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  • District Unknown | BTS ✓
    285K 19K 67

    When Jeon Jungkook, son of the leader of the biggest crime syndicate in South Korea turns against his father, all hell breaks loose. Will the new mob group Bangtan be his saviour, or will they be his demise? start: December 2nd 2019 finish: July 24th 2020 #1 in Yoonmin 11th March 2020 #2 in Taehyung 7th of January 20...

  • The Solution || BTS {BOOK II} ✓
    219K 15.1K 33

    After a series of unfortunate events, the squad finds themselves at a loss. Efforts seem to be for nothing, but what happens after Taehyung discovers a newly found piece of information he completely overlooked from the beginning? The journey begins, The journey to save humanity. --- BOOK II of 'The Survivors' --- S...

  • The Survivors | BTS ✓
    763K 46.8K 52

    It was a normal day at school. The long morning classes followed by lunch and eventually dismissal. But dismissal never arrived that fateful day. Instead, something else did entirely. BTS Zombie Apocalypse AU! Start: May 3rd 2019 Finish: August 4th 2019 #1 in Fanfiction 13th August 2020 #1 in Vkook May 18th 2019 # 1 i...

  • Just A Prison
    22.4K 3.8K 48

    Jeon Jungkook never thought he'd end up in a prison. But he did. He didn't know how to survive. He didn't know who put letters in his cell. He didn't know what they meant. He didn't know who to trust. He didn't know if he'd make it out alive. He didn't know what would happen when he meet six other ruthless criminals...

  • Just Jurassic✔️
    171K 15.8K 73

    "Do dinosaurs cum?" "Dude, how the fuck did you become a scientist?" ____ It is the year 2934. An era where mortals and immortals co exist. Science has made myth into reality. Countries have started to fight with each other. In order to protect their countries, the scientists create a military dinosaur. Kim Taehyung...

    Completed   Mature
  • Just Cupidified
    7.6K 1.1K 22

    What if a Cupid shot Kim Taehyung's dick? *** After Kim Taehyung's penis is shot by a Cupid, the unbelievable happens. He gets pregnant. The worst of all, it is his Ex-girlfriend, Lee Ariel's baby. Will they leave behind their differences and problems for their child? Will they fall in love again? Is Cupid, Kim Seok...

  • Just Hacked ✔️
    310K 25.6K 99

    Jeon Jungkook is an artist. Kim Taehyung is a hacker. What happens when Taehyung hacks into Jungkook's phone on accident and sees all the nude drawings of himself? __________ Koobae 👅 Oh look, I can draw your dick Koobae 👅 8==D Taempon 🤷 It should be like 8=============D 😏 Koobae 👅 Oh look you're cumming, 8==D~ T...

  • Earth Mode ON// ARMY FanFiction
    7.1K 1.2K 61

    When Earth decides to mess with us, we know exactly who is going to lose... But No, Not today... An ARMY fanfiction that ties between Bangtan and ARMYs all over the world. The second ARMY made version of the comic Save Me. (Unofficial) Story by: @BTS_1Derland ranked #1 in Joonie ●2nd place winner in the OT7 category...