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  • 200 Interesting Anime Facts You Didn't Know
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    These facts are: ◌ Completely random ◌ Completely useless ◌ Info you probably never known, with key word being "probably" Enjoy learning about your favorite anime shows! [Highest ranking: #1 in japan-based] [Highest ranking: #2 in animefacts]

  • My Edits: Anime Quotes
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    I am an anime quotes editor who goes by the name "Kysune", and here are just some of my creations. All works in here belong to me; please credit me if you intend to use them in any way. ©Kysune on Pinterest ©KysuneEdits on Facebook ©KysuneEdits on DeviantArt (Follow me on these sites for more of my edits!)

  • dilettante wordsmith →「poetry」
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    ❝ repressed emotions detonated -- those wings of rage soared Above , seeking callously for retaliation . ❞ ↪ a collection of my poetry. * current cover is a graphics collab between my homie and i. thanks eito ♡