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  • Ouma The Explorer II: Holy Balls, They're Back For More
    13.2K 765 14

    Kokichi and company are back for more absolutely stupid adventures. I'd suggest evasive maneuvers. OH YEAH this is a sequel to Ouma The Explorer, by the way. So, y'know, don't read this until you've read that, and all that jazz. Cover by MinTeeWorld! Thanks! [Discontinued]

  • Troubles of the Heart (Soudam)
    61.4K 1.7K 11

    If one word was used to describe the life of Souda Kazuichi, it would be, in simple terms, the word disgusting. Although many don't know it at Hopes Peak Academy, Souda Kazuichi has had an amazingly terrible life, ever since he was seven years old. After so much childhood trauma, how will he function in the real worl...

  • totally true ndrv3 headcanons
    52K 2.4K 95

    kodaka himself confirmed these