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  • Miser Brothers x Reader
    616 13 3

    Please don't take this seriously. You're a mortal, cmon dude.

  • Monster (Alastor x Deer Demon Reader)
    2.1K 98 11

    "Just because I'm a deer demon, doesn't mean I'm like him, IM NOTHING Like the Radio Demon" "Well, well, well. Look who it is? Got a new toy Alastor" "what was...your past life like?.." "Charlie my past life, is something I think you shouldn't have to worry about. But I can say I did things that resulted in me being...

  • [A Hat In Time] One-Shots [X-Reader]
    21.5K 211 7

    A bunch of A Hat In Time one-shots. Discontinued.

  • Cold Soul [Snatcher x Reader]
    17.2K 292 13

    A story about a tired drifter and a soul-snatching shadow. Two souls brought together by mutual desperation and a little bit of luck. -------------- All characters and settings belong to Gears for Breakfast. Cover is by me. And you, of course, belong to you. This is my first story, so feel free to leave criticism and...

  • A Hat in Time Stories/Oneshots
    20.5K 270 14

    My oneshots book for A Hat in Time! Feel free to request anything! Art is not mine! Highest rating: 2nd in ahatintime (HOW?! THANK YOU GUYS!!)

  • A Hat In time Oneshots and Moments
    2.5K 41 5

    Moonjumper is best ghost boi

  • You've Snatched My Heart
    12.4K 298 18

    ~Snatcher X Reader~ You were just on a lovely vacation away from home. Very far away from home. You heard rumors about a dreaded planet and decided not to stop there while you were out and about exploring other planets. You were on your way home when you realized that you had set autopilot to the wrong location. It w...

  • Alastor x reader Rivality
    16.6K 507 10

    you're a demon reffred to as "the white Tiger" you have your territory in the pentagram city right next to the radio demons even tho you never met you are kinda aware what he might look like from the storyes you heard. sorry for any grammar mistakes or any other mistypes. thank you for reading hope you enjoy ♤♡♤♡♤

  • Falling In Love With A Murderer (Hazbin Hotel: Alastor X Reader)
    21.9K 827 12

    If I never met that man I probably wouldn't actually be in hell. You probably wondering who. Well many people in hell call him 'The Radio Demon.' But I know him as Alastor. He was the an evil man. But of course I had to fall in love with him...He seemed so nice at first...I thought he loved me...Was it all I lie...I d...

  • Time In The Limelight (Alastor x Reader)
    3.9K 122 4

    A wolf demon and a Radio demon. Who would have guessed? But their Time In The Limelight might be short-lived. So, stay tuned. Best Ranking: 1st- radiodemon

  • I'll always be with you darling~ Alastor x Oc Reader
    33.9K 958 24

    Meet Y/n a 19-year-old girl who has been born into a family who loved vintage and old timely fashion and style. Her life has been great for the years but the thing is her family is Christian very Christian they baptized her made her go to church and everything but she would get sick every time why? Well she was an Ath...

  • Crimes Against Louisiana (Alastor x reader)
    52.8K 1.9K 15

    It's 1930, and a serial killer in your hometown is on the loose. Which fills you- an innocent, defenceless little waitress, with terror. But not to worry, your good friend Alastor is there to comfort and protect you! Ironic though, he's the one you should be fearing. (I killed cringe culture. Alastor fancies you, bu...

  • TMK Sun Wukong x (sorceress/archer/siren) Reader
    2K 30 3

    There are lemons in this so read with 'caution', and if you want to know what a siren is, well the mlp version is that when the sirens sing, everybody/everypony start fighting with one another, and that's what the sirens feed off of just to make their voices stronger. And you'll end up as a hybrid later on in the stor...

  • Monkey King Hero Is Back Sun Wukong x Alya (OC)
    1.6K 20 23

    Jiang Liur= boys name during the movie The little girl= the girl who tags along with Liur Fa Ming= the Mink who is the caretaker of Liur Sun Wukong= The great sage/the monkey king Trolls= the evil protagonists during the movie

  • The monkey King: The Hero is back x reader
    8.7K 157 19

    Join Kishimo on a journey to help Liuer, and Sun Wukong save the stolen children from the trolls.

  • The Monkey King Hero is back x reader
    14.4K 348 21

    A young boy named Liuer embarks on an awesome adventure to protect a young baby girl with his monkey friend (Y/N). Little does Liuer know that his friend that he's known most of his life is over 500 years old and has been sent by the gait Buddha himself to for fill her destiny. Read as (Y/N) and Liuer find out that a...

  • MediEval Boyfriend Scenarios
    296 12 8

    This is set in modern times. Characters: Sir.Daniel Fortesque Al Salam Zarok the Destroyer I'm to tired to add anything special. I'll edit this later.

  • Christmas Quest
    219 37 10

    Heidi is your everyday non-believer teen with problems of her own, until one Christmas her younger brother Noah stows away in Santa's sack and she has to get him back home before sunrise. On the way, she meets Snow and Heat Miser who both have similar opinions of her that often have them bickering. Heidi continues on...

  • Ni No Kuni One Shots
    655 12 6

    From both games. [I do not own Ni No Kuni. That's Level 5.]

  • Stolen Hearts (Ni No Kuni Swaine X OC)
    62 1 27

    Safir knew he should count himself lucky. Making it out of a a war and a confrontation with the Dark Djinn mostly unscathed and whole hearted wasn't exactly something most people came out of alive. He's found himself a comfortable little niche with what's left of his senses. Stealing for a living wasn't pleasant, but...

  • Yandere Mythical Creatures x Reader Oneshots
    17.3K 135 2

    These creatures are legends... Their myths... But, they all have one thing in common... THEY....ALL...WANT...YOU! And they will do whatever it takes... _________________________________________ Requests are open!

  • One of the Others
    12.2K 259 11

    Written in your point of view, your family is aquatinted with the royal family as your (G/N) (Guardian's Name) is a knight under King Rhoam's command. Although, you too are a warrior of your own kind, and too would like to serve for the royal family, if not all of Hyrule. To this extent, Princess Zelda allows you to t...

  • Pj masks x reader
    623 23 9

    My name is y/n and this is my story, When i was just a new born baby well yes...I live in castle Well I mean, yes I know what your thinking I'm a princess, Princess of all pj masks creator,my mom was the one who created the owl,cat and lizard My mom give it to a human that can protect them and use them for only Good...

  • Against everything {Kakashi x student!reader} *DISCONTINUED*
    155K 5.3K 17

    You are Kakashi's student and part of team 7. This story is based after Sasuke has left since Sai is mentioned a few times. You are around 16-17 in this story, enjoy. EDIT 6/5/2019- Thank you to everyone who has followed this story for so long. Sadly I've made the choice to end this story. I was around 13 when I start...

  • Crimson Hues (Alastor x Angel of Death!Reader)
    62.1K 2.1K 11

    Alastor wasn't known for his affectionate nature, not in life and certainly not in death. So imagine the great Radio Demon's surprise when arguably the only person he ever truly enjoyed the company of during his human days appears in the depths of Hell. Things take a turn for complicated however, as it becomes clear t...

  • Monster High Boyfriend Scenarios
    191K 3.9K 22

    Moved from Quotev. Clawd Deuce Heath Jackson/Holt Gil Valentine Pharaoh Porter Raythe

  • Monster high boyfriend scenarios
    75.7K 1.1K 23

    Clawd Wolf Deuce Gorgon Jackson Jekyll / Holt Hyde Heath Burn Invisi Billy Hoodude Voodoo Neighthan Rot

  • the new girl at monster high ( Deuce and holt love story)
    27.8K 588 9

    Have you ever went to a new school and you didn't know anyone? well i go to a new school and that school is monster high. i meet Frankie stein and become her ghoul friend and soon become friends with everyone, but what i didn't know was i could find love but there is something else what i didn't know i was. I'm Daniel...

  • One shots (1) (Completed)
    268K 5.3K 205

    For the first time since I started this book requests are closed But that doesn't mean you can't request headcanons or preferences tho I don't judge you can literally request anything here Oneshots Preferences Headcanons Boy x boy Girl x girl You can also make your oneshots anonymous if you want If you feel shy...