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  • Kleptomaniac (A Johnlock Fanfiction) [2015 Wattys Award Winner]
    335K 19.8K 30

    John's never seen a kid like him. He has this beautiful, crazy grace - withheld behind a smug smile and wisecracks that make John frustrated in so many different kinds of ways. And his eyes; crystal clear, decisive, cleaning through the unimportant things to find the valuables in life. He may or may not have a thing f...

  • eyeliner. || jarchie
    68.6K 2.4K 30

    "You look hot with eyeliner on. But like no homo, bro." "Hey, Arch?" "Yeah, Jug?" "I think you mean all the homo, baby boy."

  • Wrong Number || Jarchie
    128K 6.3K 46

    Archie: how are you and V? Unknown: if you mean vagina, we don't have the best relationship Archie: ... Unknown: ... Archie: this isn't mBetty is it Unknown: nope ~in which Archie means to text Betty, but texts a mystery boy instead~ Jarchie and Beronica AU. If you don't like gays I don't know why you clicked on this...

  • The bet\\ jyatt Fanfiction \\
    13.3K 339 19

    " i bet you can't get that nerd to fall inlove with you." "At what cost?" read the rest to find out! Will jaedens heart be broken? Or will a new love blossom? DISCLAIMER: Swearing! Intense content!! DISCLAIMER : no lowercase intended

  • Of the Star and the Moon [Harry Potter Fanfiction]
    189K 8.6K 25

    Featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic Harry Potter Fanfiction reading list. A beautiful tale of pranks, Thanksgiving robberies, Christmas truths, failed attempts at romance, laughter, death, and very deep love during the Marauders' seventh year at Hogwarts. SB/RL JP/LE Wolfstar.

    1.2K 86 26

    A crack book for the BBS Squad Fandom. Inspired by: BFB Crack Book None of the jokes in the book are mine.

  • IT Cast + ST Cast / Group chat
    54.1K 2.9K 104

    Ships: •Fack •jyatt •sillia

    396K 10.1K 146

    Eddie likes Richie but Richie has a girlfriend. Eddie decided to tell Richie and Eddie finds out Richie has the same feelings. What happens when Sonia finds out her son is making out with another boy. Come along with their crazy life's I'm not editing this story in till I'm finished writing it. Ships: Reddie Stenbro...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nameless ≫ Jarchie
    124K 6.1K 65

    R E A D ▶︎ I N T R O D U C T I O N "How did you know it was me you needed to show around?" "My dad said to look for a good looking boy with bold green eyes and black floppy hair." "So you think I'm good looking." He said. Archie stared at him for a split second, his mouth turning up into a slight smirk before letti...

  • Beronica Text Posts!
    142K 7K 50

    Beronica Text Posts ;) All Textposts credits to owners

  • Jarchie Text Posts 2!
    74.8K 3.3K 68

    Oh wow a second Jarchie text post book ;)

  • Jarchie text posts!
    392K 22.5K 200

    Jarchie text posts ;) These are all from tumblr! Credits to owners!

  • Hopeful Love
    8.7K 325 8

    KomaHina Fanfiction

    Completed   Mature
  • You're All I Need (Ishimondo)
    21.8K 570 9

    Ishimaru and Mondo are best friends, "kyoudai's" even. But, Ishimaru has hidden feelings, feelings that grow more each day. Little does he know, Mondo has those exact feelings bottled up as well.

  • IshiMondo Collection
    11.7K 326 4

    A collection of the various IshiMondo oneshots I've written. Assume everything is non-despair AU, but you can imagine it's pre-despair if you like pain.

  • Love is a pain (katsuki X Izuku) (boyXboy)
    140K 3.9K 51

    Katsuki always wants to punch Izuku for being almost stronger than him. Izuku knows him and Katsuki are both strong. But what if they start to feel different towards each other?

  • KatsuDeku One-Shots
    121K 2.9K 12

    Little KatsuDeku one shots because I can't get enough of this pair! I hope you enjoy them!

  • My Hero! 《 Completed 》
    137K 5.5K 27

    Izuku has always been cheerful but maybe a little wimpy. Katsuki has always been popular and cool. one day Izuku save's Katsuki from getting in a accident. have they met before? They could've promised they met before. But have they?

  • High school life (Cookie run) {my AU}
    15.7K 331 65

    What can i say? It's nearly a dead Book but eh it's ok if u wanna read it hhh-

  • You're Mine!! {Boku No Hero Academia Yaoi - KatsuDeku Fanfic}
    863K 26.2K 41

    Growing feelings between Izuku and Katsuki become more intense by each passing day.....

  • Poems
    486K 21.7K 200

    Just a collection of poems and quotes ranging from Happy, Sad, Motivational, and Funny :D *Credit to original authors*

  • Little Secrets [South Park: Butters x Kenny] ((Completed))
    54.7K 2K 43

    Butters and Kenny. Not your typical couple. Kenny having a perverted mind, and Butters being an innocent boy. Well, not so innocent anymore. Butters and Kenny were the best of friends. After a life threatening accident, it separated them both. Butters moved away, and Kenny moved on with his life. One day they reunited...

    Completed   Mature
  • Spiderman/Avengers oneshots
    694K 21.8K 103

    Peter is Tony's kid unless otherwise stated. Taking requests. Characters are from SpiderMan Homecoming! Don't own any of the characters. PETER WILL NOT AT ANY POINT BE DATING SOMONE WAAAYY OLDER THEN HIM. Also I'm keeping this pg for the most part. Daily updates! #1 in Super Family 9/12/18 #1 in Ironman 10/17/18 Pict...

  • You're Never All Alone In Love
    117 6 1

    Gay's... lesbians... and bi's.... I love you guys so much omg. I hope you like my poor poetry~!

  • My drawings and random stuff!!!! (^.^)
    205 6 5

    This is where I will post my very bad drawings! I suck at drawing, so... Enjoy my fails! I drew the cover at 7:00 AM. (6:58 AM) Without sleep. So, sorry for how terrible it is!

  • Ill Start Running This Gay Shit Now Fam // Julia™
    1.4K 233 36

    I hope you cringe at my sucky art DeviantArt:

  • Gotta Tweak You're Behavior
    1.6K 45 6

    Craig's behavior was getting worse so the school paired him up with a behavior buddy. Tweek tweak , a small fragile virgin. Over the last few weeks Craig has developed feelings that he is trying to play off, he acts as if he don't care but when Kenny and tweek begin to gossip he floods with jealousy. "My..tweek tweak...

  • The Amazing Arts
    6.1K 1.1K 201

    Art here Art there. Art everywhere in this book!

  • dawn || phan
    9.4K 619 5

    -sequel to boy- dan and phil haven't spoken in years but get a chance to rekindle their relationship when dan starts working with phil on a graphic novel series

  • TOMCO (tom x marco)Lemon~🍋
    176K 3.7K 49

    (THE ART IS NOT MINE)Marco went to the blood moon ball looking for star but runs into tom after that marco feels somthing for tom and so does tom(may or may not have lemone and mpreg) Special appearance:Sebastion x Ciel Dipper x Bill shudlvwddtabxitwoyn this story is all over the place by now