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  • Broken Hope (boyxboy)
    14.4M 567K 60

    Keegan is a boy who loves affection. He's usually quite peppy and excitable, but everything in life has turned against him. He ends up locking away his emotions and making himself distant from the world, trying to avoid further suffering. He's left a shell of his former self, struggling to get through life. He decides...

  • Betrayed (Editing)
    16.5K 787 17

    It's his fault. It's all his fault. Except, that's the thing, it isn't. And now he's out to prove it, because it isn't his fault, and it never will be.

  • Death in Love. [Book 3]
    649K 21.6K 35

    Hermes the messenger god has finally found the attention of his biggest crush but it doesn't turn out the way he had hoped. Will he survive his eternal punishment of will Death get the best of him?

    Completed   Mature
  • Otherworldly Mates [Book 4]
    1.2M 36.4K 47

    Life for years have been easy for Nicholai. He doesn't have to worry about much. He has cars, girls, and all the attention he could ever want. Because of his family he has never wanted for anything. When he turns nineteen everything changes. Secrets about his family that he never knew and things about his life he find...

    Completed   Mature
  • Otherworldly Brothers [Book 2-Menage]
    958K 25.7K 24

    After searching for centuries Aphros and Bythos, demi-god brothers of the sea, have finally found someone that they want with everything in them. How will poor, innocent Aiden cope with the two men who claim they love him and want to share him? Can he handle everything that these two men want to share with him? How wi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Otherworldly Experience [Book 1]
    482K 17.8K 25

    The son of Poseidon is done staying in his kingdom surrounded by the same things every day. Hale persuades his father to allow him to leave for while...under one condition. When he comes back he is to marry Naida, a water nymph that has been chosen to be the new Queen alongside of Hale. Hale isn't okay with the marria...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Reaping [malexmale]
    995K 47.8K 17

    [Book 11] Alaric doesn't fear the Reaper-- Rather, he's sleeping with him. Unfortunately, even Death can't stop Alaric from going on a suicide mission to Hades to come face-to-face with his missing brother. [PART OF A SERIES. READ INFERI FIRST] [Warning: Contains graphic adult themes and explicit content]

    Completed   Mature
  • Windswept
    5.5M 114K 40

    Reid has been homeless on the streets of New York for years now, fighting for cash in clubs and sleeping in empty buildings. With his special ability, Reid could have whatever life he wanted, but chooses not to. When Sam meets Reid on the subway, she has a hard time forgetting about him, and not only because he kee...

  • Guardian of Fire Island (boyxboy)
    378K 13.8K 33

    {Yaoi/Slash/BoyxBoy/MxM/LGBT} Keahi is known as the Peace Keeper on an Island known as Fire Island. It is his duty to quell the Volcano’s fury should it giving up his life. He is resigned to his fate - until he meets an unusual man called Masou...

  • Cat Got Your Tongue (preview)
    514K 1.8K 5

    Preview only. This story will be update on Radish. Rejected by his parents because of his sexuality, Tyler flees to an abandoned house owned by his family in the country. There, Tyler discovers the presence of a cat he has appropriately named 'The Black Devil'. But this cat is not ordinary cat and Tyler is about to fi...

  • The Vampire's Requiem II [malexmale]
    950K 46K 48

    After the events in the Sweet Trilogy, Newell finds himself in a new world of trouble as he seeks out the witch from his dreams in order to gain back everything he's lost. In the process, he's forced to take care of a neurotic demon and a merman and the feelings he has for said merman. [Warning: Contains adult themes...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm The Alpha
    16.5M 484K 53

    "I don't want you to mark me" I said quickly. "Why?" he asked me, his tone seemed calm but i knew he was far from it. "I have a commitment towards my pack" I told him, hoping he'll understand but to my astonishment his eyes were dark now and he held his palms in a tight fist. "You are my mate Templar, you belong to my...

  • Mated to a Weredragon?! (boyxboy)
    212K 10.2K 12

    Baily, a rouge werewolf looking for some purpose to settle down and get his own small patch of territory. He is 21 and has been a rouge most of his life, his reason for running from his old pack? Boredom. He has come across many, many other weres in his travels and he over hears someone talking about Weredragons, no o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shield's Undertaking
    16.9K 1K 10

    The art of creating a Shield Contact, also known as an ancient form of black magic, is the written agreement between two people, where one pledges to become the protector of the other for life. The protectors, known as Shields, must attend to the every whim of their contracted master, known as a Wielder, and on rare o...