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  • Daughter of Aphrodite
    28.9K 946 6

    Nellape Bellaire was a normal girl. Normal life. Until the most beautiful girl she had ever seen came to her and told her who she really was. *The daughter of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, desire, and beauty.* Her father was Poseidon, God of the sea. "My dear Nella, your father doesn't know you are his daughter. Al...

  • Mikan's twin sister ( Gakuen Alice fanfiction )
    26.9K 618 21

    Erika Futuba Sakura Im Mikan's sister but unlike her I'm not a goody two shoes. So this is my story how my dumb sister ran away from home to find her best friend Hotaru. Along the way to bring her back I find that I too have a Alice therefore was admitted into the school also. But then I met him and maybe my life ch...

  • Reincarnate: My Rival
    726K 29.5K 42

    "Being a rival sucks. Especially when you're the center of everyone's hatred." Gael Fallon is a well-known rival or villainess due to her aloof and cold personality unlike her energetic and friendly twin sister, Maevis Fallon, the so-called heroine. Number one assassin in her previous world. Pretty. Intelligent. Talen...

  • ♡Otome Game: Reincarnation!♡ {Complete}
    51.8K 1K 12

    14 year old Riko is killed in a car accident after buying the Otome game: Eternal Love and wakes up as a girl called Jasmine who is a princess. She soon realises that she's been reincarnated in the game.

  • Queen of Hearts [Hiatus]
    99.7K 3.5K 13

    Lilith Sawada remembered dying. Lotis Everclaine remembered being born. Rebirth is never an easy thing - especially when it's into the body of a villainess. -•- [ORIGINAL WORK] -•- Highest Rank in Original: #106 ▶ 16 / 12 / 18 Highest Rank in Romance: #180 ▶ 23 / 04 / 18 Highest Rank in Reincarnation: #78 ▶...

  • Jack the Evil Goddess
    144K 4.4K 43

    Jack Hasegawa, that was my name until I rescued a girl from falling down a mountain and instead I fell down. It was the end of my life. Then I met God or at least I thought I met God but he was not God. He was an angel working for God. He told me that because of my good deeds and I was supposed to be reincarnated into...

  • The Rival Queen
    419K 16.5K 46

    When I found the newest Otome game by the famous game company Hugot7, I was crying tears of joy. It was utterly beautiful, the scenery, the kingdoms, the cute outfits and most of all, the boys. But when I finished gaming, I was fuming in anger. How come those four hot boys were falling head over heels for such a hea...

  • Rejected ? Um okay (Editing)
    153K 5.8K 34

    I Mathew Hayes Future Alpha of the Catern sion pack Reject you Casey Dawson daughter of demon queen and werewolf father Um okay I say shrugging my shoulder not really caring for the rejection but my mother she was livid WHAT my mother screams letting her true form show mom chill I Casey Dawson daughter of the demon...

  • The Fifth Element
    4.5M 252K 101

    In Elemental magic you can be one of four magic types; water, fire, earth, and air. The only problem is Violet is none of these things. Is she what they call a magic dud, or is she something rarer, more powerful, and more dangerous than anyone could have imagined!? Teasers, "Em, most girls sneak out fo...

  • Long sleeves hide scars ** Hoodie x reader
    324K 9.6K 39

    All I can really say is Long sleeves hide scars @uselesstwink for the cover tysm Also HERE IS YOUR TRIGGER WARNING. SELF HARM SUICIDE GORE ETC ITS A CREEPY PASTA BOOK IDK WHAT YOUR EXPECTING.

  • Miss Matchmaker (Yandere Simulator x Reader)
    541K 15.1K 36

    (Male Rivals AU) "If you want you're crush to accept you're feelings, ask Miss Matchmaker Ai-chan. Anyone she helps ends up together with their crush." Oh how rumors spread like wildfire... Miss Matchmaker Ai-chan, aka (Y/N) (L/N), has a reputation for matchmaking people at Akademi High School with a huge success rate...

  • Daughter of Poseidon and the avengers
    59.9K 1.1K 20

    Belle Omare - or Stark should I say . She is one of the most powerful demigods of her time but with that comes darkness . Her mum . That's the only sore note she has . While fighting dirt face Gaia her mum was assassinated by some freaky monsters . Life was good until she is told her mum was adopted. So her only blood...

  • Empress of Dragons ( Lucy Revenge ) [UNDER EDITING AND SLOW UPDATE]
    146K 3.1K 45

    The Lucy we know, The friendly, cheerful and a kind girl. But now she is the cold, kind, vengeful, and a powerful lucy. The one who made her become like this??? The one and only Natsu Dragneel.

  • Book 1: Different Worlds {Young Justice x Avengers crossover} (Under editing)
    234K 6.1K 83

    This is a story of Captain America's daughter crossing over to another world by accident. But they soon found out that she wasn't the only one who cross over. She is now trapped in the DC universe with a Loki on the lose. This will be a trilogy. I don't own any of the characters.

  • Princess of sweets (Yumerio Pattisere)
    47.4K 950 35

    Declaimer!! I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS!! Unfortunately I deleted the story on accident but please read this one! Its the exact same one just a bit differently. Mieko Himura is St. Marie's very own Princess of Sweets. She is a rather rich girl i could say but is indeed talented. Unfortunately Mieko suffers man...

  • me, a gardiun!!! Shugo Chara X Reader [COMPLETED]
    13.4K 256 24

    [plz don't read this.......nvm its not like you'd listen too me a puny writer]Y/n is a famous singer in a band made by easter she enters seyio acdemy with her two secrets the first is she is an agent for Easter and her friends don't know the second Is more tragic you will only know in the end.... also 16 chapters and...

  • Below The Surface (A Shugo Chara Fanfic)
    58.9K 1.5K 17

    (Slow Updating, always Fridays) Mariana is the new girl at Seiyo. She doesn't like attention, she's extremely shy, and she doesn't know anybody. After moving to Japan she wishes for her true self to shine through. When an egg appears in her bed the next day she freaks out. Little did she know that would be the most no...

  • Shugo Chara: ✤The Guardian {| Book 1 |}
    21.9K 766 20

    Once Upon a Time there once was a girl who believed in magic and thought that NOTHING was impossible.. Meet Kurokawa Haruka, a pending fifth grader in Seiyo Elementary. Not that you would know her, because she is barely recognized. Her mother, the successful Amaya Kurokawa- a powerful beautician and the owner of 2 f...

  • The Egg Of My Heart (a Shugo Chara Fanfiction)
    42.9K 1.2K 23

    (Tadase X oc) Kiyomi Yoshida is shy, blunt, cold and cool. All her life she's wanted to be nothing more than a cute and kind normal girl and when her charas enter her life she's figures out how to do that. But she may need a little more than four flying nuisances to help her learn to long as there's a cert...

  • A lost shugo girl (Shugo Chara fanction)
    87.4K 2.5K 32

    A girl had been sold to the company called "Easter". Several years later the girl woke up in a strange room only to end up escaping the room with no memories of her past. She attend a elementary school where she meet people that changed her life forever. Will she ever get her memories back and find out her purpose? Or...

  • Diabolik Lovers: Reverse Harem life
    34.1K 953 14

    It all started out when Yuki's first love and first experience of romance was just a nightmare. She and her older sister, Yui Komori, moved to the Sakamaki mansion due to their father having to move overseas because of work. A household full of handsome guys. But something's off................

  • My Beautiful Nightmare Book 2
    67.7K 3.1K 24

    *Book 2 of the Freak Show* Jeff the killer x reader

  • My Hero Academia x Reader
    66.4K 1.5K 16

    Your a first year student at U.A and in class A1, which is taught by your dad Aizawa Shouta. You have the same quirk as your dad but also the quirk copy. Let's see what happens at this high school and if you end up liking anyone or them liking you. Picture isn't mine.

  • armor [✓]
    367K 10.6K 58

    Y/N L/N, a wanted killer. She has been a fugitive ever since she was 4. She has been a thief ever since, running away from the pain people have caused her. She has lived her life fighting these troubles. What will happen if someone stole her heart? What will happen if she finally opens up? Find out what happens in th...

  • Killer Protector (Jeff the Killer story)
    7.3M 187K 82

    [1st installment of the KP Series] Elizabeth always knew she was a special sort. Her family and friends knew too. She's an introvert and feels like a weirdo wherever she goes, even in her own home. But what happens when she encounters a man known to the world as a notorious monster? Jeff the killer. She never thought...

  • OHSHC X Reader (Lemons)
    239K 1.7K 8

    I'm going to destroy the innocence out of them!! Bwahahaha! Except for Kyoya. He is not innocent!

  • Kiss him not me x reader
    135K 2.3K 46

    I love this anime and I want a season two... The first book was started 22nd of August 2017 (Currently only a Shinomiya x reader. If you read the first page you will understand)

  • The Hurt Angel (Ohshc x Reader)
    51.6K 1.3K 18

    Y/n was sent to earth , For a special mission . She will met a host club members "Kyoya Ootori " Y/n quickly saved Kyoya before they could be hitten by a truck . Kyoya thanked Y/n . He asked if there something Y/n . Y/n answered to let her stay home is enough . Is she going to be able to go back to Heaven after being...

  • OuranBoys x Bullied!Reader
    629K 19.1K 44

    ((I spelt one of the twins' name wrong and im too lazy to fix 45 chapters of one mistake so plz forgive the spelling)) please no..not yet..a little longer.. Sure, summer holidays were great until you had to go back to that hell hole of a school.. Ouran Academy. You were the son- or rather daughter of a very...

  • Ben Drowned X Reader
    1.2M 44K 54

    It's just a glitch on the computer. Nothing major. It happens to everyone. Everyone gets a virus now and then. Right?