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  • L'angelo Nell'inferno (#wattys2019)
    57.6K 1.8K 29

    Adriana è una ragazza di 18 anni che proviene da una famiglia umile. Suo padre lavora come commesso in un negozio di abbigliamento, sua madre si prende cura della casa e dei propri figli. Adriana è una ragazza semplice, pura, e tanto, tanto bella, ha un carattere forte e determinato e non le fa paura niente. In un gi...

    287 51 29

    Ciao a tutti! Io e una mia amica (Erika) abbiamo deciso di scrivere una storia sui vampiri che abbiamo pubblicato anche su insta Se volete seguiteci anche lì @claudia_ndoca @_.thepageofourlifee2 Trama: Da anni nel villaggio Alderheart i preti perseguitano ed uccidono i vampiri mediante un rito perché reputati alleati...

  • Non piangere
    12.9K 3.3K 42

    Kevin Hughes è appena diventato padre. La nascita della piccola Phoebe segna l'inizio del capitolo più felice della sua vita. Finalmente ha la famiglia che ha sempre desiderato. Le ninna nanne, le prime fiabe, persino i pannolini sporchi: tutto è perfetto. Ma qualcosa di oscuro è in agguato. Un bisbiglio nascosto nel...

  • Me and my 6 Alpha mates
    43.9K 867 4

    Taylor Smith is thirteen, she is into sports and loves the outsides along with animals. One day she goes into the woods and is walking around when a huge wolf jumps out behind a tree, then a group of guys showed up and took her. They walked for a while before she sees anything,but they come upon this huge mansion, t...

  • Alpha's Slave Girl
    57.1K 1.7K 9

    My name is Kelley and I am 16 years old. I am a human and I have to attend this year's slave picking. This year is the soon to be alpha's turn to pick a slave. I just pray that this isn't the year I get picked.

  • Dark Heaven
    99.1K 2.5K 11


  • ~•.:Sacrificed To A Sex God:.•~
    762K 21.7K 15

    ---But you see, the villagers couldn't find a special sacrifice to please the God Alexander, so they suffered all of hell's wrath, and even worse, Alexander's. The villagers continued to make sacrifices to the God Alexander, including the exotic beautiful animals, delicious fruits, and even their finest clothes and p...

  • You are my Alpha, I am your Moon
    27.2K 491 12

    Attenzione: questa storia conterrà sesso esplicito e violenza, la si sconsiglia alle persone sensibili. Ah, e ci sarà anche un pizzico di BDSM. La storia di Yume, una cosiddetta wolf girl, che cresce in un mondo in cui è costretta ad essere una schiava sessuale, alla stregua di un oggetto, questo solo per la sua speci...

  • Rapita da un vampiro
    149K 7.7K 28

    > Mi guardò con occhi pieni di rabbia e risentimento, attendendo una conferma da parte mia, che non sarebbe mai arrivata. > Mi guardò furioso. >

  • My Unwanted Mate
    491K 23K 21

    BxB --------- Calvin Frey never liked the idea of Mates. Now more so than ever. He's in for a surprise, or two. *This is a spin-off from My Mate*

    54.7K 2.1K 16

    Emily Collins è una diciassettenne che ha perso la madre in un incidente stradale, le sono rimasti solo il padre e il fratello che ha 7 anni più di lei. Le promette di non lasciarla sola con il padre che li malmena sempre, ma dopo poco più di 6 mesi va ad abitare con la ragazza e non si fa sentire più dalla sorellina...

  • Camp Alpha (BoyxBoy)
    2M 91.8K 32

    {Completed} Every year the future Alpha's get together in cities all over the world. This isn't a party, this is training. For five weeks the future Alpha's train in combat from the best and gain knowledge from experts. Nate King didn't expect anything to be different about this camp. That was until he crossed paths...

  • Mi Appartieni
    55.5K 2.2K 14

    Mio. Lui deve essere mio. Questo é ciò che pensa l' Alpha dei Darck Soul. Ma il ragazzo che ha riconosciuto come suo compagno chissà se la pensa così. Per scoprirlo, dovrete leggere! Ciao ciao

  • My Alpha
    227K 8K 41

    Harry è ancora un dolce e tenero cucciolo di omega di soli 17 anni Louis invece è un forte e spietato Alpha di 27 anni e capo del suo branco red moon. Il destino li farà incontrare e starà a loro decidere se odiarsi o amarsi... Attenzione:Saranno presenti scene di sesso tra boyxboy e la storia sarà mpreg,quindi sarann...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Big Bad Alpha
    71K 2.1K 9

    It's been 5 years since the Werewolves made them selves known to the whole world and took over. The human's started a war right after that. 3 million people had died in battle and all of the were human. Humans lives are controlled by the Werewolves. From where they live to where they work. When they took over, they ri...

  • My Twin Is My Mate
    180K 4.4K 16

    "Nelly we can't fight this" Ash says "I-i know are we going to.... and school.....our friends what will they think?" I stumbled out Befor I can even come up with more excuses my brother slams his lips on mine bun in a loving and passionate way He breaks the kiss and says " I love you as a sister but I a...

  • My Mates a Human
    274K 7.9K 17

    Violet was a 17 year old girl. She was mentally abused at home and her parents couldn't care less about her even if they tried. She never had any friends and got called the occasional names here and there. She tried not to care and she spent all her time working at the diner her parents made her work at and finishi...

  • Mate to the Alpha
    1.6M 40.8K 26

    I stopped running as i entered a clearing, sitting back on my haunches when suddenly i smelled the most amazing scent. "MATE" my wolf screamed at me. I looked around the clearing and saw a guy . Oh My God he's hot!! He had black hair and blue eyes. He was muscular , he's around six foot four inches . Every part of him...

  • Late For My 105 Year Old Mate (Discontinued)
    327K 11.2K 29

    Alpha Phoenix Scar is the toughest Werewolf/Alpha in the country and had just found his "mate" after waiting for 105 years. As a celebration he decided to hold a festival in his territory. This Alpha is cold, and arrogant. Aries Marie has just turned 16, and is excited for the big summer festival being held at Alpha...

  • Alpha Daniel | astera22
    13.6M 378K 40

    "Be careful, sweetheart. I can make you scream my name right now if only I wanted to. And it wouldn't be screams of fear or pain; it would be screams of pleasure you've never experienced before." His hands are on either side of my body as I stand against the wall, the cool surface adding to the shivers that already r...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha
    16.5M 481K 29

    Highest Rank: #1 in Werewolf When eighteen year old Josephine Evans is out in the woods with her pack, they didn't expect to stumble across the biggest, baddest pack terrorizing another pack. Just when they're about to assist the terrorized pack, the alpha of the infamous pack approaches them. Theo Lupine is not know...

  • Bound To The Mafia King
    1.6M 47.7K 59

    Annabelle is your average 23 year old. Out of school with so many plans to travel the world and fall in love...until she meets Vincent The King of the underground mafia. What happens when she crosses paths with the notoriously ruthless Vincent and learns about the agreement between her father and the mafia King will s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Save Me Mr.Alpha (Editing)
    285K 10.2K 30

    She's efficient, loyal and frank. This isn't surprising considering for someone with her ugly past. She was born and grew up in a small family in a broken community, she lived out of trouble until she was about 13 years old, but at that point things changed. Her family was killed while she was away. She was left aband...

  • My Possessive Alpha
    771K 20.9K 35

    "You're mine," he growls. "I am not an object so back off!" He steps closer to me and pins me against the wall. "You're mine," he whispers in my ear, causing me to shiver in pleasure. "N-no, I'm not," I say, struggling to avoid submitting and giving in to him. His eyes narrow and he presses his body to mine, causing a...

  • i'm the Alpha's king's mate? What?!?!?!?
    352K 2.8K 29

    Sapphire Jewel Blackrose was just an average werewolf living a normal life before the Alpha King decided to move into her area. Alpha king Blake Black never wanted a mate but now he has found his mate! Will Sapphire manage to melt the Alpha King's heart or will he remain emotionless forever? Exerpt from the book. "St...

  • Alpha Alcander
    19.4M 562K 58

    [#1 in wearwolf 6/8/17] "Come on Jenna. Just one word." He taunt. He gripped my wrist in one hand and trailed his hand down my side to my hips. His hand went under my shirt and rested on my skin that sent sparks through my body. His finger did designs over my skin while he continue to nibble on the spot of my neck. "...

  • Alpha Alexander
    5.3M 182K 40

    The only thing Phoebe Carmichael is looking forward to is turning eighteen. So when she's escorted out of school one day to meet an Alpha who claims she is his mate, her whole world turns upside down. Phoebe is determined to believe she's not the long awaited mate of the most powerful Alpha in the country, despite the...

  • Alpha Queen [1]
    5.3M 189K 28

    "Who was your first kiss?" He asked, very serious and my face started reddening. "I. . . I haven't been kissed. Yet." I stuttered and looked away, not having the courage to meet his eyes and admit this. "Why not?" Why was he asking me this? "You obviously know why. I'm average, I'm just a normal girl-" I was interrupt...

  • My Alpha Mate
    3.3M 97.2K 58

    Highest Ranking: #2 in human What do you do when you have a rude, cocky, jealous, arrogant, hot, Alpha mate? You drive him to the edge of insanity and you go from there. *** *Under slow reconstruction and editing, you have been warned* Please keep in mind I made this in 2014 when I...