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  • Demons and Ciphers: A Gravity Falls Transcendence AU Story
    2.8K 68 22

    Weirdmageddon is in full swing, and all Ten members of the Cipher Wheel are in the Fearamid, ready to end the apocalypse. However, something goes terribly wrong, and one of their friends is lost. Will Mabel ever see her brother again? And if she does, will he be the same as he was before he disappeared? This is my ow...

  • Forgotten Falls
    50.4K 1.8K 43

    Lila and James Pines had to make a decision to save their children, but only one could survive. Mabel Pines grew up a happy life with her Grunkles. Everything was easy for her and she had lots of friends but she's been having strange dreams about a boy who looks like her. A nameless boy lived a hard life as a slave...

  • Father of one
    7.1K 339 39

    Dipper and Mabel are turning 13 tomorrow ! But that might not by the best thing in The world right now. Bill is trying to get his son back but ford, Stan, and Mabel do not want that to happen! Along the long and hard journey of dipper and Mabels new life they both find some new love interest. The truth is reveled abou...

  • My Counterpart
    3.9K 96 6

    Dipper Pines was now 16 years old and so was Mabel Pines. They planned together, that they would live on Gravity Falls. Dipper wasn't the weak boy you would think, he grew up to be a fine young boy. But People think that there is something bothering him, He's been talking to himself more often and oftenly wanted to be...

  • The Child Of Cipher (Discontinued)
    71.8K 1.7K 36

    (ok listen i know the fandom died but.....i dont care) (Edit: did...did i just revive the fandom?) bill cipher an all powerful and insane demon he can kill you in an instant without hesitaion this dream demon is known for being ruthless and heartless one wouldve guessed he had a son...who was taken away fro...

  • Once Bitten (a Billdip story, vampire AU)
    129K 5K 24

    Dipper Pines, a human teen crossed paths with Bill Cipher, the head vampire of Gravity Falls, who bites Dipper and turns him into a bloodsucking creature, much to Dipper and Mabel's dismay. Now Mabel, Dipper's twin sister, must work with Gideon and Wendy in order to get Dipper back to normal. U...

    Completed   Mature
  • Demon Dipper
    6.7K 150 8

    After being sucked into the portal Dipper becomes a demon...... after giving up Mabel lives her life like normal.... now see what happens when Mabel's daughter Trixie gets a demonic guardian.... who just so happens to be Mabels long lost brother.

  • Gravity Falls: Devilish Minds.
    128K 3.8K 16

    Dark¡Dipper. This is after the return of the real Stanford. After Mabel ignored Dipper's pleas to press the button. He feels betrayed.

  • Demon Dipper
    1K 23 2

    "So I'm cuckoo, suck it up." "You're not Dipper." "Whatever you say." ---------------------------- "Sometimes people ask me how I got to be like this. Pfft I'm kidding, no one even knows that I'm the killer. Who would think that nerdy short me could murder dozens of people. Man, not to be arrogant, but bitch I'm Fab."...

  • Vampire Dipper
    764 10 2

    Why didn't I stay inside at night and not go out on that monster hunt by myself I could have been fine but I got bitten by a vampire out in the woods I want Wendy to stay away from me and everyone else but I can't stop craving the lust for blood it's irritating I want them to know but I don't want them to throw me out...

  • GravityFalls: The curse
    6.8K 201 16

    I read a few of the Monster falls books and I wanted to make one, but it's a little different. Takes place after Weirdmagadion. Bill was banished from all dementions, including his own. He is now just a speck in the univrse. But Bill finds a way back into Gravityfalls, but at what price? Meanwhile Dipper mess's with...

  • Supremacy [Transcendence AU]
    744 12 2

    The day of the Transcendence, the most important day off all history. It was the day that made (and destroyed) countless people's lives. Welcome to Supremacy. -still looking for a cover, for now enjoy stars- -Over the Garden Wall/TAU Crossover- -More normal TAU adventures... coming soon!-

  • Careful What You Wish For /A Gravity Falls Fanfiction/
    43.2K 1.4K 16

    ~Sock Opera/ Demonization AU~ [Takes place during The episode of Sock Opera. But this time, there's a new twist.] Dipper makes a deal with Bill, but when bill doesn't take exactly what he asked for, the tables start to turn in dippers foreshadowing future. With her brother missing and not knowing how to cope with his...

  • Angel, Demon, or Both
    103K 4.2K 25

    Angels and Demons are beginning to live together, but some of them live in Harmony and some don't, it's complicated. War was over centuries ago and it came up to this. Maria Pines is an angel while her husband Mark Pines is a Demon. All Angels have different sizes of wings and different color wings. It's not going to...

  • ▲ ? Billdip ?▲- One of the Strangest Stories of Gravity Falls yet! ☢ (Book one)
    527K 20.6K 83

    ☾ ★ Highest Ranking Ever ☾ ★ : #41 in general fan-fiction. Welcome to Gravity Falls! Just west of Weird! We hope you enjoy your stay but one boy this summer won't. Unfortunately, one night, Bill Cipher the all-knowing dream demon of the mind entered into the adventurous and genius boy you all know, Dipper's, dream. It...

  • Not According To Plan (Billdip)
    84.8K 3.9K 17

    (4 Years Later) In order for Dipper to save Gravity Falls, Dipper made a deal with Bill. A deal that would require his sister. Mabel. Bill has plans with Mabel and Dipper knew this. Dipper then developed a plan on the spot resulting him to leave everything behind. Dipper would take Mabel's place. But it wasn't going t...

  • Daddy Bill
    5.9K 123 5

    Dipper was never Mables twin. He's actually three years younger. He was separated from his father. Bill Cipher. Stanford found him when he was just a newborn. He gave the kid away to mables family.

  • New Start
    4K 246 7

  • Bill's Son
    9.1K 217 5

    Dipper went back to Gravity Falls with Mabel. But he's having weird dreams. Will Ford figure it out? Or will it remain a mystery? They are 13 now.

  • Apocalypse Falls (Slow Updates)
    3.4K 129 12

    It was dark, you could see nothing. Two white firgures were fighting each other. You hear a voice of a 12-year old boy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In this world, it's kill or be killed, ...

  • Mabelmageddon (Gravity Falls AU)
    4.3K 269 21

    "Summer forever.Just you and me,Dipper.Isn't that what we always wanted?" --------------------------------------------------- Bill Cipher finds a new villain in need of his calling.Mabel Pines.A heartbroken girl who is scared of growing up and is afraid to lose her brother,who is on the edge of her fingertips.He manip...

  • Hypocrisy(Gravity Falls/ON HOLD!)
    4.4K 233 15

    hy·poc·ri·sy həˈpäkrəsē/ noun the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense. You think you have problems?Well,whatever problem you have,it can't be as bad as mine!I've been transformed into a maroon-colored dorito!And even worse,there's some pretty...

    125K 4K 37

    {COMPLETED} {RE WRITE NOW POSTED} When Bill is close to dying he gives his powers to dipper. When dipper finds this out he tries to hide it. But what happens? What will dipper do if Bill isn't really dead? And how far will Ford go to stop the all knowing triangular dream demon Nacho Bill?You'll just have to read to fi...

  • Crazy? More Like Insane. (Discontinued)
    16K 681 17

    // A Gravity Falls fanfiction // (Made this when I was a 13 year old and a cringy shit. Was too stubborn to delete it. Read at your own risk, may kill you because of all my stupidity. ) When the 13-year old Mabel is in the edge of her life, Dipper had to save her by making a deal with Bill. Yes, you read this right. ...

  • Dipper Cipher
    485 9 1

    I have another account on Wattpad Billdip_stories Anyways Dipper is bills son

  • Gravity Fails (Rewrite)
    5.3K 254 5

    Dipper had disappeared the day Weirdmageddon went global. Countries burned down, millions killed, and thousands joining the Falls Rebel Cause. All because Dipper Pines wanted to keep his family safe. __ I DO NOT OWN GRAVITY FALLS OR ANY OF IT'S CHARACTERS OR SETTINGS OR PICTURES AND VIDEOS POSTED. _ Also, this is Bil...

  • Gravity Fails
    177K 6.8K 21

    Dipper had disappeared the day Weirdmageddon went global. Countries burned down, millions killed, and thousands joining the Falls Rebel Cause. All because Dipper Pines wanted to keep his family safe. __ I DO NOT OWN GRAVITY FALLS OR ANY OF IT'S CHARACTERS OR SETTINGS OR PICTURES AND VIDEOS POSTED. _ Also, this is Bil...

    Completed   Mature
  • Son of Bill Cipher (ON HIATUS)
    125K 2.8K 30

    The chaos of Weirdmaggedon has come to an end. The twins, Dipper and Mabel, birthday are three days away. But what if a certain triangle wasn't defeated? What if he discovered a long held family secret that leads to what he's been searching for for almost thirteen years? What is the secret? And who or what is it about...

  • Something's Off...
    4.6K 163 6

    Dipper didn't know what to do, he just saw Bill turn his Grunkle Ford into a gold statue! He was angry but also afraid. What would they do without Ford's help? 'Do something, do something...' he repeated quickly in his mind. What he chose to do was dumb, very dumb. He leaped into the air but he was suddenly grabbed b...

  • New Dream Demon (Oh Hiatus)
    986 12 9

    When Dipper is forced to make a deal with Bill he is taken. The rest of the GF gang summon Bill to make a deal to get Dipper back Bill refuses. This make Mabel suspicious because Bill never refuses a deal ever. Will they find out what Bill has opened for Dipper ... or will they be to late