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  • A sea of words
    22.1K 3.5K 88

    "And I choose to swim in a sea of words rather than drown in a sea of tears" A collection of small poems to warm your heart. This wonderful cover is made by @Ethereal_Solare ❤ #4 in poetry 20.4.2020 #5 in poesie 23.4.2020

  • Blue
    2.7K 219 10

    Blue is a short poetic story that narrates the first intimate relationship I had. I was naive and he was dumb; But you know that flowers can grow through rocks, so magical stories can grow from bad situations. * Second rank in poetry * April 18th

  • The Swimming Pool
    11 3 1

    A stand alone poem about growing up and looking back at childhood.

  • After 12am
    392 50 15

    If loss were a taste, you'd spit it out as soon as you were able to. But it isn't. It's a sound and a cry and it goes on forever. ♡ This is a book depicting the thoughts that invade my mind, written in poetry or prose.

  • Daily
    505 63 31

    Random thoughts I have, ideas not fully developed, a place to flood and write without pressure for days I just can't.

  • I wish I was a star
    127K 9.8K 89

    It's poetry.

  • Poems and stuff I wrote.
    323 86 14

    The title pretty much sums it up. If it's not a poem, it's a short story or thought I had. None of it is meant to be very very serious, and all of it is as unfiltered as my own thoughts. If you take the time to read, I thank you and hope you find something you adore.

  • Reasons Why You Should Forget Me ✔️
    18.4K 1.4K 19

    I left you. So stop trying to bring me back. Stop trying to tell me to come home. But you're so stubborn, So here are some reasons why you should Loathe me, Despise me, Shiver at the very mention of my name, Reasons why you should forget me. - Each chapter is only about 30 seconds long. Completed.

  • The Butterflies Have Gone | ✔️
    2.9M 115K 206

    I am an artist and this is my garden of words. Copyright @2015, All Rights Reserved

  • she cries
    680 55 39

    my sad journal but written in poetry style i hope it makes you feel even when i cannot 2018-

  • you left.
    218 23 12

    A story about all my thoughts. This book is not perfect, it's all my emotions that fit into one. ( p.s some of these quotes are not mine )

  • astralis
    338 87 25

    are our lives controlled by the stars, or ourselves? • stars, love, and growth told through short, minimal poems

  • the zone
    67 9 3

    A letter to the words that were our first love. A tribute to the art that fed our souls. A journey to get lost in our thoughts, and what we create

  • The Wolf And Me
    553 31 31

    More poetry, Hope you enjoy!

  • Love You Anyway
    448 43 21

    Poetry, again.

  • i thought it was us.
    2.3K 226 80

    for those who need it, because i didn't have it when i did. cover credits: babywillow if you or a loved one is experiencing suicidal thoughts, please call or text (or have them call or text) the National Suicide Prevention number or text the 24/7 Crisis line (US only) NSP: 1-800-273-8255 Crisis Line: text "HOME" to 7...

  • precious memories, oh how they linger.
    46 4 1

    "Researchers have found that different music frequency stigma are the human brain and the outcomes are incredible. In this video, the frequency of 48 Hz might stimulate far memories and also crying." you may or may not of seen this video. i watched it, and decided to write down what i thought of as i watched it and a...

  • Her Fragile Constellations pt.II
    1.1K 115 33

    -----1st Place in Spring Book Awards ----- I hope you have the courage to start again knowing you're the strength that you'll ever need for yourself to stay put in your growing grace. Thank you for reading these poetry of mine, I hope you know that you're loved and no matter how tough the world is against you; you are...

  • 𝟹:𝟷𝟼 𝙰𝙼 || 𝚃𝚑𝚘𝚞𝚐𝚑𝚝𝚜, 𝚀𝚞𝚘𝚝𝚎𝚜 & 𝙿𝚘𝚎𝚝𝚛𝚢.
    189 40 11

    *NEW WRITER* A collection of poetry to express a variety of feelings. Some of which you don't realise you're feeling until you can relate to the words. Enjoy.

  • sunflower [ poetry/ proses/ quotes]
    116K 7.6K 61

    ✿ Like sunflowers I want to grow in the places where there is melliflous poetry, soft anxiety, imbue art, ethereal canvas, wild fleurs, iridescent galaxies and nefarious stars ✿ [Ranked highest #1 in poems] ACHIEVEMENTS ♡ #1 in writings on 16.01.2019 ♡ #2 in thoughts on 17.01.2019 ♡ #1 in poems on 17.01.2019 ...

  • 12 am » poetry
    374K 21.7K 45

    it's 12 am and i'm wide awake --- just a short disclaimer from the author in 2021, please do note that this was written by a 15 year old.

  • dystopia
    62K 3.6K 20

    how can i find such beautiful things so sad and sad things so beautiful?// all rights reserved// (dedicated to all the people who wanted me to continue writing) FOURTH BOOK WRITTEN

  • melancholia
    305K 14.1K 64

    "sad, sad girl with eyes that'll make you cry. if you took your time she'd take you to the sky." -literally just a normal book with sad scars- all rights reserved. lowercase intended. mostly thoughts than poems FIRST BOOK WRITTEN (used to be "sadness")

  • How the sun loved the moon
    12 1 1

    "Tell me the story about how the Sun loved the Moon so much he died every night just to let her breath." Okay......

  • A week with you on my mind
    18 7 7

    Monday 8:27 AM

  • 14 lines from love letters or suicide notes.
    1.7K 40 14

    14 lines from love letters or suicide notes

  • Constellations of unfinished thoughts
    379 81 79

    A mess of my star thoughts that I couldn't quite fathom into constellations.

  • Excerpts from a book I'll never write.
    356 59 53

    An idea occasionally comes to me; a story, a poem, a scene. However they never seem to have a plot. Ever. These excerpts don't belong in larger work. So here they'll live- little stories I'll probably never complete... stories with no start and no end.

  • over the sea
    43.7K 2K 20

    you are a tidal wave and she is constantly out of reach.

  • seeing stars
    30.8K 1.6K 19

    i see stars when i think of you.