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  • World's Worst Boyfriend |z.h.|
    152K 8.3K 33

    "In order to gain something, you have to lose something." or the one where Niall somehow gets blackmailed into playing boyfriend for the school's bad boy, Zayn Malik. #406 in fanfiction

  • Four Alphas (Zianourry One Direction)
    97K 3.4K 20

    Niall Horan is just an omega that has to move schools because alphas were forcing themselves on him to mate him. Niall moves the London from Ireland and goes to school at London High. Being the new kid in January doesn't fit well with him. When he does go to school, he meets friends and finds out about the rulers of t...

  • Life Of A Prostitute (Ziall Horlik) AU
    174K 9.3K 27

    It's not something people plan on doing nor is it something people happily do. It's a way of survival. Zayn Malik lived a life of selling his body to men and women who wanted it just so he could get by. He wasn't happy, but there was nothing else for him to do. There was no one for him. He was just a prostitute. Niall...

  • he don't like the lights ♡ ziall/zustin/jiall au [COMPLETE]
    33.3K 1.5K 15

    "i know you're with him, but i gotta know, zayn. you love me, right?" "you gotta believe me. i love you, niall." [started 5.23.16] - - - or the one where zayn is famous, niall is his non-famous boyfriend, and justin bieber is his beard. © 2016 by Lexi.

  • Rental Agreement « Zarry
    7.5K 672 8

    There were only three rules. One, if you have people over be considerate of coexisting renters work schedules. Two, don't make ruckus after eleven o'clock on week nights - excluding Friday nights and holidays. Three, don't fall in love with one another. Zayn ultimately fails to abide by all three rules, resulting in...

  • Bonded 2.0 « Zarry
    13.5K 1K 10

    Fifteen year old Harry discovers his classification in the world and thinks nothing will ever be the same again, but his best friend Niall thinks he's being over dramatic about the situation because a single word shouldn't define you as a person. But is Harry so wrong? Especially when it's something so important. He...

  • Hidden
    3.3K 149 6

    A Nous Fanfic Louis' a gang leader Niall happens to be his victim

  • Famous ~Zarry AU~
    143 6 2

    "Don't call me that." "What why?" "I said don't call me famous. I hate that word!" "But you are famous Harry, and there's nothing you can do." ••• When you call someone famous, you're labelling them. You're taking away their ability of being and acting like a human. Think before you do it, because for Harry, it hurts...

  • Bottom Feeders - z.h.
    16.1K 1.3K 9

    The one where Niall is a straight barrister at a gay night club

  • Brothers (Ziall Horlik ) AU
    336K 16.2K 27

    Like any other modern family, parents get remarried and have a child as a symbol of their new found love. Zayn Malik's mother was left to raise the young boy on her own when he was just a baby. As a common result of being abandoned by a parent, he grew up angry and full of emotions no one understood. He had one outlet...

  • Hey - Ziall
    44.9K 3.4K 45

    In which Zayn steals something from Niall, and Niall steals something from Zayn but doesn't realize it. And things get complicated because of it. [July 2, 2015 - August 20, 2016] _____ READ [Only dialogue, nothing else. It might get confusing.]

  • Morphine Runaway « Nouis
    50.8K 3.9K 22

    Louis Tomlinson thinks he's helping his stepbrother out with a small task, that small task turns into dangerous waters when Louis finds himself stuck between doing what's right and what he's been told is right.

  • Pleasure And Payne: My Boss The Dom! [Niam Mpreg Story]
    21.5K 758 21

    He pushed me against the wall feeling his erection against my stomach made me moan "you have no idea how badly I want you Niall" he said huskily against my ear, he started kissing my neck leaving love bites as he bit hard I moaned in pleasure "tonight Niall I'm gonna rock your world." Niall Horan, nineteen years old a...

  • My Superhero (Ziall Horlik) AU
    196K 9.5K 30

    Niall Horan isn't like other boys his age. Some people say he's just immature, but they only say that because they don't and won't take the time to get to know him. They only see him as a boy obsessed with superheroes. Zayn Malik is a caring young man thats one of the best players on the football team. He would never...

  • Star67 « Ziall
    255K 14.2K 25

    "He's the type of boy who has the power to take your heart and shatter it into a million pieces and take every organ out of your body and empty your veins onto the bathroom floor but damn if you ever get the chance to be held I swear you will never feel more full."

  • Animals (Nouis)
    6.9K 403 14

    ....Wattpad I'm starting to hate you. This is Louis first year at teaching college. Everything's all fine and dandy until he gets a secret admirer that proves to be a bit persistent. ©copyrighted by Alexander Blue/MusicChild13 ©all rights reserved to Alexander Blue/MusicChild13

    Completed   Mature
  • Little Bird (Ziall Horlik) M-preg
    94.3K 5.4K 28

    (Sequel to Small Bump) Niall Horan just met the father of his twin babies, but that's not exactly a good thing. Zayn Malik knew something happened the minute his best friend, Harry Styles, walked in the room. The look shared and the words spoken said all that he didn't want to believe. Both love each other passionate...

    Completed   Mature
  • Small Bump (Ziall Horlik) M-Preg
    176K 9.8K 31

    It's not a mistake, it was fate. Niall Horan snuck into a college party with his brother, only to make bad choices that left him in a rare and unusual situation. Zayn Malik is a wealthy, newly graduated fellow. He left his party days behind him and made history in England to being the youngest man to open his own art...

    Completed   Mature
  • My savior >>Ziall<< *on hold*
    973 35 10

    Niall hates him self. He gets bullied, and he cuts. He thinks he's fat, ugly, and just worthless. You see, Nialls parents died in a car crash when he was 6. He was put into a foster home. Until he turned 18 then he lived by himself. He goes to a regular school now and gets bullied. One day he just couldn't do it anym...

  • Bradford Meets Doncaster ∆ Zouis
    6.6K 528 8

    ❝Cause I believe in loving you with first sight❞

  • Love On The Battlefield (Ziall Horlik) AU
    35.8K 2.5K 26

    When two countries fo to war they need all the men they have, all the strength they can get, and all the help given to them. So, the military forces call on school boys to fight. They can't deny the order, they have to accept and fight for their country. Niall Horan was a young school boy called to fight for the Irish...

    Completed   Mature
  • Never again >>Ziall<< *on hold*
    3K 127 36

    Niall thinks he hates Zayn, but does he really? What happens in the future for the two? Ziall, with a side of Niam

  • The little blonde >>Ziall/Niam<< *on hold*
    5.5K 199 16

    Niall and Liam are best friends and have been since the 6th grade. Liam had been there for Niall through the bullying and everything. But does Liam secretly like Niall? Niall and Zayn are worse enemies. Zayn has been Niall's bully since the 8th grade. Niall hates Zayn. Zayn ruins everything for Niall. But why does Za...

  • My Liege - Ziall Horlik *slow updates*
    32K 1.7K 11

    When the dark meets the light and claims it as it's own. {cover by 0ziall}

  • Your Body {Louis Centric}
    10.5K 450 13

    Am I a whore? No. Am I a prostitute? Hell no. I'm an escort. More on the verge of being a fixer. I fix people's relationships and help them our by using...well my body. My body is used in various ways, whether it's to fix relationships or give someone a night to remember. I just enjoy doing what I do best, and that's...

    Completed   Mature
  • No Control (Ziall Horlik) AU
    78.3K 4.7K 27

    (Sequel to Stokholm Syndrome) Niall Horan is free now, but not really. His heart is still being held captive by Zayn. Love is a powerful emotion, is it too stong for him to control? Zayn Malik received a life sentence for all the crimes he committed. Not in prison, of course. He's now a patient at the Bradford Mental...

  • Reality (Ziall AU)
    1.1K 73 9

    What if one of the boys never tried out for the X-Factor? What if they never met? What if destiny never interfered? What if it was all just a bit of a dream? What would you do when reality woke you up? -Ziall Pairing- *I don't own the boys nor is any of this ficitional!*

  • Blue eyed Boy - Nouis (Mpreg boyxboy)
    369K 6.9K 31

    Louis Tomlinson is a famous pop star, living the dream life and on tour around the UK and Ireland. Niall Horan is a small town boy working at Nando's dreaming about meeting his idol, Louis Tomlinson. What happens when they meet? What happens when sparks fly? And will Niall ever tell Louis his little secret?

  • Ready To Run
    4.9K 250 5

    For @Tottie_Zarry Baby wolf Harry and alpha Zayn. Just a general feeling of fraternal Zayn, and cute fluff ball Harry.