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  • (Real) Unsolved Mysteries
    566K 15.1K 61

    the most eerie, yet interesting, unsolved cases/mysteries or deaths warning: all true stories. some may be unpleasant. - #2 in thrillers 6/8/19

  • Illumination
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    Check out Illumination to find out about your favourite applyfic celebrities,wattpad authors and many more.

  • Tidbits
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    Just fragments and snips, offspring of an overactive imagination

  • The Moonlight Boy | Ferry's Tale # 1
    2M 129K 66

    * The Fiction Awards 2020 Winner * In Goodharts, the small town between the hills, nobody knows how Ferry Donovan looks. His mother has been keeping him out of sight for over nine years. When the boy finally begins school, the people are not only intrigued by his appearance but also by the strange things taking place...

  • Doorways
    24.5K 2.1K 55

    Taylen is loving her first year of college until a routine drive home catapults her into a medieval land where trust is a luxury she can no longer afford. Alone in a land ruled by suspicion and strange social dictates, she must discover others she can rely on if she hopes to survive long enough to find a way home.

  • Trial of Anubis
    17.1K 744 29

    An aspiring Egyptologist is dragged into a world of Sons and Daughters* and is tasked to use her knowledge to halt the impending destruction of Ungifted*. (*Sons & Daughters is a term for those gifted by the Egyptian gods. S&Ds are not demi-gods in any way, they are merely humans with an extended life span and ethere...

  • 12 Seconds (#1 in Military series)
    1.5M 59.8K 38

    After being caught in an explosion in Afghanistan, Jules is sent home with no memory of her time as a marine or the love she found overseas. Now, five years later, Julia is working in the local library, with an overprotective mother who would do anything to keep her from learning the truth. But will a chance encounte...

  • Petrichor
    1K 505 12

    Princess' life is turning upside down when she is left in the hands of a peculiar medieval looking school. After a lot of situations turn on her she must make for herself and others tough decisions. Death or life. She is being prepared for something greater in her existence something extraordinary but what will her un...

  • My Skelebro | Sope texting au |Being rewritten
    350K 18.2K 167

    ON HOLD WHILST REWRITTEN -Sope Texting AU- Where Yoongi somehow gets THE Jung Hoseok's number and sends his skeleton memes to him as a token of his love. You We're having children together My skelebro I'm scared You Wha- why 👁👁 My skelebro I always worry about dropping the baby whenever I hold one- You KSLFLVLS D...

  • The Wedding Destroyer (J.JK)
    174K 8.6K 32

    "Hello, I'm Y/N your personal Wedding Destroyer." You spoke softly into the headset, the slurp from your coffee echoing through the line just moments after, "How can I assist you today?" "It's Jungkook," you paused as you recognised the masculine voice replying to your earlier question, "I have another job for you." ...

  • The Devil's Trill
    7.5K 378 15

    Yoongi x Violinist!Reader Min Yoongi was a name every classical musician knew. He was a famous music critic and judge, and he was known to have a ruthless opinion. When the times come where its your turn to be judged by the man, the result is something no one had expected. A/n: I'll warn everyone reading this now, som...

  • Destiny: BTS x Reader Fantasy AU ✔️
    4.6K 276 36

    As a princess living a sheltered life, family ties have been a little off. One day, an elven prince comes to visit and dangerous events begin to unfold. People from your childhood, staff, and other new faces begin to help and guide you through an evil scheme and from a mysterious prophecy coming true. On the way do y...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Magic of Seven : BTS at Hogwarts ✔️
    735K 41.5K 56

    Hogwarts au Seven boys and one girl running amuck at the most famous school for witchcraft and wizardry - welcome to your new year at Hogwarts Member sorting/character intro in first chapter Features a female mc and side ships ----- This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wired || Sope
    73.2K 4.2K 43

    "You lied to me, you broke my trust, and most of all? You're not even fucking human!" "You're right, yet you still love me." ____ MatchMakers has just opened in Seoul. Hoseok, a man who can't keep a relationship for the life of him, tries the new system thinking it's fraud. What happens when he finds his perfect mat...

  • Un-wired || Sope
    18.7K 1.3K 30

    "You're all fucking delusional. I'm a freak, I'm not Yoongi, get that through your skull!" "We promised it would be okay. I plan on keeping that promise, whether you remember or not." ____ [Sequal to Wired || Sope.] Yoongi has lost his memories, Yeri is in jail, and MatchMaker's operat...

    Completed   Mature
  • Last Breath // Jung Hoseok
    2.1K 226 23

    "I love her" "I can't kill him." ********** A certain someone who lost everything including the purpose of living and emotions as a sin, meets hope in the eyes of the guy, who gives her a last chance last breath last route last love to revive back to her old self. +×+×+×+×+ Fayola aka y/n, is stuck between life a...

  • Worst Guardian Angel Ever ✔
    2.5M 157K 51

    "What would happen if I took you to bed with me? Would that mean I broke the virginity of an angel?" ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: In which a girl is sent to be the guardian angel of her own killer. ✎ EDITING ✎ © Kiki 2018© ➢AU ➢Fluff/Drama ➢Humor Highest Rankings: #1 in JUNGKOOK #1 in KPOP #1 in NAMJOON #3 in JIMIN ★Debut Novel★ ...

  • Pocket Sized |mini bts x reader|
    87.5K 3.7K 17

    bts fantasy au | y/n decides to visit the park near her apartment, then she suddenly finds some very cute pocket sized people. "are you kidding me yoongi you said that this was the right way" "shut up..... wait where the hell is namjoon and hoseok" ~ "Holy shit why the crap are you guys so small"

  • Hidden || MYG
    99.3K 6.1K 22

    He woke up everyday not knowing who she was and she woke up everyday content with who he was. "I wish you'd wake up one day and call my name." --- [Winner Of Bangtan Writers Awards 2019] Cover by: @HobiAwae ❤ Status: Completed Chapter Length: 400 - 700 Words

  • Piano || MYG
    275K 16.4K 33

    "Do you see him?" "Him who?" "The boy playing the piano." "... No one's playing the piano." --- Cover by: @JJUNGWON ❤ Status: Completed Chapter Length: 20-40 Words (5 Lines) [11/2/2018] #736 in Short Story {F.R.} [4/5/2018] #129 in Short Story {H.R.} --- #1 in minsuga on 16/7/18

  • How to Get Revenge on Your Ex ✔️ [[JJK X READER]] |COMPLETED|
    137K 4K 33

    You just got dumped by your ex-boyfriend Jimin of 3 years. That night, as you were crying in the nearby diner, a waiter named Jungkook decides to help you after hearing your story. To get back at Jimin, you and Jungkook come up with this crazy outrageous plan. Will you and Jungkook successfully get revenge on Jimin? O...

  • Seven Seas [ BTS x Reader Pirate AU ] EDITING
    147K 7.6K 27

    The King and his men, Stole the Queen from her bed. And bound her in her bones. The seas be our and by the powers, Where we will, we'll roam. Yo-ho, all hands hoist the colors high! Heave-Ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die! . Cover by @LuvliMochi <3

  • Mental | Jungkook
    1.1M 62.6K 55

    "How did I become such a monster? I'm sorry I hurt you when I first met you, I... I just don't understand.. My life was perfect, and now.." He cried to me. STATUS: COMPLETED #27 in Horror

  • Haven ✓
    328K 28.6K 34

    [4] 민윤기 "I'm not suicidal; I'm proving a point." Being a university librarian has done nothing in the way of dulling Soma's passion for living life on the edge. A complete adrenaline-junkie with a penchant for dizzying heights, the only thing she relies on is her own sense of self-preservation. When a quiet Master's...

  • pop my bubblegun | hoseok
    51.7K 2.4K 5

    in which whenever she pops a gum, he shoots someone collab story by @trashjar and @-defenestration

  • single wife| myg
    500K 26K 81

    "-you've only meet one side of me...I'd like to introduce the rest." 「sequel to virgin mom」 #246 in fanfiction april 27 2017

  • virgin mom| myg
    1.2M 61.3K 64

    "stop talking to my mommy or my dad's gonna get you." credit @trashjar #1 in fanfiction august 15, 2016 - august 28, 2016 [same day as agust d debut!]

  • The Beast | Harry Styles
    2.2M 59.9K 35

    ***WARNING: This story has VIOLENT and SEXUAL scenes*** Also I want to say that I know that the first few chapters suck as does the grammar. So there's no need to point it out thank you very much. Highest rank #25 in Fanfiction. ______________________________________ Rose knew this world was full of mysterie...

  • daegu boy. | min yoongi √
    2.9M 147K 50

    "If I can use my tears to make you smile....then it's more than worthwhile." ••• what happens when a musically talented boy from daegu occupies the empty home beside yours? an encounter with someone new may not be the ideal situation you expect it to be, but love is unpredictable....right? Highest ranking #18 in FANFI...

  • Jungkook: The Friendly Ghost
    526K 30.1K 47

    She moves into a new appartment. He's stuck. No one can see him. But she can. Jungkook/OC Rom-Com #64 in fanfiction 26/5/2020 #1 in romcom #2 in jeongguk #23 in btsfanfic #31 in bts 7/29/2020 #1 in ghost 25/6/2020