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  • Discovering The Light♡
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    (completed) ✔️ Stories about female companions of prophet muhammadh sallallahu alaihi wasallam... Vote 🌟 & comment 💭 And.. if there are any mistakes please let me know😊

  • Good Drugs
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    "Beg for mercy!" Dean demanded. His voice hummed lower than the purr of the RV engine running under the spurs of the hot sun. The cool teal between his stare oozed over my body like lava and I shivered in his tight grip. My lips scathed across the skin of his gun, it was hot, heavy and loaded, as blood coursed to t...

  • Story Of Prophet Yusuf ✔
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    let's begin the story of Prophet yusuf (peace be upon him) and his eleven brothers Rank in spritual #88. 26/04/2018 #73. 2/05/2018 #70. 28/04/2018 #68. 30/04/2018 ?#4 26/05/2018? (in tests) #6. (dunya) ?#3. (dunya) 5/06/2018 #2. (test) 29-07-2018

  • Stories of Prophets In Islam
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    Stories of Prophets In Islam :)

  • The Muslim Cinderella?
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    Tasneem is a 17 years old girl with a good family, a best friend and a life considered as 'okay' and she is practically living her life, trying to get past the teenage years. But one day she hears that there would be a masquerade, and one of Tasneem's wishes in life was to experience and go...

  • Staying Halal
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    "NO! I don't want to get married mom 'Never !" Namrah shouted "why you ask? She added before her mom could say anything ," Because nobody will accept me" she mumbled quietly to herself, a tear threatening to fall. Travel with Namrah as she rides a rollercoaster ride through her stay in her home country. Her life is fi...

  • A Muslimah's Story {EDITING}
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    Iqra Mumin is in her last year of university. After her mom's tragic accident a couple of years ago, her mum has become weak and tired. Iqra helped her mom so much and now the most hottest guy with the best personality ever has proposed to her. She can't seem to grip her mind on things, though, being the curious...

  • Irritating Gorgeous
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    Hello world!! This story is about a girl called Jasmine who is really hyper and crazy. When her childhood friend reappears she goes through many adventures and new emotions. With her crazy brain she thinks up all sorts of pranks and has a great high school life except for her exams that are just ahead!Read on and find...

  • Voices of Hope
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    "Voices of Hope" is a culmination of personal reflections on the Islamic teachings. Each chapter has a voice of its own. Every character has a story to tell.... As this is my first attempt I do hope that you would vote and comment below your thoughts and ideas. Thank you from now! All rights reserved. By any means if...