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  • Silver's Art Book
    12.4K 472 133

    Hello! Welcome to my c̶r̶a̶p̶p̶y̶ art book! A magical world of drawings, both traditional and digital, old and new alike, and watch as my art goes from cringe to mediocre, to hopefully good soon! I draw mostly OCs, so expect a lot of that, but I do draw other stuffs, like Fire Emblem, Pokémon, sometimes some comics, p...

  • Pokémon Insurgence: Cult of Light
    348 15 3

    Everyone knows the basic Pokémon story. Bond with your six, win the eight gym battles, defeat the evil team. For Nicole, it's not that simple. Her story involved deaths, religious cults, a virus, and even life forms from another world. But that's all said and done. The death is over, the cults are disbanded, the viru...

  • Augur: A Pokémon Insurgence Novel
    1.6K 132 12

    It's been months since the First Augur had vanished after seeking out the last of the cults of Torren. Having not been heard from since, a new Augur by the name of Jaern has risen to defend the land from the evil that still plagues it. With promises of a hopeful future and the destruction of the remaining cults, the c...

  • The Secret Cult
    13.6K 263 61

    [Highest Ranking: #1 in Insurgence Also, Unedited Mess] The Torren Region- a beautiful region, however crawling with evil cults that take worshipping a Legendary Pokèmon to a whole new level. A screwed up level. You already know the five existing Cults- The Sky, Darkrai, Infernal, Perfection, and Abyssal Cults, and h...

  • Insurgents of Remnant REMASTERED
    210 8 2

    *Reboot of The Insurgents of Remnant* Being in the Dream Realm has finally gotten to Persephone. Having time to reflect, she begins to realize a few things. Among those thoughts being the guilt and remorse of all the sins she has committed. But most of all? She misses Diana. So how does she remedy this cycle of cripp...

  • Shadowfire - A Pokemon Insurgence Story
    221 10 2

    Persephone and Diana were young when they were forced into the Infernal Cult; and their time in it only served to draw a permanent rift between them. Though those days were behind them, a Cultist life is not a life easily left behind. Some bridges may be rebuilt, while some simply are never meant to be. ( cover image...

  • Into The Abyss- Pokemon Insurgence
    3.2K 65 19

    A Pokemon Insurgence fanfic, starring the Abyssal Cult Leader Audrey and one of the main rivals, her son Damian. Follows the events of the awesome Fan Game, and a potential aftermath and possible explanation for what happened before the events of the game. (Warning, there are spoilers) Warning # 2: It's pretty dark. M...

    Completed   Mature
  • Midnight's Coffee Shop
    3.6K 188 68

    A bunch of little sketches and drawings done by yours truly.

  • Infernal
    149 15 7

    The end of the Infernal Cult in Pokémon Insurgence comes at a high cost. Calreath, Gym Leader of Amphitrite City, is trapped in the volcano where Infernal has made their base. Along with his Pokémon and three other cultists, Calreath must find a way to escape before the base collapses.