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  • 1LLUM1N8
    51 10 1

    Des never wanted to go to Neverland, but he'd do anything for Tinsley and she's set on beating the MMORPG whatever the cost. So, when they are asked to beta test the game, he can't say no. 1LLUM1N8 is a mini prequel to the anticipated book SHADOW TO DUST, a Tinker Bell retelling. This story is a glimpse at Des' char...

  • Corrupting Pan
    47 7 1

    Zari Rogers is forbidden from accessing the MMORPG her father created. So, of course, she's going to hack her way into Neverland behind his back. She might even change the code a bit, adding in a NPC originally left out of the game. But little does she know the damage she's doing by releasing Pan into Neverland. Corr...

  • Death Opera
    53 0 9

    Cooperating space stations, thousands of years post-earth, have come to use music as a drug - where the performers have become street dealers, and the troupe owners are the kingpins. A new source arises, and is stolen at a moment of weakness. The enraged owner plays her life's work, a symphony of death, to retrieve th...