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  • The Dragonborn
    71.4K 4.2K 145

    From the moment Jack crossed over into Skyrim, he has had nothing but a string of bad luck. Mistaken for a stormcloak soldier. Attacked by a dragon. Now the people are calling him, 'Dragonborn?' This isn't what he traveled to Skyrim for... but to protect the one he loves... Jack is willing to uncover the secrets s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dungeons and Dragons quotes
    15K 752 20

    This is just a compilation of quotes from my friends and I during our D&D sessions.

  • Tales of a Body Swapping Battler! The Ginyu Force Good?!
    999 14 10

    This story is more of a what if, per say, where the Ginyu Force decide to change their ways and join the Z-Fighters! This starts at the point where Ginyu just stole Goku's Body the Second time, and we'll go from there! I hope you all enjoy! Highest Rating: 3/28/20 got #1 under Jeice

  • Daily life with the Joestar family
    155K 3.5K 50

    Through some rather odd coincident, you were forced to live with the Joestar family. As for now, I will feature characters from part 1 to part 5. Just a simple fanfic and i hope you enjoyed it. All JJBA characters belongs to Hirohiko Araki. Also pictures are not mine.

  • Witness | Villain Deku AU | BNHA
    59.3K 2.1K 14

    Alternative ending to what happens in the hideout raid arc of the Boku No Hero Academia manga. (Chps. 84-97) Instead of All Might losing his ability to go into his muscle form. He gets killed by All for One, and Izuku witnessed it. He watched all of the heroes stand by and not bat an eye as All Might got killed by All...