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  • Another Evil Grandfather (Completed)
    223K 4.1K 25

    Percy Jackson's finally at peace. The gods have made him, the seven, and some of his other friends gods. He thinks nothing can go wrong - right. As if that ever happens. When a strange man appears on Percy's doorstep, Percy and his friends are thrown into the strange world of wizards. At Hogwarts, they find friends...

  • The Grandson of Voldemort -complete
    87.6K 1.5K 20

    Percy didn't think it would be possible for his mortal grandfather to be as evil as Kronos. Obviously he was wrong....How could forcing him to attend Hogwarts end? Find out in this epic disaster of a fanfiction! This is a middle school fanfic and only sections of it have been re-edited! My apologies to the Riordan est...

  • Dark Descendants (Percy Jackson/Harry Potter Crossover)
    398K 7.4K 19

    Hey guys, this is a Harry Potter/PercyJackson crossover! Here's the prologue( this won't be in the book): Sally Jackson, a young orphaned girl, was took in to the home of two magical beings, where she found out she was a witch. She was adopted by a witch named Laura Jackson and a wizard named Jim Jackson. They took ca...

  • Voldemort's Grandson!
    281K 4.4K 58

    Percy Jackson just wants to live a normal life with his girlfriend after the second war, but NOOO the fates just had to give him another quest and another evil grandfather and another war. Harry Potter wants nothing to do with Volemort's grandson but he's at Hogwarts so Harry and Ron plan to make life very hard for hi...

  • Percy Jackson at Hogwarts {Book 1}
    324K 5.6K 27

    Percy Jackson, a demigod well known. He just came back from his battle with Gaia, still shaken up from the experience. One day, he came back to camp only to see Chiron asking him to go to a quest. Chiron wants to know if the wizards can be allies, but one problem. Voldemort is still alive. He came back after escaping...

  • Percy Jackson, Grandson Of Moldy Shorts
    100K 1.8K 17

    When Percy looses everyone in the Giant war he was left broken and shattered. When Dumbledore finds out Voldemort has a Grandson he invites him to come to his school. (All good characters that were once dead are alive.)

  • Percy Jackson, The Heir of Slytherin
    596K 14.3K 44

    Perseus Jackson, or, Percy Jackson. The name most monsters and demigods have heard of. The two time savior of Olympus, the destroyer of Kronos, and many other heroic deeds. But what if Percy was a child of Poseidon.... and the grandson of Lord Voldemort? One day, Percy gets summoned home from Camp Half Blood and his...

  • Myth Meets Magic
    12.2K 243 6

    Percys been betrayed. Betrayed by his friends, by the gods, by his own mother. He has run away to the only person he can still trust, well... semi-trust. The goddess of magic and witchcraft, Hecate. She promises to take him away. Away from the heartache, away from the pain. There's a condition though, Percy has to p...

  • Voldemort's Grandson is Who?
    65.5K 1.3K 37

    Percy Jackson finds out his mom's side of the family has a evil hidden relative. He goes to Hogwarts to uncover his heritage. A/N: I'm really bad at summaries, so just go with the title.

  • Percy Jackson: Lost, Lonely, and Powerful
    158K 3.3K 17

    DISCONTINUED Percy Jackson has just won the Giant War, but that doesn't really matter to him anymore. What's the point of saving the world if there is no one left to live in it? Everyone's gone, from both camps, and Percy is broken. He goes home, only to be greeted by a bunch of wizards who hate him. They kidnap him a...

  • Welcome To My Life
    4.8K 192 5

    This is a Percy Jackson Harry Potter crossover written by me, @England_From_Hetalia. Warnings: Death, Sadness, Blood, and more Death. . . Read at your own risk. Cover by @rAnDOm-caPitAls

  • The Broken Hero Book One: Betrayed
    47.5K 1.2K 17

    Two twin brothers of Hades go to the camps, one at each. Then, Percy gets framed by them for killing his friends. After spending a while in Tartarus, he manages to escape, but he will never the the same. And then there's Hogwarts.... Percy Jackson and Harry Potter crossover. This will be a Percabeth thing, even if An...

  • The Potter Twins And The Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone
    47K 1.2K 14

    In this story, the Harry Potter prophecy is really about both Harry and Percy. Same old, same old.... Harry and Percy are twins, sons of Lily Evans and Poseidon. Lily and James got married when she realized she was pregnant. They both live with their muggle (and mortal) family, the Dursleys. The twins had to depend o...

  • Hogwarts And Camp: The New Hero
    6.1K 323 26

    DON'T READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY READ PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS, THE HEROES OF OLYMPUS, AND HARRY POTTER!!! Percy Jackson loses his memory. Again. He is being attacked by people with weird tattoos. He soon gets a letter telling him to go to Hogwarts. He finds Annabeth and Reyna there, and they're the olde...

  • Perseus Riddle
    302K 7K 41

    Percy was betrayed and disowned by the Gods and demigods. i know what your expecting. When does Percy meet Chaos and get sent back to Earth to face his old family after like 20 years. The answer is never. Instead of meeting Chaos, Percy goes home to his mom and stepdad, Paul. Turns out Percy has a 1 month old little s...

  • The Fifth Founder (Percy Jackson/Harry Potter Crossover)
    35.2K 1.2K 6

    Percy has a quest. She has to change the crap out the wizarding world starting with the founders era. No time will be untouched. Or in which a mysterious Weslyn Wolfheart becomes a founder of Hogwarts. A witch saves Credence Barebone. A five year old Tom Riddle is adopted by a so called cousin and Grindelwald gets a p...

  • Percy Jackson and the Philosopher's Stone
    17.5K 754 19

    Percy Jackson never thought he was an ordinary boy, his mother was always certain of that and his father - well, he never met him. But when an owl arrives at his window with a letter addressed to him, he finally realises what his mother truly meant. Percy Jackson is a wizard. DISCLAIMER: I do not own PJO or HP, they b...

  • Percy Jackson Is A Wizard....
    9.3K 210 13

    But he's always known. Instead of growing up in New York, Percy has been raised in England. Sally was a witch(she was in Ravenclaw). He gets his Hogwarts letter when everyone else does. He was only a year old when Voldemort was defeated. Okay that was a bunch of random crap that kind of spilled out of my mind. Slow...

  • The REAL Heir Of Slytherin
    977 20 3

    Pjo/Hp Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, plot, settings, I probably don't even own the title. You should be able to assume what this is.

  • WE ✓
    66K 2.5K 47

    [HP/HOO Book 3]-Trilogy now completed What happens when you take a wizard and a Roman demigod and put them inside an overly loyal Greek demigod? People get hurt that's what. And to complicate things even more all three of them have girlfriends who they love very much, who even have problems of their own. Disclaimer...

  • Us and Them ✓
    120K 4.1K 53

    [HP/HOO Book 2]-Trilogy now completed Percy and the gang have been to Hogwarts and helped the wizards save the world. Now it's Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny's turn to visit camp halfblood. Disclaimer: Credit to uncle rick and jk. I only own Atlanta, Tom and Betsy. Creds to the artists who drew the beautiful art I us...

  • Them and Us
    789K 25.5K 58

    [HP/HOO Book 1]-Trilogy now completed This book has undergone heavy editing. The grammar and spelling is now up to scratch and I have not made any major changes to the original plot. The seven and Calypso go to Hogwarts, what will the golden trio think of them, how will the demigods like the wizards, how will the wiz...

  • The Exchange
    364K 14.6K 74

    Hebrew Translation Now Available ******** "You've literally just copied Hera, seriously aren't you gods inventive enough to come up with your own ideas?" Percy raised an eyebrow at the goddess. The woman shrugged, "Hera didn't copyright it. I have every right to borrow her idea." ******** To Exchange is to: Give somet...

  • Percy Jackson and the not so nice grandfather
    105K 2.1K 16

    Percy Jackson is the grandson of Voldemort with a twist his old friends live in hogwarts and so does Annabeth's sister

  • The Lost Dark Lord (Percy Jackson Grandson of Voldemort)
    116K 2.6K 28

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Percy Jackson characters or the Harry Potter characters, they belong to Rick Riordan and J.K. Rowling respectively. Percy was just about to take a long, relaxing break from going on quests and missions, but it appears that's not what the gods (or wizards) had planned for him... #1...

  • Children of Prophecy (TEMP. HOLD)
    13.8K 571 8

    His time at Hogwarts is over, but the fight against Voldemort has just begun. Straight out of a barely complete Physical Therapy, Percy finds himself in the-middle-of-nowhere-snow-land with only a backpack and book, no knowledge of how he got there or how to get out. His test from the fountain of fate has finally begu...

  • Percy Jackson at Hogwarts
    281K 8.3K 37

    In the worlds of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, Harry is eating dinner in the Great Hall and Percy is being chased by monsters. How do the two worlds meet? Simple. Percy falls through the enchanted glass ceiling of the great hall unconscious. Percy doesn't know where he is, only that he's being chased by monsters. Fi...

  • The New Kid (under extreme editing)
    263K 3.5K 27

    This is a Percy Jackson and harry potter crossover. Percy Jackson receives a quest from Dumbledore to go protect Harry at Hogwarts I know that the time periods for each separate character doesn't make sense, so let's ignore it.

  • Voldemort's grandson
    93.1K 1.7K 11

    Well what if Voldemort had a daughter called sally Riddle, but she was sorted into Ravenclaw, he declared her a disappointment to the Riddle name. He soon over looked that but what if she got married to a man she thought was a muggle but turned out to be a god of the sea, Poseidon. Just imagine if they had a son they...

  • When The Worlds Collide
    468 15 7

    After the war with Gaea, the demigods find themselves on a quest at a school called Hogwarts to protect a boy named Harry Potter and his friends (which they call the Golden Trio). *Story takes place in Harry's fifth year of school