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  • DUSK
    4.9K 287 17

    Ibis Brice isn't a normal girl. In fact, she's not a girl at all, but a century old vampire. When Ibis and her guardian, Tess move to the quiet New Mexico town of Shadow, she finds herself tempted beyond measure by the blood of a local boy. Trouble arrives in the form of a killer of vampires and a possible rival fo...

    8.6K 627 7

    When a much younger Irish hitman falls for a seasoned colored lounge singer in 1930's Chicago, trouble is right behind them. Between his obligations to his boss and a jealous ex, can these two lovers find a way or are they doomed to a tragic end?

    Completed   Mature
    160K 10.6K 34

    Kelechi Obasi is a Nigerian rare mineral heiress. Maximilian Shaw is a tech CEO whose company is worth billions. What happens when the billionaire who doesn't get close to people, begins to? What will the man who gets everything he wants, do when he sets his sights on this seemingly untouchable Nigerian beauty?

    Completed   Mature