. And when girls get jealous world war III is about to start but when Jeon Jungkook gets jealous, never know when the world war ends.❞--Jeon Jungkook. Started:- 24/April/2018. Ended:- 25/August/2018. Plagiarism is not allowed. Also Vote if you like it. 🙂

  • Vampire Shield //jungkook ff//
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    y/n : I really saw a vampire. why don't you believe me? Lisa : y/n,that is your hallucination. There is no Vampire thing. They are only exist in the folk story. ........... ??? : Do you find her?? ??? : Yes...... but it is someone I never expect. ............... ??? : What will you do? ??? : I have to protect her...

  • Not Bitten || j.jk
    387K 14.6K 47

    I thought going on a walk would clear my mind from the world, but I guess the world decided against it. And now I'm stuck in the middle of a zombie outbreak with 7 members of a kpop boy band named BTS. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ┗ Jeon Jungkook X Reader ┗ ZombieApocalypse! AU ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Started: January 07, 2019

  • Wings University ||J.Jk|| [✓]
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    Life is always unexpected and as for y/n it's more than anyone.... finding out that you are a wizard and there is a magical world just like a harry potter book ....every day a new begining, every time a new problem... then there is a lot of people to love you and hate you . Will you be able to survive? Haha..just r...

  • My 1st Class Jerk Husband | Jungkook × You • BTS [✔️]
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    "Jungkook, I'm warning you...Don't dare to touch me...! " You half yelled at him. His smirkfull but handsome face right an inch toward you as his hot breathe is killing you and his evil eyes fixed on you. " Why Can't I Touch you?? You're my Wife and I'm Your Husband. What's wrong with that?? " He smirked like an evi...

  • Hard Love|| Jungkook ff
    74.3K 1.6K 22

    "Y/N I want you to know that even though this is a fake marriage we can both still go out with anyone we want". I didn't care to be honest, he could do whatever he wants. But to make it clear I spoke. "Ok Jungkook I don't care, I'm fine with that so if you'll excuse me I'm going back inside".

  • Jungkook X Reader
    206K 4.3K 30

    ⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ ⚠️ Mention of S3lf H4rm and su1cid3 ⚠️ Some parts of this may be a bit muddled and strange, and just random. Some words might be spelt wrong so please don't give me hate. Also please read to the last Author Note Your a English speaking girl, age 18. (Grow throughout the story) You move to Seou...

  • (Jungkook X Reader) You're mine.
    191K 4K 47

    They were forced marriage by their parents just because Y/N's parents company have some problem so, her parents came to see Jungkook's parents company and asked them whether they can help or no. His parents said yes but in one condition. Y/N and Jungkook have to marry. BUT! Y/N and Jungkook were bestfriend since they...

  • My rude bully [ Jungkook x Reader ]
    44.8K 1K 6

    {Y/N's mother had to go on a work trip with Jungkook's mother (they work together, plus they are best friends ). But Y/N's mother can't let her alone home cuz she doesn't want to get worried about her, then she decided to tell Jungkook to take care for Y/N. } "Jungkook is coldly" "And gets mad" "And.....maybe.......ha...

  • We're Married | J.Jk FF| 》sequel To Married To My Ex-bestfriend《
    217K 5.6K 34

    Me and Jungkook remarried. for real :) it was going well when i Got pregnant. this is a sequel to Married to my Ex-bestfriend. ❤ Ranks. Nov. 5,2017 #660 in fanfiction. Update: Nov.25,2017 #256 Update: Dec. 10, 2017 #92 in fanfiction

  • Married To My Ex-Bestfriend✔
    391K 11K 26

    He Left me Alone In the dark... He left me To pursue his Career and I'm not that i said Yes. But i ended up marrying a liar. ~after 5 years~ My name Is Kim Hyerin, I'm 22 years old! :) I used to live in Busan but due to Family problems me and My mom Moved to. Seoul. My Grandparents have a Company and I'm...

  • Force Marriage [Book 2]
    61K 1.6K 20

    In which, you can manage everything, but... can you stop your undenieble feelings for him? Even though he's married, force married to be specific. Would you put everything on the line just to love him? Can you be his mistress at once? ~~~BEFORE YOU READ THIS, MAKE SURE YOU READ BOOK 1~~~

  • Force Marriage [Book 1]✔
    217K 6K 41

    Wedding is a big and worst word for the people that are force to marry with. Lead characters: 전정국 × 리더 (Jeon Jungkook × Reader) Supporting characters: 김태형 (Kim Taehyung) 박지민 (Park Jimin) 민윤기 (Min Yoongi) 정호석 (Jung Hoseok) 김남준 (Kim Namjoon) 김석진 (Kim Seokjin) 쯔위 (Chou Tzuyu)

  • 💟💟Arrange Marriage With My Love💟💟(jeon Jungkook FF)
    158K 3.9K 24

    A girl named kiya falls in love with jungkook which turns into a arranged marriage..will she be able to win his heart...will jungkook fall in luv with her?

  • I like you? [jungkook X reader]
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    "Y/n! A new trainee is coming today, you'll be working with him from now on!"

  • Sharp. // Jungkook x Reader {Completed}
    54.9K 1K 44

    ❝Something about you makes me crazy.....❞ Jungkook says softly. After your best friend moves all you have left is your boyfriend Jimin and your best friends Yoongi and J-hope. Little did you know the boy who moves next door is someone who is about to make your life different, and you fall in love slowly. ~This is my...

    164K 6.5K 34

    It was never painful for them to hurt each other. It was so easy for one of them to yell insulting words at the other. There have been many moments where their tears shed, where their anger show, where they would want to kill each other. Yet, it is so ironic Mates When ever someone hears that word, 'Beautiful Love' or...

  • Saved || Jungkook x Reader ff
    171K 5.6K 63

    "Stop fighting it and let me save you." A story in which two complete strangers cross paths at the most perfectly imperfect time. [Started 7/23/18 - finished N/A] **Highest rank: #15 in Jungkookff** **#1 in BTSBoys- 2/22/19**

  • Idol x Idols ( BTS x Idol! Reader) UNDER HEAVY EDITING
    225K 4.8K 30

    With them being an idol, dating or even loving someone can be considered a crime. But no one can stop himself/herself from loving anyone. With 7 idols being inlove with another idol, things can get out of hand. Yet they don't seem to understand why can't they keep themselves from loving you. ♡ Highest:#176 in Fanfi...

  • Not Weird, Just Unique (BTS V x Reader)
    31.1K 666 35

    ¡WARNING! THIS BOOK IS OLD AND CRINGEY ¡PROCEED WITH CAUTION! You are just an everyday girl with two best friends. That was how life was for you until your best friends and you went to Korea to audition to be a girl band for the company, BigHit. PICTURES, BTS, YOU, BIGHIT, SONGS, AND VIDEOS DO NOT BELONG TO MEH!!!! ...

  • Witchcraft || JJK √
    108K 4.4K 23

    "Where is your broom" "What broom ?" "Aren't witches supposed to fly on brooms" . . . Y/N is a witch who falls in love with a human jungkook. ..... ..... Cover by Ksools Highest ranks #4 jungkookXreader #346 love triangle #144 Tzuyu [Started on 6 may 2018]