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  • Bred In Violence (A Mafia Romance)
    495K 17.6K 82

    Completed on 24/09/2018 Tell me who hurt you?" It was a command. I could have been afraid and probably told the whole of my traumatic childhood but I shook my head. There was no way I was telling him my darkest secrets. "I will find out..I always find out cara" he mumbled. But I doubted even he could guess my father...

  • "Dangerously Unusual" ✔- Mafia Romance (Book 1) [Complete/Editing]
    2.5M 136K 142

    *WARNING: STRONG ADULT CONTENT/EXPLICIT LANGUAGE 18+!!!* Book 1 of my Mafia trilogy: (He is mad, but I can take it...)" "He just stared at me. No talking. Silence. I felt my blood run cold. He was as expressionless as ever. He stared at me like I was his next prey. Why the hell did he have to be my assignment!! What...

    Completed   Mature
  • "Sweet Mistake" ✔ - Mafia Romance (Completed) - by Yves Chanelle
    1.3M 79.4K 130

    *WARNING: STRONG ADULT CONTENT/EXPLICIT LANGUAGE 18+!!!* (Book 2 of my mafia series)- Sex seems to have been created by the man, himself... Leader of the Italian maffia, god of sexual desire and heart of stone to those who don't know him personally. All these best describe Leandro Enrique. Women are nothing but pleasu...

    Completed   Mature
  • "DOUBLE TROUBLE" ✔ - Mafia Romance by Yves Chanelle
    517K 43K 143

    MATURE CONTENT!!! Book 3: The Enrique twins aren't the usual type of twins you come across. First of all, their name says it all. "Enrique" which is synonymous to mafioso, danger, woman-lover, fun, respect, charisma and the last but not the least, POWER. The next generation of the highly feared and known Enrique famil...

    Completed   Mature
  • Surprise From The Mafia
    2.1M 51.9K 48

    Jada was the youngest child of the Morales family and the unwanted child. After breaking up with her boyfriend, do to his cheating ways she finds her self at a bar trying to drink away her sorrows. In walks sexy, dark and mysterious Ryder Young. After a hot steamy night together Jada wakes up alone and hurt after tru...

    Completed   Mature
  • Perfect Scars
    15.4M 571K 61

    When a case of mistaken identity leads to an innocent girl being kidnapped by a gangster, will one man bent on revenge push them together or destroy them? ***** Hayden King was one of the most feared gangsters in town. He was dangerous, burning everything he touched. But Violet Smith was d...

  • Maid to Run
    11.5M 395K 88

    Leila Aliyev grew up with her abusive step father and neglectful mother and had only herself to rely on. When Leila was sixteen and her mother died of a drug overdose, she was forced to run away or be 'taken care of' by her twisted step father, Paul. With that thought, she packed her bags and fled hoping she'd be free...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wrath
    2.8M 21.6K 14

    NOW PUBLISHED! This books contains six sample chapters. If you wish to read further, you can purchase it from Kindle Amazon. *** When Zara Mayer receives a call from her murdered father's lawyer, her entire life is turned upside down. Still recovering from the trauma from two years ago, she is swept away in a web o...

  • His Wicked Ways (Unedited Version)
    3.7M 110K 43

    Warning: THIS BOOK IS FOR MATURE READERS ONLY (18+). CONTAINS MATURE SCENES, VIOLENCE, AND LOTS OF CURSING. (A sequel to The Infamous Rafael Valiente, Giovanni Santorini's story) EXCERPT: "I need that tape, Gio. I know you could have it anytime you want, kiddo. I fucking know you're holding the ace!" His expecta...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Best Mistake (Devils #1)
    14.2M 409K 50

    When a one night stand leads to an unexpected pregnancy Sofia Smith doesn't know who to go to. she tried to find the man who got her pregnant but he is nowhere to be found 6 year later, fate brings them together Joe "Devil" Collision is the boss of the biggest dangerous mafia in the world, he has no time for romance...

  • Fearing The Mafia
    3.9M 143K 38

    I twisted my wrists in order to loosen the bonds, to no avail. I was trapped. Trapped by him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Maril Blake wanted nothing more in life than to enjoy every second of it. She was perfectly content with working as a salesgirl in a clothing store. She was a woman full of life and smiled constantly...

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling For Her Nightmare
    1.6M 66K 55

    Warning: Contains graphic scenes, mature languages, and swearing. (Sequel to His Wicked Ways) He's lethally cold, impassioned bastard and she loathed him. He's the reason of her father's death. But why her heart stuttered just his mere presence? She should feel murderous not ar...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dreading The Mafia
    738K 43.8K 40

    I stared at the man who'd kidnapped me, my heart pounding. His green eyes burned me. Burned me until I was nothing but ash. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sadie Mills wanted nothing but to accomplish her dreams of becoming a world class ballet dancer. All her life she had worked hard to reach where she was now. She was clos...

    Completed   Mature
  • (On Hold) "HIS POV" - Dangerously Unusual Sequel
    25.1K 1.1K 7

    (ON HOLD) This is a sequel to my other book: DANGEROUSLY UNUSUAL. All Rights Reserved ©

  • Stolen by the Mafia
    462K 14.4K 38

    After her peaceful life in New York living with her Italian mother, Fiametta Spada never expected her life to got down hill so fast, all because of a letter from her estranged father. Her mother never spoke about him, Fia had never met him and he'd never gotten in contact. All because of the mob. The mob wasn't stoppi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Born in Violence (A Mafia Romance) Book 2
    2.5K 157 8

    Romano Bellucci is rich, powerful, ruthless and calm. He is renowned for his calm right until he tangles himself with Nana the illegitimate daughter of one of the most dangerous men in the world. A man she has never met or heard of until the night of her nineteenth birthday when she is kidnapped right out of her grand...

  • Surviving The Mafia
    2.3M 114K 42

    I closed my eyes and waited for the pain. I knew I was going to die. Die at the hands of my captor. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kelsey Blake wanted revenge. She wanted to destroy the man who had kidnapped her twin. Not only had her life taken a sudden turn in Italy, she had been separated from her only family. However...

    Completed   Mature
  • Eluding The Mafia
    506K 16.5K 36

    Please read Book 1: Surprise from the Mafia, if you haven't already, or you will definitely be lost. Hitting the buzzer I waited. I heardd a little flicker of something and new that it was Max. "Hey I forgot my key, can you buzz me up." There was no response, but the door buzzed open. He probably just woke up from a n...

    Completed   Mature