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  • A big mistake
    4.5K 188 4

    Guess what I am back with?? yes! another MahiRat no prizes for guessing because I just cant get enough of them. After the 2017, our Virat suddenly has this mad urge to prove his authority on team and in the process ends us hurting his big brother.

  • Taking it too far...(On Hold)
    4.2K 313 5

    A Rohirat prank on Mahi Bhai goes horribly wrong.

  • The disastrous combination
    2.9K 246 5

    It would be too much to hope that any plan of Yuzi and Hardik would end in less than a disaster. And when their plan involves an innocent creature like Kuldeep--guess who's at the receiving end!

  • MahiRat oneshots/short stories
    8.9K 422 6

    It's exactly what the the name says...

  • Best Friend's Jealousy
    4.3K 310 6

    "If your best friend is not jealous of your other friends, then he/she is not your best friend." Ever experienced? What to see Virats jealousy? Peep in...

  • Tough love
    6.6K 425 11

    Mahi Bhai atlast has enough of RohiRat's frequent childish fights and decides to give them a little harsh reality check.

  • After all this time
    18.4K 1.3K 18

    In a sad alter universe, Virat and Rohit fell out bitterly 5 years ago, and things have never been right between them again. It took Virat five years to realise how empty life seems without the person he once considered his best friend and with whom he spent every moment of the day for more than a decade, and that he...

  • In This Together
    29.2K 2.1K 26

    After India loses the semi final of WC 2019, suddenly out of nowhere match fixing allegations are presented with proof against Virat, and BCCI bans him with no other option, and the entire world turns against him. And since the thing Virat cares about most in the world is Indian cricket, he is broken. Maybe forever. B...

  • The Trip and the Jubilant Turn
    14.7K 1.2K 17

    A Test match vs West Indies in Dharamshala gets abandoned on the very second day due to severe rain. In the long gap before the next match, the ICT decide to go on a trip to Dhauladhar hills. The normal trip turns extremely memorable with the intervention of a special guest!

  • Our Captain
    5.5K 350 6

    The kids in the current team decide to give their captain a surprise on Teacher's Day, just to let him know how much they care

  • The crack within
    17.2K 717 17

    This just a really emotional story about ICT and how some ill wishers try of our beloved team try to break the team apart by breaking one of its strongest members, MSD. It's a story about trust, misunderstanding and redemption. How even the best of us can be broken by a simple misunderstanding. Hope you guys will like...

  • Hardik Pandya Imagines
    17.5K 727 26

    Do you find yourself awake at night? Thinking about a certain cheeky cricketer? The one with brown eyes, a lot of tattoos and a captivating smile ? Now, I didn't say anyone's name but I know he popped into your head 😏

  • ICT WhatsApp Group
    29.4K 1.6K 15

    Random nonsense

    38.3K 2.6K 36

    Random friendship one shots on our favourite ICT members

  • In the Darkest Hour
    14.6K 1.1K 21

    It's all about finding the ray of hope even in the darkest hour. A group of members outside the ICT force their way into the team's management with a deep, twisted plot of ruining the current generation like Greg Chappell did in 2007. No one knows whom to trust, as things keep getting more serious by the hour. The bo...

  • Some things bigger than IPL
    3.8K 287 7

    A big part of Virat can't even feel happy at RCB's victory over KKR because he saw Kuldeep's confidence getting shattered before his own eyes. Yuzi can't bear Kuldeep to be hurt either.. The World Cup is coming, and they need to do something

  • ❝ ƒɑղցíɾӀՏ íʍɑցíղҽՏ ❞
    8.6K 437 20

    Ciao people // Request closed // well In this book you all can send me your imagines and I'll write it ...... It can be on anyone Cricketers Crush Celebrity Crush Singers so please fill the form and wait for your imagines

  • Caught in a Glimpse👀❤
    55.3K 3.3K 101

    What happens when a girl who has a biggest crush on an emerging cricketer of Indian Cricket Team crosses him co-incidentally in BCCI Award Ceremony where she's the one looking after all the arrangement's of the event & the girl catches the eyes of that young lad 👀❤ Read to know how this love co-incident meet leads...

  • A second chance?
    10.9K 915 23

    What does a seconds chance mean? New opportunity? New roles to play? or... New love? Sequel to Pyaar ka fuel Dosti

  • The Girl He Never Noticed // Hardik Pandya ( Completed )
    760 75 3

    Hardik Pandya , the all rounder of the Indian Cricket Team and India's one of the most eligible bachelor.. He has everything which he wants Power Fame Money and Love , well he has , because One of the most famous model is his girlfriend who loves him ... Apoorva Singh , She is a writer , her life revolves around h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Anisha and The Mystery Cricketer| A Jasprit Bumrah Fanfic [COMPLETED]
    26.7K 1K 70

    Anisha is a cricket freak girl. She never missed a cricket match for anything.But when Sachin and Sehwag stopped playing she and her brother stopped watching cricket and any cricket news!

  • Avec Amour || Shubman Gill. [ON HOLD]
    2.6K 324 14

    "You can't save me always" I cry "I Can try" he smiles at me. The kind of smile that was brighter and warmer than the sun. The kind of smile that wanted me to break free of all the things tying me to the ground and jump right into the sky. The kind of smile that wanted me to stop. Stop breathing the air and breathe...

  • Rasgun- Indian Cricket Team
    756 96 6

    Short poems on my favourite cricketers from Indian Team... I hope you people will like it...

  • Sarang | Hardik Pandya [Completed]
    13.1K 1K 36

    Sarang (noun.) love; lit In which a girl writes letters to her best friend & vice versa. HARDIK PANDYA/OC I've always wanted to do this style of writing and Hardik Pandya is making this possible. Started On: 15th July, 2017 Completed On: 13th August, 2017 #701 in Fanfiction on 18/07/17 #597 in Fanfiction on 19/07/17

  • Desert Roses [UNDER EDITING]
    2.6K 232 14

    The worst feeling in the world is knowing you've been used and lied to by someone you trusted." "Love comes to those who still hope after disappointment, who still believe after betrayal, and who still love after they've been hurt." * It wasn't your fault. It was my fault that I believed all the words said by you * ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Meeting again
    13.2K 1.5K 84

    it is said that " little knowledge is Dengourous than no knowledge " and it is true.. she loved him with all her heart he loved her with all his heart but one small mistake separated them from each other!!! the mistake was " having little knowledge "

  • Clean Bowled
    318K 17.6K 70

    Viraj Singhania is a cricketer. Aslesha Mathur is a kathak dancer. He doesn't care about anything and anybody. She is really kind and helpful towards everybody. Parties, girls and scoring double centuries is his life. Papa, novels and ghungroos are her life. But even though they are so different, they have one thing i...

  • Kamlesh Nagarkoti Imagines❤
    2.6K 183 14

    Here are some imagines for the u19 cricketers i.e. Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Abhishek Sharma, Shubman gill, Manjot Kalra, Prithvi Shaw...and many others❤🔥

  • infinite ~shubman gill ✅
    20.2K 1K 37

    This Story is about Shubman Gill and Pallak Nair who happen to meet at a wedding and hit off instantly but due to a misunderstanding Shubman doesn't convey anything to Pallak , but then twist of fate and they meet again, very soon. This time Shubman is adamant to not let Pallak go but will everything go as he wants i...

  • ILLICIT || Hardik Pandya
    10.5K 803 23

    { Illicit ; (n) illegal } ♣ We are so close, yet too far. You make me do things, which I'm not supposed too. And Maybe that's why, We're Illegal ? ♠ You don't know what kind of effect you have on me, just whisper my name and I'll be there for you. And is this why you said " We're Illegal " || Nob...