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  • Silver Darkness [OPEN Sonic the Hedgehog FF]
    4.1K 477 17

    Silver the Hedgehog wishes for nothing more than to be a normal hedgehog. But no, he has to be psychic and time-traveler to the boot. Because of his unique abilities, he is sent to close wacky time&space ripping portals, preventing any casualties and overlapping of dimensions. His latest quest leads him to a deserted...

  • Unheard Thoughts #PrimoAwards2018 #polkadotawards #TLA2018
    5K 3.1K 13

    "Some things can't be taught Feelings that can't be bought Sorry I can't be caught These are my Unheard Thoughts" "People's Choice Awards" ~ The Black Ink Awards 2018 "3rd Place Poetry" ~ The Gravity Awards PH 2018 "3rd Place Poetry" ~ The Blue Rose Awards "3rd Place Poetry" ~ The Rose Awards 2018 "Poetry Runner-up" ~...