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  • Adopted By Liam Payne
    98K 1.6K 30

    After her mum and dad were killed in a car crash 3 year old Maddi is put in an orphanage two years later when she is 5 she get adopted by Liam Payne.What will happen when One a Direction take a trip to Australia. Will adopting Maddi effect Danielle and Liam's relationship Sequel-Liam Payne's Daughter

  • Family
    63K 469 8

    14 year old Amber Wilson has always been an only child. Her mother had a problem that kept her from having any more children. Her mom, dad and herself were a 3 person family, that's until her parents tell her their adopting a 17 year old boy. She can't wait for her new brother to get here but what if he doesn't like h...

  • The Angel Within
    9.9M 182K 26

    In which survival is put through the ultimate test. It is said that the supernatural world was like a thin sheet of glass - for it was far too harmonic; far too fragile for those to wreak havoc upon. Albeit, there was a hybrid that could shatter it with the touch of her finger, with the air of her presence...

  • The Nanny
    118K 3.4K 65

    Highest Ranking #16 in ChickLit Have you ever wondered why? Why does something happen to you at that given moment? Why are you at a specific place at a specific time? Why is there evil in this world? Why, why, why? I ask myself that question over and over again. Why? Why me? *** Delia Johnson continuously asks herself...

  • Adopted By The Dolan twins
    315K 5.5K 40

    Bethany is two years old she has been in a orphanage for one year cause her dad abused her ever since then she is scared of men and boys she had a friend named Ashley who's 5! Although her roommates 15 and likes to be mean to BETHANY let's see what happens

  • Her Adopted Baby's Daddy
    6.2M 229K 69

    Jules Jenna hates the fact that she's trying to hide herself in her work to avoid grieving her parents' death. She needs someone in her life and she's never been good with relationships. But one thing she is good at is taking care of kids. She decides to adopt a child, whom she falls in love with. Ceaser Thompson jus...

  • The Foster Home (Cameron Dallas)
    16.6M 303K 80

    While Bailey runs away from her foster mom. She comes across Cameron Dallas. She shares her past with him and grow closer with each other. All Rights Reserved ® I DONT ALLOW TRANSLATIONS DONT ASK

  • Mr. Sykes (Nathan Sykes)
    42.1K 841 36

    Liv is a rich girl who attended a private school. Liv has been Expelled her parents decided to make her take home schooled classes. They call in a 22 year old guy to teach her what she needs to learn. That guy was Mr.Sykes. As Liv's parents work all day. Nathan begins to Sexually approach her. Is Nathan really a home...

  • Adopted By Magcon (under construction)
    5.1M 99K 148

    Warning; inappropriate language, sex, sex reference, suicidal thoughts and actions, self harm, cussing, physical abuse, and verbal abuse. Our second life is featured along with a few other famous youtubers/viners. This book was published in the summer of 2014, times have changed sense then so disclaimer things might...

  • My Long Lost Princess
    264K 6.3K 17

    Janelle has lived in an orphanage ever since she was three. She doesn't know how she ended up at the orphanage or where her parents are. All she has is a locket. She thinks it's from her parents and she thinks it's a locket. She's never been able to open it. Anyway the orphanage is located in the kingdom of Montegi. Y...

  • Foster Life [Nash Grier]
    104K 3.6K 24

    Hazel was never really sure where she belonged. Being bounced around from house to house never helped, and neither did having no one who loved you. She was unwanted and sad. Who knows if maybe that one boy can save her from her nightmare? - *being edited

  • Adopted By Mr. Dallas
    31.4K 391 56

    {COMPLETED OCTOBER 10,2019} Alex is a 15 yr. old girl who has been abused by her father and mother and eventually taken away by the CPS and placed in an orphanage when she was 7. She sits in an orphanage in Sacramento wishing someone would come rescue her and treat her as you should treat someone until one day someon...

  • My Twin Stepbrothers(***Sample chapters***)
    759K 4.8K 10

    (DAILY UPDATES❗️❗️) Abby has a normal life. Loving parents two best friends on her final year in high school she couldn't be more happy. The last day of summer her parents went out for date night. Abby got a phone call in the middle of the night saying she lost her parents in a car accident. Abby doesn't know where...

    Completed   Mature