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  • A Never-Ending Story (Date a live x Male Reader)
    15.5K 432 18

    Disclaimer: I do not own Date a live or any of the anime/Light novels in this story. This is just a fanfic/story made for fun, but I do own some parts of this story. Life, tell me exactly, why do people live to die? When we were all born, we were all doomed to die from the start. I just find it... Interesting that hu...

  • The Gates
    69 4 2

    When Austin (13) and his best friend Colby(14) discover his house sits over one of the gates of hell, it'll take the collective courage and cunning of the two teens, their adult friends Ajax and E (25), Austin's girlfriend, Nikki(13) and a government agent, Shane(31) to fight back against the cultist, undead and demon...

  • Koneko Toujou's Lemon Book!
    43.8K 382 13

    As the book's name implies, it's all about Koneko's sex life with her boyfriend, you... OR ME!!! Disclaimer: Koneko Toujou is from Highschool DXD and belonged to its owner, not mine!

  • Nier Automata: Human (Nier Automata x Reader)
    124K 1.9K 14

    Note: This is a girls of Nier Automata x male reader Description/Summery (Y/n) (L/n) is a Human with a microcomputer that was implanted inside his head in the latest years before humanity went extinct. The microcomputer gives him more strength then an average human could ever have and has the speed of a Olympic athlet...

  • The Lovable Gremory (High School DXD harem X male Gremory reader)
    721K 7.5K 60

    Inspired by @Astro_Reaper22 and @TheWidowMaker, I decided to make a dxd x male reader(this is my first book so don't hate on me okay?) Disclaimer: I don't own High School DXD. Y/n Gremory-Bael, third child of the Gremory household, was always loved by his family, especially Rias his older sister, Venelana his mother...

    Completed   Mature
  • How the ice king's heart melted
    77.6K 1.6K 23

    Male weiss reader x rwby harem

  • The Seraph: Eostia's Exalted Power
    885 21 3

    As Eostia is plunged into a war against the vile monsters of the Dark Queen of the Dark Elves and the next, the traitorous betrayal of the Black Dogs, their only last hope is an immensely powerful and prideful superhuman being who's powers are, as heretical and blasphemous as anyone would say, god-like. A mysterious...

  • The Mute Boy (All-Girls High School Harem x Shy and Childish Mute Male Reader)
    98.7K 1.4K 9

    (Y/N) is a mute who's very shy and acts childish. He is one of the six participant to be at Rosalie Academy, which is actually an all girls school. Despite his shy and childish nature, what were the girls' think about him?

  • The user of infinite masks (op male reader x highschool dxd)
    77K 1.2K 30

    You are a trickster who was known to the world as a person who wears countless different faces, feels all kinds of emotions, and posses multiple personalities, each more different then the last. You were someone who'll take the hearts of the most horrible of individuals, and be a symbol to the public to rise up and fi...

  • Scp harem X OP male reader: SCP's own hero
    28.9K 402 14

    The SCP foundation is a secret factory that the world never heard off. They contain creatures that may threaten the world and some end it. However there is only one SCP that is not only classified as safe but will be a hero to not just for the SCP for but the world. His name is Y/n and he maybe classified as an SCP wi...

  • The Underrated Hero(My Hero Academia)
    4.5K 135 9

    (Y/N) has an underrated quirk...the power to control doesn't seem like much, but he learns how to control his ability as others always seem to catch the spotlight over him. But maybe thats a good thing.

  • Persona 5: Rockstar! (Persona 5 X M!Reader)
    4.1K 183 5

    All these kids said, on this windless night, we are going to make a difference! This is a Persona 5 X Male Reader story! Go though the story of the New Protagonist (Y/n) Arataka will go through a fate worse than death! Imprisonment! And he will go through his rehabilitation to defeat the incoming ruin! This is the ta...

  • Beast 18+ ( A wild MHA harem story)
    28.9K 905 11

    Ranked #1 in "Midnight" 4/17/2021 Ranked #2 in "Ecchi" 4/5/2021 Ranked #1 in "Miruko" 4/14/2021

  • Just Living A "NORMAL" Life With Monster Girls (Monster Musume X Male Reader)
    565 26 1

    Since Y/N L/N's wife, Ayami L/N, passed away due to heart disease three months after giving birth to twin daughters, 9 years later, Y/N has been living a quiet and normal life while he's raising and taking care of his two wonderful young twin daughters Airi and Harumi at the age of 33 until monster girls came crowding...

  • DXD's Alpha champion
    23.4K 546 6

    Arceus the creator of the pokemon world and great deity of all, he sees the world evolve and the pokemon lived in perfect harmony and his time of the world is no longer needed when he sees people and pokemon together form a great bond of friendship. But deep down he want how to feel a bond with a partner that is when...

  • Prison Battleship: The Jedia Assassin(+18)
    5K 117 6

    Donny Bohgan has trap Naomi Evans and Lieri Bishop as there prisoners suddenly a mysterious person has saved them from the clutches of Bohgan as they escape as they descover that this mysterious person is a jedia and assassin.

  • Son of Aphrodite (Heroes of Olympus x Male Reader)
    1.1K 48 2

    What happens when a young man washes up in the Canoe Lake banks? What happens when Chiron finds this young man alongside a woman covered in a robe? And what happens when he is named a son of Aphrodite? And what happens when it is revealed that the young man's father is too a god? What does it mean for Camp Half Blood...

  • I'm surrounded by ninja girls ( REMAKE)
    91.9K 1.4K 42

    Ok , this is a remake of the story of I'm surrounded by ninja girls. The same character: Terry's life is miserable. First he's girlfriend cheated, second he's parents died in a car crash and now he's all alone. After he got home from school he wish for a new family to be with and he's wish is granted but he's life wil...

  • the Rebirth killer (RWBY x betrayed Jason Male reader x Yandere horror harem)
    4.1K 85 4

    Y/n was a normal boy when he was betrayed and killed by the people of Beacon. However his death was not the end of him. Y/n would return from the dead as a immortal killer. Now with his harem of killers by his side Y/n will kill everyone who stands in the way of his vengeance.

  • Strong Enough (Weak Male Reader X Naruto Harem
    23.5K 277 5

    Y/N is a member of the Inuzuka Clan of the Hidden Leaf Village, and the cousin of Kiba.

  • male reader x female campers and female counselor (lemon)
    318K 3.5K 25

    finally you were off of school and can finally do whatever you want at home. But before you can relax in your room all day your parents signed you up for camp meaning your whole vacation will be ruined by camping. when you go to the camp there will be something wrong about this camp.

  • Birthday Present (Haydee x Male Reader)
    16.1K 218 2

    While dealing with the loss of his father. (F/N) (L/N) finds that his father left him a gift for his birthday. But he wasn't expecting this...

  • Possession (The Conjuring x Male Reader)
    10.8K 262 2

    One day, a young reporter name (F/N) (L/N); who's close friends with Ed and Lorraine Warren. Unknowingly brought home two dangerous entities on separate occasions, after jotting down notes in a room full of possessed objects and artifacts. At first, they seemed harmless after engaging in sexual contact. But they have...

  • I Want to hit Hard and Fast, so I'll Max Out My Speed and Power (Maple x Reader)
    1.1K 39 1

    New World Online, the new online game that allows people to go inside the game and challenge each other in combat, or work with each other to take down monsters in this VR RPG style game. An early tester, (Y/N) Kirishima, has decided to go the route of quick and deadly, rather than caring about his defense or other st...

  • Mlp: One with Time
    147K 2.8K 62

    Y/n is a man with control over time itself. I own none of this.

  • School Harem x Male Reader
    269K 2.7K 107

    (.) Warning! This includes incest. Just a quick note when reading. This was my second story ever written on Wattpad (the first has been deleted, so I'd call this my first ever ongoing story). Due to this, the story may have some bad grammar, lack of plot, and seem a bit rushed. Most will be fixed during the continuati...

  • I've Been Isekaied Into a Crossover (Male Reader x Harem x Huge Crossover)
    1.5K 31 3

    You are a normal person who gets isekaied into a world where all anime live together. Comment an anime that you want to make a cameo. I DO NOT OWN ANY ANIME USED IN THIS STORY.

  • Phantom, Gentleman Thief (RWBY Harem x Sneaky Reader Boi)
    229 11 1

    Phantom, or Y/N L/N, is a well known Gentleman Thief. He's known for his exploits in thievery, robbing from the corrupt, villains, and general assholes alike. One day, on a routine rob job, Y/N gets caught. In jail, he gets a visitor, who gives him two choices. Enroll in Beacon Academy, or enroll in a maximum security...

  • The Freelancer of Team Prime
    4.5K 124 3

    Rex Marcus Wolford, AKA Agent Arizona was one day fixing the Warthog due to Sarge's typical antics on Iris, when suddenly a portal opens beneath him and he gets transported to a whole new universe with transforming robots. One in which HE himself has miraculously become one of the vehicle changing beings. With no way...

  • Days Gone
    395 9 1

    (This book contains MATURE content in the form of violence, sexual themes, and nudity! If you do not want to experience any of these themes, I request that you do not report the book or it's images and instead, just do not read the book so that others can still enjoy it.) In a world destroyed by war and forced evoluti...