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  • The New Kid (A Korrasami Fanfic Modern AU)
    407K 11.3K 38

    Asami Sato, Bolin, and Mako are three friends, wishing for someone different to come along. When they meet and befriend the new student at school, something tells them that things are gunna a whole lot more interesting. The new girl is hiding something behind her bright smile and loud and cheerful personality and is c...

  • Bloodlust (Lesbian Story)
    904K 32.8K 71

    Book 1 of "Bloodlust" series. "I'm going to give you one chance to answer me. Where is she?" She asked, looking into my eyes. I looked back at her, terrified. "I swear that I don't know what you're talking about!" I answered, starting to shiver. She smiled wickedly. "You know, the only reason I sent my brother away wa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Miss, Miss I Can't Do This. (Camren)
    55.5K 1.4K 19

    Student teacher fiction. Camila = student Lauren = teacher What happens one day when they meet? Why is it doing something so god damn wrong can feel so extremely right? i can't write descriptions. just read it plz xoxox

  • Kissing girls (GXG)
    43.3K 1.4K 45

    Scarlet is a human who, like the rest of the human world, is completely unaware of the werewolf world. That is until she meets Blake, a werewolf who claims to be the shy girls mate. Both the girls have a lot to face: Rouges, vampires, their own mental health and more.

  • I will never love you
    11.6K 627 31

    "Aren't you full of surprises? First you're a chick with a big dick that comes out of who the fucks knows; then you mated with me, forcing me to tell you that I'm yours; and now you simply say that this was a mistake and I have to forget I ever met you. And that's without counting that you're a werewolf that hunts you...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wolf Blood
    136K 4.5K 21

    Alpha Kate is the only female alpha super left after all of the years. There are a few male alpha super, but no other female alpha super. There are wolves that are just lone supers or with a pack, but they are depleting in numbers. Even though she is the alpha, it does not stop her from doing any duties that the othe...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Fragile Omega
    143K 4.1K 19

    What happens when a fragile omega meets a protctive alpha and luna who happen to be her mate? What happens when you throw in agression and violence into the mix? Or an ex girlfriend? What will happen to her who will she choose? (Warning: Contains topics such as self-harm, abuse, girlxgirl, futanari and just sexual con...

  • My Queen (GxG)
    669K 23.1K 42

    Currently being edited same as with JDOM. For those who wants to read it, you can wait till I'm done, or not. It's your choice. But I highly recommend, for you to wait till I'm done. ==================================== When you've been tied by fate, to a person that you have sworn to destroy, what would you feel? For...