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  • Beautiful, You | on hold
    4.3K 475 8

    ❝My eyes were fixed on you - like a book of poetry that a starving artist was dying to read.❞ © 2020 by aura monet | all rights reserved.

  • It's Not Like The Movies
    1.3K 142 8

    Freya Liu-Hampton isn't much of a romantic but that doesn't stop her best friend, Dale Sampson, from asking her to help him find his soulmate. Dale wants life to be like a romantic comedy but Freya knows that's not how it works. Because no matter how many happy endings there are in the movies, sometimes what you're lo...

  • The Hazards Of Assuming
    773 87 10

    When a new student enrolls in Jenny's school, Jenny knows her days as queen bee are over. After all, she's your typical cheeleader captain with the boyfriend everybody wants, and the new student is your typical shy, quiet, steal-your-boyfriend nerd. So Jenny decides to do the opposite of what movies and books taught h...

  • Death of a Prince | ✓
    11.7K 1K 31

    "My only note is this. I have been murdered, my friend. And you owe my final body a case." [ PART 01.02 OF THE SONG SERIES ]

  • Backseat Drivers
    1.4K 183 19

    In a summer limbo, Sean Kiersey calls on four friends, all strangers to each other, to embark on a youth-fuelled jaunt with him across the country, following their instincts to a destination. A flower-power playlist, and the prospect of freedom gets the road-trip underway, though as the journey progresses, the five of...

  • All The Wonders
    89K 3.2K 26

    Valerie Harper and Collin Donovan were once inseparable, but when Collin screws up by getting with the girl of his dreams, all ties are cut loose. Valerie doesn't think she'll ever see Collin again or forgive him after two years of silence, but then she finds out that he attends the same college as her. Slowly, the c...

  • Fontaine Five
    2.7K 257 15

    Five jump in. Four resurface. One washes up on the shore. They're all wanting the answer to a single question: who killed Ellis Grey? #11 in murdermystery (11.03.18)

  • 𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐢 | kpop book reviews
    7K 710 37

    [ROUND 3 CLOSED] The perfect place to get constructive feedback on your books when you need it, or even a nice ego boost! Everyone is welcome. I really hope you enjoy!