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  • The White Rose
    4.3K 261 16

    "If they don’t already, every human on the face of the Earth will know your name." Leila Rose is an immortal angel with powerful gifts and a strong heart. She wakes up one day to find herself galaxies away from her home, on a planet called Earth. A planet that is being ravaged by fallen angels. Fallen angels that are...

  • It's time
    117 2 2

    Lily Hill has known Nathaniel Evans almost all her life, and they have been best friends ever since they first met. But her life is thrown upside down when two of the people she loves most are ripped from her very hands. She doesn't know what to do with herself. her big brother's last piece of advice to her was, "You...

  • Who Has to Know? [Watty Awards 2012!]
    344K 5.5K 9

    Racquel Wright is a stubborn, hard head, sweet heart. She's the only overweight girl in her school but that doesn't faze her. She's confident in her skin and doesn't care what anyone thinks. Except Cameron Richardson her long time crush. Until one night changed everything and him and her start to have a secret relatio...