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  • The Mafia's Mistake (Completed)
    1M 25.8K 51

    Rated-R This is a twisted love story. He saw and wanted her; simple admiration turned into obsession. Rafaela Vintangé always gets what he wants, but when he found out that Loala was leaving the country, he sent his men to kidnap her. What could possibly go wrong? *Story contains sexual, emotional, physical abuse. It...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bad Boy Kidnapped Me | ✔ {Sample}
    1.6M 46.9K 61

    PG - 13 Highest Ranking : #37 in Romance #50 in fantasy #12 in dangerous "Anything?" He smirked, raising one eyebrow. I swear he would've looked sexy if he would not have been so damn intimidating at that moment. "Yes," I stated, without thinking. "Then kiss me," he said with a smirk as if it was nothing. I...

  • Taken by the Gang leader
    187K 5.3K 30

    A fun twist on your typical gang romance story. Cecelia is taken by Wren (a gang leader) and is forced to become his bride. Little do they know, that before the wedding... A lot of things must happen. Come along for this crazy ride full of shocking plot twists and surprises. Read Taken by the Gand Leader Started wri...

  • The Gang Leader's Angel {Completed}
    16.8M 554K 34

    In Jacob Hunters world there is no place for innocence. Becoming a gang leader at the age of 19 he was forced into a position he never wanted in the first place but a year later, he's embraced it completely by becoming the ruthless, menacing leader of the 'Scorp' gang. His life is all guns and no play. At least it was...

  • Mine (Still Editing!)
    6.8M 163K 67

    Sebastian Black was the number one most feared mafia leader in the streets of LA. At the age of 25 he runs the city and police department. He gets what he wants, always feared, and will never know the true feeling of Love. Never has , Never will.... Never say Never Jezzabelle Johnson is a young, kind, an...