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  • FRENEMIES:Betrayal [Book 2] ✔️
    25.8K 8.5K 68

    STARTED: 10TH AUGUST 2020 ENDED: 30TH SEPTEMBER 2020 High school sweetheart's separates due to the toxic environment they found themselves. what happens when they meet again? Will they be able to mend there broken relationship, even though there are bigger forces threatening to tear them apart? Not to forget the incid...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Am Only One {Mature Vampire Romance}
    28M 1.5M 172

    Highest Rankings: #1 Vampire #1 Paranormal #1 Fantasy #1 Supernatural #1 Action #1 Dragon #5 Romance #5 Wattpad's AD App 100 MOST READ LIST! Her body was exquisite. I wanted to run my tongue around her hardened nipples and grasp her hips while sinking inside her. I contemplated what sounds she would make when I nudged...

    Completed   Mature
  • Triple Threat (18+) Erotica-Short Story
    315K 4.5K 13

    Millie finally got the guts to dump her boyfriend of one year when he clearly couldn't satisfy her needs in the bedroom. Now that Millie is free, she decides it's time to let loose and be wild, bringing back memories of her college years. When Millie lands a temporary job as a receptionist, she comes face to face wit...

    Completed   Mature
  • Three Of A Kind [18+]
    949K 19.8K 12

    『 18+ Only, Mature Content, Ménage à Quatre 』 ❝ Don't you for a second believe that we are ever letting you go, sweetheart...❞ He muttered against my ear, his husky voice sending a jolt through my body. His tongue suddenly flicked out to lick my ear lobe, making all my blood rush south. ❝ You are stuck between us now...

  • Dirty Little Secret
    384K 4.8K 16

    Holly Michaels is beautiful, single and it's been three years since she's felt the intimacy of a man. When a business card for an escort agency is thrust at her as a cruel joke, she tosses it into her handbag, to get rid of it. Later, upon finding the card, the thought of having a man back in her bed is too much. Her...

    Completed   Mature
  • Friends Without Benefits
    1.6M 34.4K 10

    "What do you want, Ryan? You can have it any way you'd like." He could just picture the image of her creamy, pillared legs spread wide on the mattress, but he refused to look at her. "I just want to talk like friends do." "We aren't friends," she said through a soft sigh. It was suppressed, heavy, almost like a moan...

    Completed   Mature
  • Modelling Promise
    1K 109 15

    Enslavement. Lies. Torture. When 19-year-old Africa recently lost her family in a car accident, she was left to fend for herself and overcome the grief that was threatening to tear her apart day by day. Until she meets AJ at grief counselling. He is sexy, successful and full of life. Just the formula that she needs to...

  • Well Dead
    430K 25.3K 29

    A murder at the castle gates, a young widow in distress - and only one man willing to solve the mystery of the violent death that has disrupted the peaceful village of Sevenport! After years of hardship and slavery, Harun the Arab has found work as a noblemen's scribe in the village of Sevenport. Altough he often meet...

  • Green Hill (Book 1 of the Green Hill series)
    581 179 11

    There have never been a case of murder in the history of Green Hill community. Well, except now. When a dead body was found in the community field of the peaceful and quiet Green Hill, it triggered a series of murders. © All rights reserved.

  • School Days.
    28.8K 7.6K 48

    The air between them became hotter as she bit her lip, trying to stop herself from smiling so much. The closet was dark and stuffy, so small that their bodies were almost touching, her heart thumped like crazy. "D-Derek" She called out as he hummed in response, holding unto his sides for some unknown reason. "Will you...

  • THE CHASE...
    118 50 14

    Jenny and her friends are dealing with the aftermath of the events of the first book. No one believes them about their friend's death and the paper house is still missing. When they finally find the paper house it is ripped to shreds and they don't know if Julian was released or not. All is soon reveled and they begin...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Accidentally Summoned a Demon
    3.1M 119K 44

    "I know you're a virgin but have you never been touched?" He asked, sliding his other hand down onto her leg. "What makes you say that?" Kat breathed, bracing her hands on the counter. "You react like someone who's never felt another's touch," Nex whispered, slipping his thumb under the band of her shorts. "So, have...

  • Cheesy Pick up Lines
    7.7K 188 20

    These aren't mine. But I feel like everyone should enjoy the cute, awkward, weirdness that is people.

  • June Write With Me
    1.4K 69 35

    A month long writing session. I'll post a prompt every day and those who want to can write their responses. No dedication necessary, you can pick and choose whichever ones you wanna do. "A writer is by nature a dreamer. A conscious dreamer." ~Carson McCullers Thanks for checking it out!

  • Writing Prompts
    337 15 25

    Regular Updates Prompts, tips, ideas, guides, you want it I've probably got it. And if I don't got it, ask me to make it. I've always got free time. Thanks for being here, even if you don't stick around, thanks for at least checking it out XD

  • The Woes Of Writing
    464 134 22

    Where I and other authors complain of the struggles of being an author XD

  • Game On, Alpha
    53.4K 6.3K 49

    || A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY || "Too bad for you, mate." he murmured across my skin. "But games are my specialty. And I don't give people a chance to decide whether they want to play or not." My eyes narrowed and I tilted my head to the side as I looked up at him. "Treat me like a game, Alpha, and I'll show you how it'...

  • So You Want to Write a Book? Crucial Advice for the First Time Writer
    101K 5K 6

    So, I was doing a critique tonight. And it was the person’s first book. And I was writing a bunch of the same things that I’ve written on a million other critiques since I started on Wattpad. And, it occurred to me that I keep giving people the same advice—advice that nobody gave me—and advice that beginner writer’s N...

  • How to Write Horror: Telling Stories That Will Leave a Reader Terrified
    55.5K 3K 55

    Writing advice from horror writer T.L. Bodine, author of the TNT Horror Contest Grand Prize Winner as well as life-long horror fan, critic, and contributor to the horror e-zine Ravenous Monster. How do you make stories that are actually scary? Here's a guide that explores the psychology of horror and the nuts-and-bo...

  • Daddy's Little Killer
    158K 7.3K 41

    With a murderous secret and a dark history few but Helen Eriksson know, an uncertain path lies ahead of her. Helen's past, present and future are on a collision course with a sense of morality she wonders if she ever possessed. Her husband's corpse is barely cold, laid to rest under a shroud of suspicion directed at...

  • Lockdown on London Lane
    406K 26.9K 26

    When the London Lane apartment block is put on lockdown, its residents are in for a whirlwind week. Imogen's stuck living with a one-night-stand in Number 14, and has to face the reality that maybe it's time to grow up. Upstairs, Isla and Danny are still in their honeymoon period, and this could make or break their ne...

  • Hate Me
    880 195 36

    {A Nigerian Themed Novel😘} I had forgotten that I was starring till his hand rests on my lower back and he begins to lower his head till his lips touch mine.... I want to jerk away but for some reasons if feel rooted to the spot and although my subconscious is telling me to move away, my mind tells me to say put an...

  • Dear Ms Lady Demigod
    985K 41.3K 87

    "We are demigods and we are the best! And we'll kill anyone who doesn't think the same" Vierne Obolensky is the last heir of the Obolensky family, the family of Earls in Moscow, Russia. At a tender age, she witnessed 2 horrible things, first, after a short illness, her life was barely saved but sadly she lost her se...

  • Lord Day and Lady Night
    1.9M 151K 47

    The rich. The powerful. Those are the men Amy has always despised, because the only thing they've ever done is use her. So...what is she doing with HIM? Lord Patrick Day, descendant of a noble line, with enough arrogance for ten kings and the looks to go with it, is exactly the kind of man Amy hates the most. And yet...

  • Light as a Feather, Cold as Marble
    3.1M 97.2K 34

    This is the sequel to Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board, the first book in the Weeping Willow High School series.

  • Dirty Secrets
    401K 10K 30

    Leo returns home as a veteran with serious baggage, but the woman he left behind, Jessica, is battling demons of her own. Together, maybe they can beat them. ***** Leo Villeneuve returns to Palmira Island as a war veteran with serious baggage. He's...

    Completed   Mature
  • Once Upon a One Night Stand
    29M 1M 61

    ❝ What if Cinderella absolutely hated Prince Charming? ❞ [Book #1 in The Fairytale Series, a Cinderella retelling] *NEW CHAPTERS* Several years and a handful of scandals were enough to make Taliana Avilla forget all about her sworn enemy, Sebastian Phillips. Too bad a one-night stand and a lost diamond ring made...

  • Fatal Alliances
    31M 1.1M 67

    "Look, if you're-" "Shut up." I was taken back at the sudden manner in which he spoke to me. "Let's get something straight Miss Greene, I don't appreciate people talking back at me. And quite frankly, you're crossing your limit with me and my patience with you. So from now on, as long as you're with me you'll do as I...

  • I Accidentally Kissed My Bestfriends Brother
    3.2M 80.3K 38

    Amelia Montgomery is one of Rosewood High's cheerleaders along with her best friend Stella Hayes. Her and Stella have been friends ever since kindergarten when Amelia fell off the monkey bars and Stella helped her up afterwards. Stella has a brother named Easton Hayes and he has always teased Amelia since she was seve...

  • Babysitting The Bad Boy
    19.8M 718K 39

    {#1 in teenagers} {#2 in fiction} {#2 in popular} "You better not tell anyone about this." "Aw why not? I'm sure your fandom of desperate girls would love to know that their precious prince charming needs a babysitter." I smile innocently back at his death glare. "I'm serious, nerd. I could make your life hell." ...