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    Seth Dale is the owner and manager of a horse ranch in Fir Springs, Montana, called Rock Candy Ranch. When Jane Cressie, a well-known travel writer, goes to the ranch with the intent of putting it on the map, she bumps heads with it's owner, who wants nothing to do with big city hipsters. ...But when he gives her...

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    Ruth Parker is a talented graphic artist working at a major advertising firm in Atlanta. Ryan Stevens is a copywriter at that same firm and her frequent collaborator. Best friends for nearly twenty years, they've been through just about everything that life can throw at one another together, except actually being to...

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    Mercy was an injured traumatized enslaved girl on the run, who had already had a life full of trial when she met Eli Hart on what was to be her last stop on the Underground Railroad. When things take a turn after the Civil War, she is forced to flee her adopted home to make a new life out in the wild west. Her destin...

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    In 1985, Shady Harbor Maryland is like any other place in small-town America. Samantha Barry is a popular senior in high school, a cheerleader, swimmer and straight-A student, whose world is about to be turned upside down by the arrival of a transfer student. When a strange boy in black enters her life, the Rainbow...