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  • Monsters (Girls/You)
    1.7K 121 46

    Y/N Believes That Monsters Weren't Real, But She Was Wrong While She Was In A Forest, She Noticed That There Were Some Women Coming After Her, And They Were No Ordinary Women They Were What She Knows What They Are This Is Really The Last Ever Book I Would Ever Plan, I'm Not Planning Anymore After This

  • New Earth
    213 8 17

    A Long Millennium Time Ago Humans Were Forced To Abandon Earth In The Search For A New Planet, 2 Teenage Sisters Are Left To Fight For Survival After They Crash Land On A Strange Planet Known As "New Earth"

  • The Agents Of Dawn Awakening
    17 0 4

    In A City Of New York City, America's Agents Gather Up For One Big Mission, And One Mission Is Taking Down A Stranger For Terrorism

  • The Murderers Of The Neighbourhood (Girls/You)
    1.9K 82 49

    There Are Killers That Come Out At Night, Y/N Does Not Believe That They Are Real, But She Was Wrong, Many People Have Been Snatched And Kidnapped, And Even Killed By Whoever Stands In Those Strangers' Way, Y/N Better Be Careful Not To Stay Out Too Late Or She'll End Up Getting Killed By Those Women

  • Love And Abuse (Camila/You/Hailee)
    4.8K 70 34

    Y/N Has Been In Relationship With Camila Cabello Since They Were Friends In Kindergarten, And Then One Day, Y/N Meets A Beautiful Girl, And Her Name Is Hailee Steinfeld What Would Happen If Camila Catches Y/N Cheating On Her?

  • Horror Of The Vampire (Hailee/You)
    1.3K 38 17

    The Monster Is Terrorizing A Town Of Verona In Italy, Many Deaths Have Been Made By It, And That Monster Is A Vampire, One Night When Y/N Went To The Woods, She Would Then Encounter The Vampire, Who Is Named Hailee Steinfeld

  • The Psycho Series (Celebrities/You)
    77 0 4

    I Have Been Watching McJuggerNuggets' Psycho Series I Have Decided To Put An Imagines Book Based On The Celebrities That Play Psycho Characters I Hope You Enjoy This Book

  • The Beauty With The Booty (Anitta/You)
    433 2 3

    Y/N Was On Vacation In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, And When She Was At The Beach, She Met This Local Girl, Her Name Was Anitta, Y/N Was Surprised To Meet Her There, Anitta Then Falls In Love With Y/N And Wants To Have Intersex With Her When No One's Looking, But Y/N Said No And Ended Forced To Do So

  • The Gypsy (Daya/You)
    16 0 1

    Y/N Is A Worker At A Local Bar She Then Meets A Girl Named Daya And Wants To Fall In Love With Her, But When Y/N Refuses, Daya Puts A Spell On Her

  • She Kissed Me In The Shower (Maggie/You)
    2.3K 16 16

    Y/N Was On Vacation In Mexico, When She Meets A Mysterious Girl In The Shower Of The Ladies Changing Room At A Waterpark, Her Name Is Maggie Lindemann Maggie Then Falls In Love With Y/N And Wanted To Kiss Her In The Shower When No One's Looking, Note: This Is My First Fanfic About Maggie Lindemann,

  • Psycho Latina Destroys Xbox (Lauren/You)
    69 3 1

    This Was Inspired By McJuggerNuggets Lauren Jauregui Really Does Have Anger Issues, So I Decided To Make The Story Like The Video "Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox" "An Angry Cuban Destroys Her Friend's Xbox 360" Enjoy

    Completed   Mature
  • The Seductive Girl (Dinah/You)
    293 7 2

    Y/N Was Walking Home From School One Day Until She Encounters A Girl Named Dinah Jane, But Then She Discovers That Dinah Really Is In Love With Her And Would Sexually Seduct Her This Is My First Fanfic About Dinah Jane I Hope You Guys Enjoy

  • Just Bend Over And Save Yourself The Trouble (Dua/You)
    867 7 3

    While On A Vacation To Los Angeles, Y/N Meets Dua Lipa, Who Is Her Idol At The Beach, But She Then Gets Sexually Seduced Because Because Dua Is In Love With Her, Note: This Is My First Fanfic About Dua Lipa I Hope You Guys Enjoy This One, Just A Fanfic About Anitta To Plan And That's It, No More Planning Stories For Me

  • The Vampire (Ariana/You)
    7.2K 135 24

    Y/N Was Walking Home From School When She Encounters A Vampire Named Ariana Grande She Then Forces Y/N To Be Her Mate And Would Force Her To Do Things That Ariana Tells Y/N Note! This Story Is Set In Romania

  • Steamed Hams (Camila/You)
    98 3 1

    Hey Guys! I Bet You Like This One Inspired By The Simpsons Enjoy It's Another Fanfic About Camila Cabello

  • The Raven (Camila/You)
    92 0 1

    Here's Another (Camila/You) That I Made Based On Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" I Hope You Guys Enjoy This, Please Remember To Vote For This, But Anyways Enjoy

  • I Got Thrashed By Her (Anne Marie/You)
    488 15 5

    Y/N Is Going On A First Day With Pop Sensation Anne Marie, But She Would Discover That This Is Now Ordinary Date

  • My Babysitter (Hailee/You)
    8.3K 113 12

    Y/N's Parents Were Going On Vacation For 4 Weeks And They Hired A Babysitter, Who Is Hailee Steinfeld, And Y/N Is Not Happy To Have A Babysitter

  • The Girl In The Shower (Zara/You)
    553 0 9

    Y/N Was Having A Shower In The Changing Room Of A Waterpark In Malaga, When She Meets A Girl From Sweden There, She Also Wants To Have Sex With Y/N While No One Is Looking

  • The Unwanted Guest (Demi/You)
    973 21 9

    You And Your Friends Were Having A Party At Your House When A Girl You Were Surprised To See Shows Up At Your House

  • Left Behind (Hailee/You)
    1.1K 31 6

    Y/N Was Going On A Cruise To The Bahamas With Her Parents, Her Older Brother And Her Older Sister, But Then She Gets Stranded On A Island When The Ship Left Her Behind, And It Wasn't Only Her Who Was Left Behind, But Also The Girl That She Was Surprised To See, Who Was Hailee Steinfeld

  • Sexually Seductive (Hailee/You)
    12.3K 127 31

    Y/N Was Having A Shower In The Ladies Changing Room Of A Waterpark In Constanta, Romania When She Meets A Girl From The Same Country There, Her Name Is Hailee Steinfeld, Hailee Then Falls In Love With Her And She Also Wants To Have Sex With Y/N When Nobody's Looking, Note: This Story Was Set In Constanta, Romania Thi...

  • Her And I (Perrie/You)
    1.3K 24 10

    One Day Y/N Meets Perrie Edwards Who Is Originally From The Girl Group Little Mix At A Cafe They Then Became Friends, What Would They Probably Do Together?

  • The Calling Card Inside The Skull (Lauren/You)
    126 1 3

    Y/N Was On Vacation In Brazil With Her Partner Hailee Steinfeld And Her Younger Sister Sofi, When They Encounter Lauren Jauregui Who Kidnaps Y/N's Sister, And It's Up To Y/N And Hailee To Save Her

    Completed   Mature
  • My Babysitter (Selena/You)
    2.2K 36 8

    Note! This Is My First Fanfic About Selena Gomez Y/N Didn't Know That Her Parents Went On Their Holiday To Mexico Leaving Her Home All By Herself, So They Got Her A Babysitter Named Selena Gomez Which Was A Surprise And Not Planned, Y/N Is Not Happy I Hope You Guys Enjoy This

  • Ariana Grande Imagines
    2.5K 10 14

    Hey Guys! I Decided To Make An Imagines Book, And This Is About Ariana Grande I Hope You Guys Enjoy

  • Kidnapped By Camila Cabello (Camila/You)
    7.8K 80 15

    One Dark Night Y/N Was Going For A Walk Until She Gets Kidnapped By A Figure Who Is Her Favorite Idol Camila Cabello, Would Y/N Escape Or Would She Be In More Danger?

  • Everything Is Not Really What It Seems (Demi/You)
    4.1K 59 39

    Demi Lovato Is A Vampire And Y/N Is A Human Who Believes That She's Scary And Thirsty For Her Blood , Y/N Is A Waitress Who Works At A Local Cafe, Y/N Will Need To Do Everything That Demi Will Force Her To Do And Do What She Tells Her To Do