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    Lars and Maddie are the exact opposite of one another. The first time they meet, they already clashed because of different points of view in life. The second time, it was a date set up by their parents and it was a disaster. A roller coaster love story about two people with completely different personalities. Bl...

  • The Rebel's Heart (BLACK SLAYERS Vol. 3) (COMPLETE)
    536K 13K 36

    Lee Samson is the bassist of the famous rock band The Black Slayers. Most of the time he is just quiet, just listening to every stories that his band mates tells him. Because deep inside of the tattooed body of his, is the broken man that needs to be saved. For nine years, he is missing his dead wife. He can't te...

  • Don't fall inlove with a Rockstar (BLACK SLAYERS SERIES 4) (COMPLETE)
    673K 16.1K 40

    Rock stars like Vlad Dominic Ibañez doesn't know committment. They are known for breaking every woman's heart. He is the handsome and the charismatic lead singer of the band Black Slayers and known for his mischievous flirting on and off the stage. Every woman desires him, and every woman that he meets ends up in h...

  • Chasing Ciara (BLACK SLAYERS Vol. 2) (COMPLETE)
    697K 15.4K 53

    Skyler Anthony Fajardo, also known as Kyle is the lead guitarist of the famous rock band, Black Slayers. Over 10 years of rocking, he got used to a lot of attention from fans specially from beautiful women. One girl stood out among the rest and he fell inlove. Ciara Montecillo. Ciara loves him so much. She did ev...