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  • Changed
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    when harry potter finds out that his life is a lie and he has a creature inheritance what will happen? and when harry discover who his mate is will he have the courage to ask them since Harry has always liked them? I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS, J.K. ROWLING DOES thanks

  • Christmas in the Burrow (Drarry)
    100K 4.4K 15

    "What is he doing here?" "I don't know. But something is fishy. The Malfoy we know would never go anywhere near a house like the Burrow." Christmas Holidays in sixth year and Draco Malfoy appears in front of the Burrow. #1 in theburrow (February 2020) #2 in drarry (December 2020) Disclaimer: This is based on J.K. Rowl...

  • Durmstrang's Pretty Boy- Drarry Fanfic~ Book 1 of 3 in The Pretty Boy Trilogy
    270K 9.6K 28

    Due to his mother's death, Lucius Malfoy demanded Draco went to Durmstang to learn the dark arts that aren't provided at Hogwarts. It wasn't until his fourth year that Draco ended up in Hogwarts with his best mate, Viktor Krum. It wasn't until his fourth year that he met The-Boy-That-Lived.

  • Once Upon a Quidditch Match
    91.1K 3.1K 37

    Harry Potter is sick, but cannot risk skipping a Quidditch game that turned out to be almost fatal.... Until someone saves him..

  • House unity
    409K 13K 92

    Harry James Potter has noticed Draco Lucian Malfoy disappearing from time to time from classes just as Lupin had been. Soon Harry realizes that Malfoy may not be fully human.

  • After Gravity (gravity falls Billdip AU)
    99.1K 2.8K 20

    It's summer of senior year, Dipper and Mable are back to Gravity falls to enjoy their stay with friends and family as normal. But things have changed. Mable and Dipper are hardly even friends . Mable has so many friends, even if most are fake. Dipper is alone. He feels like everyone has turned on him. in the rain of T...

    125K 3.9K 23

    (Set during Wierageddon 3)As Bill is about to kill Mabel Dipper makes an offer that the demon can't refuse.

  • Billdip - Mine
    154K 4.6K 27

    Dipper has made a deal with Bill. Weirdmageddon ends and his family is safe, in exchange of his freedom. What will happen? Will Mabel be able to save her brother or herself? Can Dipper learn to live in his new conditions? Will the dream demon be able to admit his own feelings? See what will happen when nothing is as...

  • Pinetree~ ~• complete •~
    54.3K 1.8K 28

    Dipper is walking through the woods when he hears a familiar voice calling out from behind him. "Don't you worry, just Follow everywhere I go Top over the mountains or valley low Give you everything you've been dreaming of Just let me in... Everything you wantin' gonna be the magic story you've been told And you'll be...

  • Weirdmageddon: Dream Demon takeover (Billdip)
    206K 6.4K 43

    Dipper and Mabel are now 19 but when they were 13 dipper was offered to stay in gravity Falls, he took it. He stayed and Mabel left. But now she's coming back because she wanted to spend the last summer they had of being teens together. They set it up so that them and all of their old friends would come back to gravi...

  • Chaos Falls
    128K 3.8K 26

    Weirdmagedon has come, and the end of Gravity Falls, and the world to follow is nipping at The Resistance's heels. When it's time for Bill to start killing for Ford's equation, Dipper makes a deal to save his friends, family, and the townsfolk. But he quickly finds out he's getting into far more than he bargained for...

  • My Precious Patient (Yandere Overhaul X Deku)
    127K 2.9K 28

    "What do you want from me?" At this point Deku was trembling at Overhaul's hand caressing his cheek "Shh~ Your sick, filthy Deku, Let me cure you"

  • Vampire deku (bakudeku)
    285K 6.8K 29

    Deku was kidnaped by the league of villains and they killed him before they could save him deku knows he is dead but still wants to live a normal life as a vampire

  • My Mate (Drarry)
    182K 5.2K 14

    //finished// What happens when Draco finds out that he is a veela and his mate is Harry Potter? Will they live together happily or will they live together so Draco won't die? You find out DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter and if I make something up I will let you know that I own that It would mean the world to m...

  • Don't Let Him Die (Sonadow)
    21.7K 814 18

    I don't know what he has, and I don't know how he got it, but no matter what..I won't let him die... -Shadow the Hedgehog

  • Sonadow: Kidnapped
    13.9K 380 13

    Sonic and Shadow hate each other. Or so we thought. When Eggman kidnappeds Sonic, what will the gang do. Will they get to Sonic on time? Will Shadow and Sonic confess to each other? What will happen to Sonic? What is Eggman planing? Find out in Sonadow: Kidnapped. Sonic=Uke Shadow=Seme P.S. This story will include m...

  • A Lie
    20.6K 584 16

    A new comer comes into Hedgehog Village. He seems harmless at first but when a rumor, a lie goes around about Sonic the people start to believe it. Not only do the people believe it but the gang starts to believe it to. Leaving Sonic alone surround by false hate. Shadow on the other hand heard the lie one day while wa...

  • If I had you
    3.5K 65 10

    Sebastian is a famous singer and dancer while grell is just a stripper at a strip club that wants to be a singer. Sebastian and Grell have been best friends ever since they were young but when they see each other again they start progressing feelings for each other. Will they fall in love or something else will happen?

  • Forgive Me (Sonadow)
    40.1K 1.6K 19

    When Sonic, Shadow and Rouge are sent on a mission to find Rosy the Rascal, things take a turn for the worse.

  • Never Ending Love (Sonadow)
    22.9K 934 14

    Shadow and Sonic meet again after 15 years of everyone separating after Eggmans death. What happened that got everyone to separate?

  • Broken
    25K 620 24

    "I was left behind..."

  • The Incident (TFP Book 1)
    168K 5.6K 28

    The Autobots wake up one day, to find that something has gone horribly wrong. They try to adapt to the new change, and figure out how to fix what went wrong. Will the children understand? How do they overcome this new change? (I own nothing! Not even the picture)

  • About The Past
    23.8K 538 15

    What happens when Eggman reveals Sonic and Shadow's past?

  • Time Bandit
    1K 53 14

    Future Trunks ends up going farther back in time than he'd intended, and ends up running into (getting robbed by) the desert bandit Yamcha - who is too attractive for his own good, and far more decent than he first appears, but, really, doesn't seem to be that important overall. So taking him along for the ride should...

  • Project: Hedgehog
    39.8K 1.4K 20

    Project: Hedgehog Both Shadow and Sonic were "born" on the Space Colony ARK as projects/experiments. They were meant to be used for an unknown reason and were not to show emotion, as it would mess with the tests. But soon, these specimens find their unknown feelings... but for each other. But before they can figure th...

  • Big Mistake (Sonadow)
    200K 5.9K 30

    When Sonic turns out pregnant from a very heated night with a drunk Shadow, Sonic is left to decide what he wants to do with the pup as the father does not believe it is his for not having such feelings for the blue hero. What happens when the ebony one realizes their feelings for the other? Is it too late?

  • Weekend Outing
    24.8K 537 7

    Sonic and co. decided to go on a camping trip for the whole weekend. Of course things might not work out for our Hero until that same night...

  • My Sweet Prince [GumLee Mpreg]
    554K 20.1K 42

    [WARNING: Mpreg. Don't like? DON'T READ.] *This is an Adventure time gender-swap story about Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee, (Gumlee.)* Marshall has always been a trouble maker around the Candy Kingdom, but one of his favorite things to do was flirt. He specifically liked to flirt with Prince Gumball, or Gummy, as...

  • Decepticon TIC
    37.5K 863 12

    Completely AU, characters from all fandoms. *Warning* Soundwave is female in this story. **RATED T** Soundwave is captured by the Autobots, and cannot hide her secret that she, the silent Decepticon TIC, is a femme.

  • Lets Take Over The World~! (TomTord)
    57.4K 1.9K 53

    {finished} Tom, Edd, and Matt were affected by Tord and his robot, but weren't too affected. Tom just had trouble trusting people and had some anxiety. Edd didn't like to be alone. And Matt became over protective. But, what happens when the commie bastard comes back to steal a certain blue hoodie male? What will Tom s...