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  • Lovable
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    If you are reading this you are worth living. You are beautiful inside and out. This book will include a bunch of inspirational quotes. I hope they help and remember to stay positive! ||Check out @stronggirlsclub for more inspiration quotes.|| ~Lizzie

  • Keep Inspiring Me
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    ~ Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier ~ Everyone needs a little inspiration from time to time. Whether you're going through a break up, you've just lost your job, or you simply woke up feeling a little insecure this morning-we've all had these days. So, if you're in need...

  • Everyday Randomness and Positivity ♡
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    I have so much on my mind - constantly. Where do I put it? Here. Want some random boost of confidence? I like to stay positive. From favorite quotes, to story telling, to drawings, to opinions - yeah, it's all here. Welcome to Everyday Randomness and Positivity. ~ Aren't up to date, or feel like starting? Go right ah...

  • The Art Of Life |Editing| ✔
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    A book about different parts of life. The hardships and easy-going things in your life. Life is like a puzzle. it has many paths and roads which lead to many unraveled secrets and truths. We experience the good and the bad. We never complain because we know that people face worse. It is your life, you get to paint yo...

  • breathe ;
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    .*+ self appreciation poems +.* a collection of poetry which helps to cope with any form of mental health issue , for you to stay in a positive & healthier mindset - " honourable mention " - RUBY awards ( 4th place ) hit 1k ~ 28th october *+. hit 2k ~ 10...

  • Inspirational Short Stories to Brighten your Day!
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    Everyone gets sad or down sometimes. Rather than searching the internet for cat pictures or being like Alice in wonderland and eating everything in hopes that it will solve all of your problems, (relatable), check out these motivational short stories. I have put together the best inspirational short stories, both real...

  • My Journey
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  • Selfcare Tips
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    This is another version of my How to be a bad bitch 101. Basically, this is a glo up (grow up) guide physically and mentally and I'm doing this just for fun and to help other people.? I want to be able to help people love themselves and be confident in their own skin. There is too much have in the world, someone has p...

  • Self Care & Tips
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    This is my advice and love from me to you! I know it's hard when you don't know how to take care of acne, rashes, boy / girl trouble, self esteem issues, and so fourth- so here is a guide to help with anything. ❤️ Follow my confession account & main on Instagram : Username- Crumblyfessing 😎 Main- Brooklyn.blackk

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    DEPRESSION is not loving what you used to love. DEORESSION is forgetting what happiness feels like. DEPRESSION is forgetting what we are living for. DEPRESSION is lack of motivation. DEPRESSION is forgetting the meaning of life. DEPRESSION is the leading cause of disability for ages 15-44. DEPRESSION is the cause of o...

  • God the Creator Still Loves You
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    Looking for encouragement? Or perhaps just a positive message in a word full of negativity? Well you've come to the right place. This book is for both Christians and non Christians. It's for everyone from all walks of life!!! Here you can find new, positive songs to add to your playlist, great verses from the Bible, a...

  • WHO ARE WE | self-esTEAM
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    Who are we? We are the team who will be there for you, every step of the way. Because we've been there too. Welcome to our project, where our aim is to help all the people out there struggling, losing inspiration, and/or losing their faiths in theirselves. Our mission is to make you stronger than ever, and to love you...

  • Self-Love
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    Every person is beautiful inside out and we all have different unique beauty in ourselves!!!! Read it like a magazine!! ❤

  • Daily Bible Verses
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    Everyday Bible verses that talk about depression, anxiety, finding hope, anger, love and more.

  • The Glow in Our Tears
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    "you only feel alive when you have a taste of death" copyright ⓒ 2019 this is a collection of poetry that embraces all those emotions and raw feelings that you can't put into words.

  • Making the Best of Life || COMPLETED
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    # 1 in Motivation || Encouragement Self-Love Self-Worth Self-help Self-Appreciation Happiness Forgiveness Tranquility Making the best of life is not hard, all it takes it a little practice 🤗 *ALL MINE UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE*

  • Inside My Mind III
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    Book where it is written quotes about my perspective of the world, wise advices and secrets and feelings hidden in the depths of my heart. "When I look at the sky, I tell all my thoughts, worries and secrets because my mind is so full and messy while the space is vast that I can get easily lost." ...

  • ❧ вєαυтıƒυł gıяłs qυσтєs ❧
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    Beautiful Girls Quotes: In here you will find quotes to inspire you, give you hope, motivate you, give you advice, guidance. And many more. ❤️👏

  • Quotes By Me (twi)
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    Hopefully most of them will be good. Some funny and sarcastic ones will be in here! uwu

  • Challenges And Positivity
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    # TheSmileProject So, I was scrolling through WeHeartIt, and saw the positivity project. I've been really stressed lately, and thought that this might be good for me. Check WeHeartIt! By @writerforlife

  • positive quotes
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    here are some positive sayings. some are from websites and others are selfmade by one of us. we hope they help you and make your day a bit better. positivity-club ♡

  • How to find your happiness |√
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    This book is guiding you to find your happiness that everyone needs ...happiness is not just a word its feelings we need it to continue our life and to spread it in all the world. Sometimes wisdom can help...some wisdom word to guide you to the right place to find your happiness can help.

  • Quotes
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    Buncha quotes!

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    This book is all about quotes that I have seen/heard that are inspirational to me HOPE THEY INSPIRE YOU LIKE THEY DID FOR ME.

  • Inspirational Quotes
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    a compilation of quotes

  • Inspirational Quotes
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    Just some inspiring quotes you might like and may use in your books! If you want. I did not come up these quotes.

  • Advice
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    Share your problem or question that you want some advice on. I can put your name if you'd like or you can choose to leave it anonymous. Other people can comment and give you advice, or just some encouraging words. (:

  • Uplifting Writings
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    Uplifting writings if you ever need them! Poetry, short stories, quotes... There's so much to be found here. ©ProjHelpSuicidals 2018. All rights reserved. Anything taken from a person or thing will be credited. Any character relation to person is merely coincidental. Questions about this profile? Message, use the fe...

  • #Giving Hope
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    Welcome to #GivingHope. A place where those who have no one else to turn to, can come for help. When your world is consumed with darkness, there is always hope.