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    goku despues de ser enviado por error al mundo de DxD y caer en el castillo de sirzechs, se le dara la oportunidad de crear su propio clan y de ese modo comenzara una busqueda para encontrar a gente interesada en unirse a su clan esta es una historia alterna de saiyajinxdemonio donde cambio la llegada de goku y la...

  • Out Classed (18+)
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    Union Academy was an all girl school only for those gifted with Quirks, Sacred Gears, Semblance Etc. However the school mysteriously disappears with no trace of it's students. (Y) a young detective tries to find the missing students and facility. However he uncovers an unholy secret

  • ask/dare glitter force/doki doki and Beyblade
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    just comment some asks/dares for glitter force/doki doki and beyblade burst/god/turbo/metal fury to make this story come to life. This is for my precure and beyblade fans. I also don't own anything here people. So... Good luck making dares. Also dare my ocs please people.😎😋

  • The Way of The Fist (female superhero harem X male reader)
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    A high schooler is granted powers, but will he use them for evil or for good? This story is the beginning of my Hero-verse, so all my original stories from this story on forward will all somehow be connected. This story is set in the main timeline in which The Shepherd of Fire's (The MC of my other story) main lover i...

  • Team Kagura 2 (Team Fortress 2 readers X Senran Kagura)
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    This story was actually requested by Bestpony666 on deviantart.

  • A Busty Island (A Senran Kagura Fanfiction!)
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    I crashed a boat.... How do you crash a boat!? But now I'm on a island. Maybe it's not deserted. There has to be some lifefrom on this island.... Maybe? Anything is good at this point. Tip to self, don't drink and... Go boating. But maybe some beautiful women can pop up.... Nah, that's just a fantasy that'll probably...

  • Super Mario Bros:kagura edition (Mario x Senran Kagura)
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    (this is my time writting a story,so feedback is appreciated) Prepare for a pretty weird and unexpected crossover. Mario,Luigi,Toad and Yoshi we're walking in a forest until one day,a light appeared infront of them,teleporting them to a beach filled with a bunch of busty ninja's. watch as the bros find themselves in s...