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  • Aliens and Cream Soda
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    basically a thought guide so I don't have to explode your devices with late night message board updates. So, if you wanna see what goes on in this messed up head of mine, read away

  • Weekly Wattpad Contests
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    Here is the hotspot for Wattpad competitions. Whether you like poetry, short stories or novels, you will find something to your liking. So stick around and take part in contests to see what you can do. Thanks for joining our little contest community. * * *

  • Animals (Sirius x James Harry Potter Marauders fanfic)
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    Sirius Black is a young, handsome boy at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He and his three best friends find themselves bullying and eventually befriending Severus Snape, another young boy with stringy black hair, in order to defeat a challenger to their school. But there's one problem with this story, Siri...

  • John Laurens Fan Club: The Sequel
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    Hello there my fellow organic beings! In this fanclub you'll find: •Random Facts •Theories •Fanart •Rants •Headcanons •Fangirling •Crying •Other John Laurens related stuff This is a continuation of the first John Laurens Fanclub which I really recommend reading before this. And mind you, I am not a historian, so a lot...

  • his dead boyfriend//lams
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    book of random lams oneshots I thought were good ideas at one point, no order

  • I Want To Be Your Daydream (Percico)
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    The original photo I used for the cover I found on Google, all credit goes to the artist who created it, I just added the title and my user for reference to the book. If the artist at any time finds this and asks me to take the cover off I will gladly do so, I am not looking to take credit for their art. Nico Di Ang...

  • rat bois
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  • Isolated. {Lams}
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    Alexander Hamilton and jail should never be in the same sentence. And they never were! Until.. the incident. He did something awful and it landed him in jail. John happened to be his cell mate. Fun.

  • ceramic {lams}❤️
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    {under revision} i started writing this before i ever stayed at a psyche ward and there are SO many inaccuracies, im c r i n g i n g ,,, this idea was stolen from sweet-peachy's book ~his obsession~ it's reallllll good and you need to go check it out !!!

  • •150 Reasons to Stay Alive/Positive•
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    "I don't think you're worthless."

  • A World Without You.... (Lams)
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  • Soulmates(LAMS)
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    Just another basic college AU Cover by @MLadyBugaboo

  • Another Cliché Soulmate Au
    1.2K 43 5

    So, the description is also in the story, but I'll say a few things here. First off, this is an Au where the world looks black and white, until making eye contact with your soulmate. As well as whatever they write on their body, appears on the others, self harm too :( DISCLAIMER: THERE IS NO JEFFERSON/HAMILTON RIVA...

  • What I feel
    3.2K 166 8

    Just another soulmate AU where you feel the pain of your soulmate. (because I have a weakness for all things cliche) John and Alex have never met, but they have figured out a lot about one another based on a lifetime of pain. The cover art was done by

  • Lams- I Can't Lose You
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    When Alexander graduates high school a year before everybody else, everyone thinks it's the last they'll see of him. John is plagued with flashbacks from when they were close, but now they've lost contact and all hope seems lost. COMPLETED

  • Blow Us All Away (Hamilton Middle School AU)
    3.5K 137 14

    "I dare you to lick the floor," Lafayette challenged. "Okay." Hercules lowered his head to the carpeted floor and licked it. "Now, Alexander, truth or dare?" "Truth," Alexander hesitantly answered. "Who do you like?" Hercules asked. Alexander turned a little red. "W-well I..." "C'mon, Alex! You chose truth," John s...

  • Lams but v sad
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    It's late I'm sorry

  • For The Revolution (LAMS Modern AU)
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    Alexander Hamilton escaped his life in the Caribbean after his cousin had died, and crossed paths with a new roommate at his college: John Laurens. They have an immediate connection, but everything seems to be going wrong.

  • The Locket ✔ | Pirate Lams
    57.2K 3K 29

    John Laurens hated pirates, absolutely despised them. They steal, they kill, they smell, and much more. But what really pushes John over the edge is the kidnapping of his sister. John goes out to find her. He lands on an island where John finds a locket that shows him who he needs/wants and where to find them. Not lo...

  • You Don't Have to Be Special
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    "There's nothing special about me, how could I make friends with them?" "You don't have to be special, silly. You're you, and that's enough isn't it?" ___ hi yes, you guessed it. admin may and i are writing another boyf riends fan fiction. with less angst? maybe? we haven't decided yet. -admin becca (also would you lo...

  • lams
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    read this if u want to bleach ur eyeballs immediately after

  • The Sweet Little Omega
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    Everyone loves John Laurens, they love what they see. They love the freckles and the silky curls. They love the eyes and the lips. They love the subtle curves and the eyelashes. They love the Omega. But when they have the guts to get a closer look they don't like what they see. They see the aggressiveness and the lack...

  • ▫ colors - boyf riends soulmate au ▫DISCONTINUED
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    "c-connor" I said shakily "what?" "I-I think I just saw red" this is my first soulmate au so dont judge me

  • Like A Lover //Lams
    167K 6.3K 38

    John is a prostitute. He's not proud of it, but he can't afford college, and he'd rather sell his body and his dignity than die on the streets of New York. Alexander Hamilton was more than he got from most clients. Smut warning, obviously. Has reached #4 in hamilton, #3 in lams. AMAZING COVER MADE BY angst-and-art ...

  • John Laurens FanClub
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    Because John Laurens deserves all the love in the world! (Even if he died like 236 years ago). So this is exactly what the tittle said! Yes, a fanclub for John Laurens. (Historical John Laurens, that is. So if you're expecting posts about the thousands of turtle drawings he never did this is /probably/ not the place f...

  • I Just Need | lams (unedited and don't plan on it either)
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    "Why Do We Crave What We Can't Have?" --------- The Flowers that Come From Your Throat. Hanahaki Disease. John Laurens suffers the pain of love. Who knew some simple flowers could hurt this much?

  • One In a Billion
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    John has a special disease. Everyone says it's nothing special but Alexander knows better. The question is what is it? (based on a real and rare disease, sorry if it's confusing in the beginning, it will make more sense later) Disclaimer: This story attempts to replicate the symptoms of a real life disease but of cour...

  • Our Little Secret
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    Three part story, completed. It's a Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood fic. Luna meets Harry in the woods, and Harry meets a new side of Luna that no one has seen before. Please vote and/or comment on my story. I apologize for my ADHD totally messing with the story and making it skip around everywhere. Even if you hate i...