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  • The Game That Cost Everything
    140 31 7

    Each one of us had our own fight A fight that will test how smart and strong we are. A fight for survival A fight for those who believes on us A fight for our selves But what if one day everything suddenly change. What if you still need to fight but this time not only for your own but for millions of people co...

  • Mine (Completed) - PUBLISHED UNDER RED ROOM
    14.4M 281K 22

    NOTE: SPG/R-18 Available in any PPC store | Published Under Red Room | Price: 79.00php | Pocketbooksize A night before Sebastian's wedding with France, his girlfriend for two years, his friends throw a stag party for him. They even pay a woman to pleasure him before his wedding. Nang tanggapin niya ang susi sa hote...

    Completed   Mature
  • One Night With My Boss (Completed) PUBLISHED UNDER REDROOM
    20M 284K 26

    NOTE: SPG/R-18 | Now available in PPC and National Bookstore | 120 Php | Published under Red Room | Dahil sa kalasingan, pumayag si Cherry sa dare ng mga kaibigan na halikan ang pinaka-guwapong lalaki na makikita niya sa bar. She was looking for an Adonis looking male when her eyes settled on a gorgeous hunk that's s...

  • Caged Bird ✔ (TRILOGY)
    53.6K 2.9K 61

    "W A T T Y S 2 0 1 8 W I N N E R" (UNEDITED) Ally is not just a typical girl. She knew she was different from other humans. Upon entering inside the Gate 8 Lab, Ally discovered something more than anything about herself and the history of the villain named Aeneas. Because of being in the first class, their team was a...