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  • Be My Wings (boy x boy)
    2.7K 143 13

    Lucas Anderson is a fan of Blackwings band. He went to all of the band's concert and events but they never noticed him because he is a nerd with glasses and hoodie. No one pays attention to nerds right? So he decided to change and be someone new. Blackwings is a very famous band in Los Angeles. There are 5 members tha...

  • The bad boy Wants me? || boyxboy
    271K 7.7K 16

    Small, shy, innocent Jamie's life is turned upside down when he moves with his mom and sister to Wisconsin, which is a long way to go from Florida, due to his mother's job transfer, In this new environment he has to adapt to a new school, redwood high school, but Jamie has one secret... he's gay, and he doesn't want a...

  • Savage little nerd [(BoyxBoy)]
    5.4M 205K 77

    The same cliche story of a nerd and jock falling in love. But what happens when the nerd turns out to be a boy that doesn't take shit from anybody and plays hard to get. And the jock a little too trusting. ⬇️⬇️Sneak peak⬇️⬇️ "Fine, we will do the project together." He said throwing his hand...