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  • Rain [h.s]
    153K 7.6K 28

    He's lost his best friend and his will to be happy. She's got a heart of gold with more than enough room for the boy everyone avoided.

  • The Therapist's Son // Ashton Irwin [AU] ✔
    605K 21.3K 45

    Her mother expected the therapist to help her be happy again, not the therapist's son.

    Completed   Mature
  • Neverland's Secrets (A Peter Pan/ Robbie Kay Fanfic)
    297K 8.8K 46

    Alice Sum is a regular teen. She hates her parents and they hate her back. Her sixteenth birthday is coming and all she wants is independence, away from her parents. The night of her birthday Alice sits at her window and wishes on a star. A shadow come and takes her away to Neverland where she meets Peter Pan. Alice...

  • Peter pan's lost girl
    210K 6.6K 41

    Mermaids, beaches, fairies! this place is awesome. someone then snatched the book out my hands. "Mermaids? what is this crap?" I looked up to see Cynthia and her clique. "why do you carry this thing around with you all the time?" I stood up and held out my hand. "give it back." "why? it's not like you can read it, y...

  • Pandemonium
    107K 2.8K 54

    Kat never saw any of it coming. Not her Mother's death, not her brother's betrayal, not even the mysterious yet devilishly handsome boy she meets on the beach. Meeting a handsome boy on the beach would be a fine thing, a miracle even, if it weren't for the fact that she just tumbled miles down some churning, black hol...

  • Broken Masterpiece • (Peter Pan / OUAT) •
    60.2K 2.1K 27

    "Why must you leave me so breathless at times when there is so much to say?" questions the green eyed piper. "Because sometimes it's best when no words leave your mouth" I mutter. "And why would that be, Scarlett?" he asks. "Because if any words left your mouth, I wouldn't be able to tell you how I feel" I mumble. He...

  • VOLATILE (I) : peter pan ouat
    141K 4.5K 59

    Charlotte had only ever heard she was normal. When she lands on Neverland, it's no exception. She, like many others, is just another lost one. With one small exception. Peter Pan, is anything but what he's supposed to be. He's rough edges, smirks and chaos. And he's ready to play a game. "We are two people cut fro...

  • •The Silver Queen• Peter Pan
    74.9K 2.3K 42

    "You have a lacuna without love Peter Pan." I apprised, jabbing a finger to his chest. "I am very much whole without love. I do not need nor do I crave for it." He disputed. "Unbelievable." I contradicted. "Had what she done been that bad." He leaned down, his lips inches from mine and whispered, letting his breath ti...

  • Possessive ∞ Peter Pan
    222K 4.9K 66

    (( the start of this book is most likely RUBBISH because I started it when I was younger and worse at writing!! )) WARNING; • mention of abuse • swearing • violence highest ranking; #13 in fantasy, #2 in robbiekayfanfiction

  • Potential for Darkness (Peter Pan)//(Robbie Kay)
    73.7K 2.7K 55

    "You have two options. You can suffer through the fires of our passion with clenched teeth, writhing in agony, or you could become one with the flames, dancing in the night skies, burning through everything in your incendiary path, indestructible, immortal from our love, leaving in your wake ashes and smoke in the ann...

  • The Monster Inside Peter Pan (ouat)//(Robbie Kay)
    262K 7.4K 89

    Peter Pan never thought he'd do anything selfless. He never thought he'd want to die. He never thought he'd be able to love. He never thought he'd see all consuming love in someone's eyes as they looked at him. Yet Peter Pan hadn't met Alianna. That girl. That girl that gave everything up in a heartbeat to save her...

    Completed   Mature
  • Believe in neverland (OUAT peter pan fanfic)
    272K 8.2K 54

    So this is how my life is supposed to be. I always wondered what it would be like to meet Pan and now I know. he's heartless, deceptive, demanding, irritating but yet I still find something about him attractive. URGH! why me? A class is taken from school by Pans shadow and they find themselves face to face with the bo...

  • LOST: Magic's Price
    421K 13K 57

    LOST: Magic's Price A Once Upon a Time Story Volume One KING /boy/ Noun 1. a cynical mind & obsessive soul; two halves of one whole. they tire of a home in shadows. a taste of power, what it would mean to conquer- it feels like honey on his tongue. the lies he spins are sickly sweet from it.

  • Find Me Peter Pan - OUAT
    774K 21.2K 43

    Peter Pan. A ruthless, cold-hearted boy who refuses to love. Amanda Stone. A sixteen year old, adopted girl who holds magic within her. She doesn't trust him one bit; and Peter only wants her for her power. But what will happen when feelings conquer? Is it possible for the heartless boy to love? --- "This was the be...

  • Caged • Robbie Kay/Peter Pan •
    2.1M 77.2K 45

    "Because you've forgotten what it's like to actually feel something." I whispered. Peter's expression softened and the only sounds between us were the steady unsynchronized breaths falling from our lips. He swallowed, the closeness of our bodies making my heart beat faster and adrenaline course through me. The feeli...

  • White Rose - A Peter Pan Fanfiction
    329K 8.1K 37

    "Do you know what a white rose symbolizes?" Felix said, my eyes staring directly into Pan's. "No," I simply said, the clogs in my head pausing as I focused on the rose and his eyes. "Purity and innocence." Baffled, I pulled my gaze from Pan's and met Felix's. "And what's that supposed to mean?" I asked, a ta...

  • Confessions of a Lost Girl (Peter Pan fanfic)
    450K 12K 40

    The very first Lost Girl, Adriana Vicore, has come to Neverland, but Peter and Adriana have a complicated relationship. Pan has never felt the way he does right now, and Adriana is trying to recover from her traumatic past. In addition, Pan's enemies complicate things even more, and people from Adriana's past keep sho...

  • ✓|Escape Route » ouat peter pan
    342K 9.2K 25

    [A NEVERLAND TALE] "What are those?" "Earbuds" "What are those...?" "They make it so when I play music only I can hear it" "How" All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2014 | Pinkars