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  • Amber and Xavier Extracts
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    extracts inspired by taagg/tgaass's amber and xavier and overall story <3

  • Wattpad: Contest Entries
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    I'll figure this out later :))

  • From Silver to Gold
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    Two Gangs and a Golden Girl --- @HollyShmit Writing Contest Amber is revealed the secret of the Mysterious Fucker's true identity, she tries to make sense of it all in her mind. Meanwhile, wearing a heart that is no longer hers, she makes a bold decision to visit her past. All three gangs follow her like helple...

  • Lo(S/V)er (One Shot)
    167 10 2

    Lynch is just a normal boy who talks about his hair and shampoo until he met Kylie. A beautiful girl who likes lynch paintings without knowing its lynch who made it. She loves music and she is a dancer and a singer at Tygerwell. What if Lynch fell for her yet she wasn't able to fell too? What if there is somebody who...

  • The Start of You and I
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    TGAGG competition. A Calvin and Matt story.

  • daggers
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    TGAAGG fan fic. This shows Amber's life before her parents die

  • 7 Minutes (TGAAGG Fanfic Contest)
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    Calvin's 7 minutes and his after.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Day I Met Her
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    This book takes place the day Blake first saw Amber Marigold, the golden girl. My entry for Holly Shmit's contest.

  • Frozen Gold (TGAAGG fanfic)
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    The Golden Girl is in a coma, leaving the Bleak Boy, the Copper Boy, and as I call him the Burgundy Devil in fear of losing her. They all fear losing her, they've all fallen for her, the one who has been both helping and tricking her knows what's happening, but can't be there for her in person because he caused it. Th...

  • They Don't Know About Us
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    Opposites attract. Matt and Calvin were apart of two rivalry gangs with one bond, food. In the midst of their late night cookie escapades, they fell in love. This story is a one shot of their first date. ••••• these characters are not mine and all credit towards them goes to holly shmit

  • Lost and Found
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    This is my entry for Holly Shmit's contest. If you haven't already read her book Two Gangs and a Golden Girl, I suggest you go and read it.

  • Amwen Routine
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    Disclaimer: This a one shot and is a fanfic based off of TGAAGG. Enjoy. This is basically the Amwen life based off of Amber POV. ENJOY!

  • Marigold Massacre
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    Fanfic story for TGAAGG (A story on Wattpad by HollyShmit) What is a normal day with the Marigold's like? What happened the night that Amber's parents were murdered? What password were the killers looking for? If you wish to find out, read this fanfic in the Robert's then one of the killer's POV and discover what it w...

  • A Crumb of Deja Vu
    37 7 1

    Fanfic (contest) of how Matt and Calvin met in detail from Matt's pov (TGAAGG) with a twist

  • TGAAGG One Shot- The Bronze Beauty
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    Here's the entry for the one shot competition of TWO GANGS AND A GOLDEN GIRL by HollyShmit.. There's never one side to a story. There's always new things to know about a person. Amber is no different. People know the sweet painter Amber. They don't know the story behind her. She has one. Believe me she does. Hear it...

  • Thoughts
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    A one shot of TGAAGG. shoutout to @HollyShmit !!! You rock gurl!1

  • Losing Home
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    This story is an entry for @hollyschmit 's TGAGG contest. I highly recommend you read her book before you read this and simply because her story is really good. - This is a story in the eyes of Lynch before and after he meets the new Amber.

  • When Gold Falls
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    This is my entry for Holy Shmit's writing contest.

  • My Sister's Spirit Will Live On
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    "My sister is a hero, because she kept me alive. A doctor is a fool, because he can't stitch back a soul. A grave is a dirt bed, because it means you're just sleeping and not gone forever... You're my sister's spirit, because I refuse to accept my hero's dead..." "And death... is just a really long nap, because the wo...

  • The Golden Rules
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    Amber Marigold went through many tragedies in her 16 years of existence . Her beauty had no bounds. Neither did her values . But she hid a secret one that could either break or make her. Owen Rhodes , a normal highschool hearthrob. Was bent on finding out the mystery behind the golden girl Will he break down her wall...

  • what happened?
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    How will Amber forget? , how will she survive without a heart . when it comes to forgetting only one name crosses her mind , Owen.

  • Two Gangs And A Golden Girl Fanfic
    4.4K 137 2

    This is the short story of Amber and the gang's new life together 1 gang and golden girl For the @hollyshmit writing competition of 2018 Enjoy 💓💓 #1 on hashtag hollyshmit as of 7/16/18

  • you idiot
    1.6K 154 2

    A one-shot fan fiction from Xavier Jilten's point of view.

  • The Golden girl and the Shadow Boy COMPLETED
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    Amber has fallen into the darkness and can't stop falling, will the Shadow Boy keep his promise and catch the Golden Girl or will she fall through his clutches?

    Completed   Mature
  • Some Thoughts of Humphrey Wardell Baldwin Lynch
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    I just couldn't believe they cut my hair. And for what? Just to prevent me from dying? I mean come on, at least I would have died with magnificent locks, but no, they just had to do it. Just go on, destroy my dreams of being an astronaut while you're at it, Blake!

  • Marigold Will Rise. (FanFic)
    460 37 5

    "You.....your....." I stammered. This doesn't make any sense. How could HE be Mysterious Fucker? I don't get it. Why did HE help me? Of all people. "No, that doesn't make any sense. Why did you help me? Was everything that you said a lie? You used me." I ranted. He was so sweet to me when we talked. I can't believe I...

  • Our Story's Not Finished Yet
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    This is a one shot story about Jessy and Liam (mostly Jessy) from Two Gangs And A Golden Girl by @hollyshmit Don't read if you haven't read TGAAGG!! Squeal out now!!! Also this is my story for the contest?

  • White Abyss; TGAAGG one shot
    23 4 1

    Amber Marigold is as good as dead. Or is she? Stuck in a white abyss alone, her only companion being her thoughts, things get very real very fast. Follow her journey back to the real world accompanied by friends, memories, and those she never imagined she'd see again. ((I attempt to retrace the moments in which Amber...

  • Holding What's Mine
    306 13 17

    Holding hands is a sign of unity, togetherness and most of all support... "Boss, when I'm older will I remember you?" His eyes locked with mine showing kindness and determination. " You don't need to remember me and you probably won't see me, but I will be there. Here for you always" When time passes from the first t...

  • Where Silver Meets Blood
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    As I looked into her eyes, oceans of emotion swirling in them, her body pressed against mine, I felt vulnerable after so many years. Her peppermint breath fanned my face and I swear I saw the smallest glint of gold in those eyes of hers again. My hands traveled down to her waist, the material of her silver dress press...