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  • Sidhe [LGBT Fairytale]
    889 89 7

    Noah Pigeon was taken by the faeries at midnight on a Thursday. Every night since the faeries got his tooth, Noah must become the servant of the Faerie Queen, doing whatever her bidding. By day, Noah has to pretend to be the average student as though nothing has changed. But everything has. Noah can see things he coul...

  • A Star's Fall
    4.2K 747 28

    Wallachia, 1848. "They relished in their secrets, smiling faces bright. Until stars fell, and scorched their paths." Mihai Cuza has to finish it before it begins again. He's walking on a thin line: playing messenger for the revolutionaries and assisting a guild of clairvoyants. And hoping it stays this way. Ioan Pe...

  • As the Crow Flies (Book One)
    23.5K 2.8K 52

    In New York City, in the enigmatic year of 1903, lived two very different boys. Abner was satisfied with his life, deep in the libraries of the university. Crow was content with translating languages in his spare time. They were fine with admiring each other from afar. Then both Abner and Crow are selected to go acro...

  • Summoner: The Novice (Book 1) SAMPLE OF NOW PUBLISHED BOOK
    7.2M 205K 83

    SAMPLE OF PUBLISHED BOOK THAT WAS FIRST WRITTEN ON WATTPAD. Fletcher was nothing more than a humble blacksmith's apprentice, when a chance encounter leads to the discovery that he has the ability to summon demons from another world. Chased from his village for a crime he did not commit, he must travel with his demon t...

  • Warbreaker
    1.2M 37.7K 64

    After bursting onto the fantasy scene with his acclaimed debut novel, Elantris, and following up with his blockbuster Mistborn trilogy, Brandon Sanderson proves again that he is today’s leading master of what Tolkien called “secondary creation,” the invention of whole worlds, complete with magics and myths all their o...