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  • Open Novella Rec Book 2020 (Closed)
    15K 2K 103

    We're back with Open Novella 2020! A recommendation book to promote this year's fabulous and standout entries as well as a chance to get to know other people. **Please note that this is not affiliated with Wattpad in any official capacity.** **Cover by the fabulous Crimson_Graves**

  • Aim To Engage Anthology
    2.4K 316 36

    Welcome to the collection of all of the wonderful winners of the 2019 Aim to Engage contest! Step inside and read all of the winning stories across all genres and profiles that participated in this fantastic event. Cover by: @8lydia14m99

  • Open Novella Contest III
    129K 5.5K 16

    The long-anticipated third installment of the Open Novella Contest is finally here! We challenge you to write a brand-new novella in the span of 12 weeks. Are you ready?

  • Snowblind {complete} Book 1 of the Pler trilogy
    11K 1.2K 60

    An Empire seeking to reclaim its power... An Emperor who is not what he seems... A girl who could change the fate of the nation... whether she wants to, or not. All Lanna wants is to find peace in her tiny village on the fringes of the Great Northern Empire. After escaping the frozen south and the superstitions surrou...

  • Small Acts of Goblin Resistance
    257 28 22

    A fantasy in the picaresque style, featuring deeds of derring-do, romance, animal empathy and musings on wizarding labour laws. Updated every *Monday*, *Wednesday* and *Friday*.

  • CURMUDGEON (2018 Watty Wildcard Winner)
    9.2K 740 13

    Supernatural meets Grumpy Old Men. Richard had always believed he'd enjoy a few golden years before Death's bony hand reached for him. But what does he get? He gets to live across the hall from friggin' Stan Kapcheck with his shiny bald head and perfect teeth that were all his own, Stan Kapcheck who struts around like...