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  • Since Day 1° SeulRene [On-Going]
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    I liked you since day 1

  • AI || seulrene
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    to be an android with human feelings is the worst curse. >completed

  • mine || seulrene
    7.9K 442 8

    sequel to AI. >completed

  • [✔] Make A Wish • Seulrene
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  • seulrene smut - ♡
    11.6K 133 2

    18+ seulrene smut its all in the title ;)

  • Strange (Seulrene FF)
    44.9K 852 13

    Is it strange feeling like this?

  • Guarded | Seulrene FF
    555K 20.3K 28

    A brat client vs. A mysterious bodyguard. Where does one curiosity might lead to? PUBLISHED: 8 OCT 2017 COMPLETED: NOVEMBER 2017

  • Silent||Seulrene
    326K 11.1K 51

    A girl who doesn't talk, but what will happen when a new student comes and tries to be friends with her? The new girl will find out things about the other girl that she wouldn't even wish for her enemy. Enjoy reading! disclaimer!! *i was pretty young when i wrote this so it has a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes*

  • [✔️] Across The Years | Seulrene
    404K 18.3K 36

    Falling in love with someone is a crazy feeling. Whether it's forbidden, complicated, or secretly then can't do anything about it. But Seulgi? Couldn't she be more crazy for falling for someone who dies a decades ago? It started when she visits an antique shop and her interests quickly piques when she saw an old dusty...

  • Seulrene Oneshots
    29K 571 8

    A bunch of Seulrene short stories in one place. What more could you ask for? A lot. But I'm afraid this is really as much as I can manage to give you.

  • Met you | Seulrene FF
    244K 8.9K 24

    "Meeting you must be destiny" -Irene PUBLISHED: 4 JULY 2017 COMPLETED : 30 SEPTEMBER 2017

  • Bodyguard; Seulrene ✓
    496K 14.9K 41

    "Ride me." Credits to @dnthrs for the book cover and for editing the book itself

  • back to you || 𝐒𝐞𝐮𝐥𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐞
    16K 299 18

    Will Seulgi save Irene before its too late?

  • The Get-Together 》 Seulrene
    26.4K 791 6

    Seulgi was brokenhearted. She promised that she'll never love anyone as much as she loved Krystal. Because of a one-week get-together with her friends, she took back what she said. She didn't realize someone was just waiting for her.

  • Heist » Seulrene
    183K 8.3K 28

    With a promise and grand plan to save her falsely jailed father and his company, Kang Seulgi, a robber who's wanted and on the run breaks into Bae Irene's house in the middle of the night for safety and search. With her home taken over by the charming masked stranger, Irene isn't sure if that's the only thing the thie...

  • The Necklace ; Seulrene
    16.5K 726 12

    At birth, everyone is given a necklace that is half of a unique shape. Your soulmate wears the other half. When you're closer to each other, the warmer it gets, and when you're farther away, the colder it gets. - Soulmate AU - Irene never really believed in the whole, "soulmate" crap. She comes from generations and...

  • Desire » Seulrene
    417K 15.3K 27

    A spoiled, rich and entitled brat is the title that Bae Joohyun, Irene, claimed. When she is forced to go on a business cruise with her sister Jisoo, and high class family, she feels nothing but dread with the claim; "waste of time". Obsessive and possessive with the thought burned into her mind, she can't help but qu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Let Go°SeulRene
    133K 4.8K 22

    I am sorry, for letting you go. 슬기 X 아이린

  • In Denial |Seulrene|
    71.5K 1.5K 47

    "Why do you always deny, Seulgi? Don't you love me? Are you ashamed of me?" "No, that's not it. I do. I do love you. It's just..." "It's just what!?" "..." "What!?" "..." "Then, I guess you truly don't."

  • Reply°Seulrene
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    I am sorry too, Seulgi. Sequel of Let Go. 슬기 x 아이린