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  • Serendipity | Yoonmin
    10.9K 493 20

    Book 4 in The Boy Next Door Series "self care is eating a whole bag of chips before noon," Or in which Jimin and Yoongi's son Taemin is desperately trying to survive life

  • Peppermint Tea | Yoonmin ✔
    399K 22.7K 129

    Sequel to The Boy Next Door ('s best if you read book one first!)

  • The Boy Next Door | Yoonmin ✔
    1.3M 84.6K 183

    Previously titled "Orange Mint" ________________ Jimin likes poetry, music and a cute boy with mint green hair that lives in the apartment building across from his. Yoongi hates liars, the cold, and the fact that he knows nothing about Park Jimin, the boy who he sees reading every day from his apartment window.

  • stockholm syndrome;
    280K 13.6K 38

    [KIM TAEHYUNG] "don't be scared of me, please. I'm only doing this because I love you, you're all I ever wanted." highest rankings: #2 in taehyungxreader, #1 in singularity, #4 in yanderexreader, #14 in mystery-thriller started: 4/1/18 completed: 8/29/18 UNDER EDITING

    Completed   Mature
  • lost bag » min yoongi
    898K 41.8K 39

    "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU LOST MY BAG?!" I turn my head to the side to see the guy who had said the same thing as me. Fucking airports....

  • MAMA [ Child Bts X Mother reader ]
    315K 14.8K 35

    Now you can lean on me,and I'll always be by your side. I'll give you all you need to see your smile everyday

  • You'll Never Walk Alone (Min Yoongi x Depressed Reader)
    227K 7.9K 51

    "Y/N, I've fallen in love with you. And if you wanna play hard to get, I'll stand back up and chase you down. Nothing you do will stop my feelings for you. Now, come out of the bathroom and let me prove to you that you're worth it. Before you try anything, you've gotta give me a shot. There has to be something I can d...

  • His One and Only Fan [Park Jimin]
    225K 8.4K 59

    Y/n loved Park Jimin. Yes, love. Everyday y/n would go into her fan account on Instagram to post many pictures and videos of him throughout the day. One day, y/n got a direct message (dm) from an account called "ChimChim95" Apparently he followed y/n and liked most of y/n's posts. Y/n assumed he was just a regular fan...

  • Alive ( Min Yoongi X Reader )
    282K 9.5K 42

    Book 2 of 'The Suicidal' - - - "The only reason I'm alive is because of you" - As time passes you mature,, you change basically. There are time where you grow out of things and forgot the past, but there are some of those moments that do not change. Not at all. We keep precious memories, the memories that had helped...

  • New 새로운 // BTS
    3.3M 134K 108

    What if BTS had an 8th member?... and what if that member was a girl? All she ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being, not just with her hands but with her heart. But not even RaeJae knew of this until she met Seven new boys. Seven new boys who showed her the world in color, And perhaps even saved h...

  • Sold✔
    3.3M 19K 7

    "Master?" He turned his head to me and grinned and then patted his lap, gesturing me to sit on it #highest rank 7 in ff

    Completed   Mature
  • tattooed fate «yoonmin»
    253K 18.2K 50

    [COMPLETED] Cover by @/nightingales- «ι don'т wanт yoυr ғaтed love, yoongι.» "But I want yours. And I am going to prove you that it isn't just fate. I will show you just how persistent I can be, Park Jimin!" What will happen if the one who had run away from his fated one for years meets him who had been searching for...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mute ➳ Tyler Joseph X Reader {Completed}
    2M 112K 112

    In which you and Tyler have a conversation everyday, but he's the only one talking. {all respect to jenna because jenna is amazing and she and tyler are goals} {{it's just fiction}} {{{trigger warning: mentions of abuse, depression, and suicide}}}

  • Instagram | C.B [✔]
    260K 5.2K 100

    @piercethealex started following @colby_brock

  • Alive; jhope
    964K 32.2K 31

    You were a choreographer, He was an idol. Jhope x reader started: 12.11.16 completed: 8.24.17

  • Neighbour || Completed
    5.4M 283K 42

    "Hello neighbour!" She drunkenly smile with her eyes half closed. "Get out of my apartment." Was the first thing that Yoongi told her. Credits for the cover goes to @Jiminfication ❤️ Started: June 14, 2017 End: Sept. 25, 2017 Highest rank: #7 in fanfiction (9/23/17)

  • imagines; bts
    253K 5.8K 107

    [BTS] imagines, scenarios, oneshots, texts and preferences || COMPLETED ✔️ highest ranking: #1 in BTS oneshots

    Completed   Mature
  • Our miracle [ Gang Bts X Child reader ]
    936K 35.4K 58

    Bangtan,famous gang in Seoul.They kidnap the richest man in Seoul children,What adventures brings them.. /GANG AU/