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  • Risky Business 。 Billy Hargrove
    1.9M 69.8K 57

    RISKY BUSINESS. ❝ One Halloween and one Summer can change everything. ❞ A 'STRANGER WORLDS' NOVEL Billy Hargrove / Stranger Things Season 2 & 3 © lookingforlucy cover by brieIarson HIGHEST RANKING IN FANFICTION #18 - 26/11/2017 FEATURED STORY (iOS devices) - 06/12/2017

  • Falling for the Enemy || Captain America || Book 1
    3.6M 112K 55

    "Trouble is my middle name." ~ Lillian Nightshade is a metaphorical rock in SHIELD's boot, one that not only has a mouth snarkier and more sarcastic than the hypothetical (and entirely impossible) baby of Tony Stark and Deadpool, but has a certain knack for slipping from the authorities' grasp on a regular basis...

  • Soldiers (Completed) •Soldiers Series• Bucky Barnes/ Avengers Fanfiction
    477K 15.1K 42

    When Bucky had saved Steve from the river, he was determined to find out about his past. He was lost and confused, but he was ready to face what was ahead. Charlotte Black, 18, was nothing but a myth to the others-the story of a ghost girl who could control the weather and thunder. She was the tale that mothers would...

  • Winter Winds - A Christmas Story (Kit Harington)
    40.7K 1K 15

    Winter Winds is a story about Reilly Rain, a single girl in her mid-twenties, who is sick of always being the only one without a boyfriend at family Christmas parties. As Christmas approaches she accidentally tells her mother that she will bring a guy with her to this year's family Christmas party. The whole family is...

  • You Found Me |Sam Winchester| [2015 Wattys Winner]
    709K 24.8K 61

    [Season 5] In small towns, everyone knows everyone. But do they really? Dakota Bailey had everything she could have ever asked for. Just like a snap of the fingers, she lost it all, piece by piece. She can't report what happened to the cops; it's way too dangerous for anyone to know the truth. With nothing to go back...

  • Uninvited Preview
    2M 18.5K 8

    Down on her luck, Abby Redding finally manages to land a job as a personal assistant for wealthy businessman Alex Carter. Her first assignment is to fix up his new cabin in a remote town but an unsolved murder and a haunted cabin leave Abby Redding fighting for her life. What secrets could her handsome boss possibly b...

  • Imagine Dragons ⟶Charlie Weasley
    10.5M 6.5K 1

    The daughter of two famous Quidditch players, Anora Forney, has grown up travelling the world. And while her parents are known for their skills on the pitch, Anora garners her own attention wherever she goes as many people love to get a glimpse of the child with naturally white hair. However, the world tour comes to a...

  • Out of Time ★ [1] ✔
    1.2M 52K 37

    Highest Ranking: #48 in Fanfiction (10/5/16) PREVIOUSLY FEATURED A tale of loss, fractured bonds, newfound friendships, and action-packed battles, Out of Time is a fresh Marvel fanfiction for all lovers of superheroes. What do you get when you cross a sarcastic redhead with a master time traveller? M...

  • The Ides of July // Loki - Book 1 ✓
    1.4M 77.7K 77

    Marvel Fanfic Awards Winner: -Best Plot -Best Loki -Best Male Villain -Toughest Character (Anna) BOOK ONE. The world has changed. After aliens invaded New York City and superhumans continue to emerge from the woodwork, society has been forced to accept that which it does not know or understand. Anna, a young...

  • Chosen // loki laufeyson
    2M 74.7K 65

    As Lienna came of age for marriage, so did the princes she had long forgotten about. And then, in the dark of night, guards and nobles came to take her away. Lienna couldn't believe it. She was Chosen.

  • If These Walls Could Talk
    20.8K 746 5

    The last living inhabitant of Allerdale Hall may have just passed away, but the centuries-old manor is far from vacant. When an eccentric, old bachelor dies with a mountain of debt instead of an heir, historian Lucy Montgomery is tasked with the valuation of his assets. The man’s seemingly derelict country estate turn...

  • The Psychic Within
    323K 12.9K 31

    Sequel to The Psychic Next Door. Rachel Vaughn just wants to feel normal again. After narrowly escaping the wrath of the Beast (and its deranged master) returning to an ordinary life seems impossible, especially with her psychic boyfriend Luc around. It doesn't help that Rachel is tortured every night by nightmares...

  • Forgotten Lyrics
    2.4M 17.3K 10

    Don’t miss this imaginative new short story set in the magical world of Watersong—a realm of enchanting beauty…and terrifying secrets. Aggie is a mythological creature on a secret mission. Lydia is a young woman from a magical family with no real powers of her own. And Daniel is a high school boy who’s made it his du...

  • Gives You Hell (Dramione Love Story)
    891K 19.8K 41

    First book in the GAUNT TRILOGY! Good girls are always the ones to go Bad. And once they go bad they don't ever come back. Hermione Granger has always been the Mudblood, the insufferable know-it-all, part of the Golden Trio, and the Brightest Witch of the Age. But what happens when the truth about who she really IS, s...

  • Our Baby | Dramione
    333K 9.6K 20

    The war is over and a year has passed. Hogwarts, now rebuilt, is back open for business. The seventh years have been asked to come back to school and complete their final year of school. Hermione and Draco have a problem. During the year Draco and Hermione grew close. Really close. The now pregnant Hermione makes her...

  • Masked
    2.4M 72.7K 38

    What If the Yule ball was a masquerade ? What if no one knew who anyone was until the unmasking at midnight? What would happen when, 7th year, Draco Malfoy asks masked Hermione Granger to dance not knowing their true identities ? And what would happen at the unmasking once they would be revealed ? Set during 7th year...

  • Seeing Through New Eyes
    128K 4.6K 23

    Voldemort is gone, and the Golden Trio are back at Hogwarts. Everyone is excited for things to finally be back to normal, but what happens when a Marriage Law is put in place? The sorting hat seems to have gone mad, because it placed almost everyone with their enemy. New friendships are made, and old friendships lost...

  • A Love Through Time (Dramione)
    6.1K 289 19

    When Draco Malfoy, the Slytherin bad boy, finds out that his wife never loved him, he goes to a store in muggle London, and finds a certain Gryffindor. When Hermione, the Brightest Witch of her Age and a member of the Golden Trio, divorces her best friend, she goes to a store in muggle London, and finds a certain Sly...

  • Dramione: An Impossible Fantasy [Being Edited]
    578K 18K 53

    She's worried about her seemingly irrational feelings. He's unnerved by their mutual attraction. Neither understands the new feelings they're experiencing. For after all, love is unpredictable and can be the most dangerous magic of all. ~~~~~ Complete opposites. Sworn enemies. Two.. Lovers? Draco and Hermione have bee...

  • The Muggle Experiment ~ Draco Malfoy
    795K 25.5K 59

    *COMPLETE* Megan Payne is the average potterhead. She is completely obsessed. She has Harry Potter clothing, all the books and movies (and has read and watched them numerous times), has trinkets, and even writes Harry Potter fan fictions on a website called One day, after walking home from school she fin...

  • Leave Out All The Rest
    163K 5.8K 39

    Decades after the Golden Trio attended Hogwarts, their children are now on their way to make memories of their own. They will come to realize that Hogwarts is not just a place to learn how to use their magic, but where adventure, teenage hormones, and misfortune awaits. Next Generation Fanfic.

  • Friendly Neighbors
    4K 265 11

    Annette Thomas (Gomez) is an odd ball: she's weird, quirky, a famous food blogger, and a victim of agoraphobia - the fear of leaving home. Twenty two and single with absolutely no friends, Annette finds joy and delight through food and solitude. Then, there's Theo Bennett (Lerman) who moves right next door to Annette...

  • Perfect Two...
    311K 9.4K 67

    Hermione Granger the woman who has no luck when it comes to love, found her true love in Hogwarts. How would it be when she meets him again nine years later.. Perfect Two is a Dramione Love Story!

    Completed   Mature
  • Unwritten
    211 10 2

    They may seem like just a piece of wood with graphite in the middle, but pencils are a powerful tool that when in the right hands, can change the world.

  • Existing Ariolus. (X-Men: First Class) COMPLETED!
    91.3K 2K 12

    (Based on X-Men First Class and a little X-Men Origin's) Amelia Reed, mutant and in hiding. The year is 1962 and not many know about mutants and their true powers, they all mainly keep to themselves and feel as if they're are alone in the big wide world. Amelia felt like this until one night at a bar in Las Vegas two...

  • Generation Next (X-Men fanfic)
    89.1K 2.7K 41

    Ziva Ner is a mutant trying to live her life under the radar but her simple life is ruined when she's hauled off to Xavier's School for Gifted Children. It takes her only moments to figure out her fellow students are a bit off the wall. Before she knows it, she and her new friends are pulled into a fight against an e...

  • First Sight (X-Men - Romy)
    54.2K 1.3K 13

    (Movieverse - Post X3) Alone in Boston, Rogue meets a handsome Cajun who worms his way into her life, just as she worms her way into his heart. Rogue has the cruellest of all powers, because while she has a lot of love to give, she's unable to know the touch of another without hurting them. Gambit is a charmer and a l...

  • Call Me Ella (ft. Niall Horan)
    13.8M 390K 40

    Yes, I lost my father and he was the best man in the whole world. Yes, I have a stepmother who is a witch and whom I hate most passionately. Yes, I have two stepsisters that are a pain in my arse and who lost their brains when they were little. Yes, my life is like a cliché from a bloody fairy...

  • Because Sometimes Opposites Attract - Draco Malfoy Fanfic
    1.5M 34K 33

    Samantha Baker changes schools for year five and starts Hogwarts. She befriends Neville Longbottom on the train and seems to fit in much better than at her old school. But then Draco Malfoy turns her world upside down. But is there more behind his bully facade? (Disclaimer: I don't really stand behind the whole fallin...