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  • Zone Zero: Vengeance (Book 3 of 3)
    124K 8.3K 48

    **** This is part 3 of the Zone Zero series. Do not read this first**** ***Highest Ranking #13 in Vampire*** The war is coming and the hunt is on. Evie and Alex have decided that now is the time to take down Cail. Not just for everything he has done to them, but for everything he has done to every other person. Vampi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Skinned
    756K 39.6K 36

    He is without a pack, He is without a mate, And he is without a wolf, He is the sanctuary of brutality, a slaughter that waits for its turn. He is Killian, the beast built with strength, power, and chaos that yearns for a reign, not of an Alpha, but of a King meant to rule a bigger land. He is not a werewolf, but he i...

  • Seventh Deadly Sin (Book Two in Angels, Gods & Demons series)
    377K 17.1K 43

    🖤 The completed version is now only available for free on Inkitt🖤 (link in bio) Second book in Angels, Gods & Demons series ** Strong arms wrapped around my much smaller frame, comfortable warmth engulfing my tingling body, followed by the softest, sweetest touch of his lips a...

  • Zone Zero: Redemption (Book 2 of 3)
    244K 13K 37

    ***Part 2 in the Zone Zero series*** ***MATURE CONTENT INSIDE*** Do not read this first. please read Zone Zero and then read Redemption. Otherwise it won't make much sense. ***HIGHEST RANKING #14 IN VAMPIRE*** After leaving her whole world behind in Zone Two, Evie is struggling with her new life without Alex. So when...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dying for Death
    648K 30.4K 25

    Trinity has never hurt a soul in her entire life, however life hasn't always been good to her. When a stray bullet blasts threw her temple, Trinity isn't really stunned. In fact she's almost revealed. After loosing her mother, Trinity's father drinks his problems away...while taking the rest out on her. Now she's dead...

  • Zone Zero (Book 1 of 3)
    816K 36.5K 46

    ***HIGHEST RANKING IN VAMPIRE*** #3 - 26-9-2018 #4 - 13-8-2018 and 23-09-2018 #5 - 29-8-2018 and 5-9-2018 "What happened?" It's all I can muster at this stage but I figure it's a place to start. "You had a head injury and passed out. I cleaned you up and put you in here to rest." His voice is now calm, much different...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Lovely Nightmare | SAMPLE
    2.2M 99K 70

    Highest Ranking #1 in Paranormal! #2 in Romance! Published Sample: 70% complete, full novel available through Amazon and Kindle "I'm gonna have a great night. Stick around. Maybe you'll see how great later!" "Promises, Promises." Amelia is desperate for normalcy. Plagued by a monster in her closet, she has never rea...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nephilim (Book One in Angels, Gods & Demons series)
    2.3M 13.5K 8

    🖤The completed version is now available on Inkitt🖤 (link in bio) Highest ranking: #1 in Paranormal First book in Angels, Gods & Demons series ** All my life, I've been thinking about the same thing...That because of who I was, I was destined to be alone forever... But who w...

  • The Blood-Book III
    7.9M 386K 89

    It took one bite to change her life forever. Now Charlotte has found herself in the middle of a war that has been brewing for longer than anyone could have imagined. And it's all in the blood... Join them as they race against time to try and solve the mystery that could destroy or deliver them from this h...

  • The Rise-Book II
    10.3M 442K 67

    Sequel to 'The Bite.' *You need to read 'The Bite' first before you read 'The Rise,' otherwise you're going to be very lost down this rabbit hole. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It takes more than a bite. ...

  • The Bite-Book I
    25.7M 1.1M 90

    Charlotte is on the run from a troubled past to start a new life, turn a new page and begin again. Little does she know that the new life she is about to start, is one that is only supposed to exist only in fairy tales. What was a minor decision put her in the wrong place at the wrong time; a decision that will be bu...

  • Untouched ✔
    18.4M 609K 35

    "Y-you," she stuttered, staring at the handsome man sitting on the sleek black throne, "you're..." He rolled his eyes, waving his hand impatiently and said, "Hades. Come on, say it with me. Ha-des." "Hades," Ariel breathed out, still not believing the sight before her. Every picture she had seen of the gods had no...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lexi's Undoing
    28.3M 810K 67

    A lovestruck demigoddess, unaware of her royal status, falls for the wrong god and flees to the underworld to escape Zeus's wrath. ******* Lexi Maxwell is celebrating her eighteenth birthday. For...

  • Lexi's Fate
    9.4M 396K 83

    After falling in love with Hades, an ambitious, untried demigoddess moves to the underworld and makes a bid for the position of queen. ******* In the sequel to LEXI'S UNDOING, Lexi ditches her old life to live with her handsome god in his castle of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dralan [On Hold]
    4M 152K 56

    In a world where vampires feed from other vampires and males dominate females... there is but one precious thing left in their world which every vampire craves... A Mihr. Dohmenic is the Dralan - the King - of all vampires, and survives purely on clean blood; The blood of a Mihr, a virgin. Without a Dralaq, a Queen...

  • I Am Only One {Mature Vampire Romance}
    35.1M 1.8M 172

    Highest Rankings: #1 Vampire #1 Paranormal #1 Fantasy #1 Supernatural #1 Action #1 Dragon #5 Romance #5 Wattpad's AD App 100 MOST READ LIST! Her body was exquisite. I wanted to run my tongue around her hardened nipples and grasp her hips while sinking inside her. I contemplated what sounds she would make when I nudged...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tavian [PREVIEW]
    63.3K 2.4K 6

    Leather clad, in army boots and oozing raw sex, Lycans were a breed you simply didn't mess with. Some were born normal, while other were born elite. * * * * * Tavian, the elite-born warrior with three hardcore brothers, Kevlar, Hack and Crev, wer...

  • Blood Sacrifice: SEQUEL TO BOUND BY BLOOD
    614K 27.8K 38

    SEQUEL TO: BOUND BY BLOOD You all thought that was the end and happy ever after with Xavier and Diana. No, that was just the beginning and being King and Queen doesn't have it's perks. Xavier and Diana have new enemies and it's not what you think it is. What's going to happen when Xavier and Diana find out that they...

  • Roses for Rachel
    8.1M 393K 49

    I was sure the worst thing to ever happen to me would be being kidnapped, and sure, that was pretty bad. However, what was worse was being kidnapped, held captive for years, and then being auctioned off to the highest bidder. I thought maybe I had caught a little break when I found out that me and five other girls we...

  • Anything For Rachel
    4.1M 225K 56

    ***Sequel to 'Roses for Rachel'*** Everything has changed, and the stakes are twice as high. Rachel's story continues.....

  • Blood Stains
    130K 5.8K 31

    BLOOD STAINS Grace Adelaide Jones was a normal seventeen year old girl in high school . . . or so she thought. Her world gets flipped upside down after sneaking out of her friend's party, where she meets a mysterious, dark, appealing - and most of all dangerous - boy who wants a little more than just sex fr...

  • Saint Nick
    3.9M 186K 28

    "Come to sit on my lap again?" • • • It's that time of the year again, and people are all waiting for Santa to come by with their presents. Hazel is living a humdrum life in her small hometown, doing nothing in particular when a certain Santa Claus asks her if she wants to sit on his lap. Brown eyes, chocolate hair...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Lovely Bite
    5.8M 73.3K 27

    The Lovely Bite is ON SALE ON AMAZON! Link in profile! THIS NOVEL ONLY HOLDS THE FIRST 20 CHAPTERS FOR SAMPLE. Highest Ranking in Vampire- #1~ 5/31/16 1/18/21 Twenty human girls. Seven Purebloods. Adeline O'Here is taken away from her human life and is sent to a school with nineteen human girls. Seven o...

  • Thirster 2467
    282K 14.6K 29

    Everyone believes that the government are hiding aliens in Area 51 in Nevada. How about if there's exactly the same underground building in New York? But they don't have 'aliens' they have something deadlier that runs in the night. Vampires. Twenty-six year old Marilyn Hurly has been alone all her life. When she wa...

  • Sinner (Discontinued)
    1.4M 42.8K 12

    "Don't touch me, darling. Not unless you suddenly want to find yourself with my cock in your mouth." • • • Sins come in all shapes and sizes, but she never expected it to come in the shape of him. He was what you called a Sinner; His touch made you sin in every biblical way possible. One touch was all it took; one ca...

  • Grey's Tribute
    5.7M 229K 50

    The characters are highly complex and they exist in a world that values strength over compassion, only the strong survive. The life inside the pack mimics that of a real wolf pack with a strict hierarchy that is established through fighting and power. It is also comparable to a medieval court, the king holds his divin...

  • Bathe In Fire - Shadows of the Night 2
    868K 59.7K 45

    ... for a moment I thought that everything was back to normal, that I was okay. But then it came crashing down on me. Blood was valuable. Blood was life. The loss of blood had a price. A high one.

  • Drown Under Earth - Shadows of the Night 3
    1M 72.3K 65

    Well, you could stare at a white wall until you were blue in the face, it would never be more than a white wall. The same was true for the master vampire. A vampire was a vampire was a vampire. Period. (Anna Johnson)

  • Suffocate In Spirit - Shadows of the Night 4
    834K 68.6K 67

    A jolt. A small hitch in the rhythmic beating of my heart. Dèjà vu didn't even begin to describe it. ... My heart stopped, my breath jostled forward, shock rippling through my system. It happened again. For a few precious seconds my mind froze up and, together with my body, went into a complete lockdown. It was the sa...

  • Breathe Under Water - Shadows of the Night 1
    1.3M 70.9K 40

    They are born in the darkness, and they own it like no one else. Anna Johnson stays clear of vampires. She knows what they are capable of. As a witch of the air she is working for the Circle as a researcher, closing her eyes to that which lies in her past. Until one phone call changes everything.