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  • My Love Has Come Along
    86.1K 3.8K 10

    "No one wants to date the weird, quiet girl who works in the soap shop," Lauren states calmly, not upset by the words, but rather stating them as facts. "You're more than that," Normani argues. "You're right," Lauren agrees. "I'm also a witch hiding my powers from the public because I quite like not being burned at th...

  • mean girls
    454K 16.8K 22

    "Lauren will finish this last year of high school drama free if it's the last thing she does." AU where Camila is the queen bee and she's used to the school bowing at her feet until a new girl that refuses to play by the rules comes along. cover by the talented @Zzenitram

  • thin walls (are calling me home)
    205K 4.8K 28

    Lauren honestly didn't expect so many noise complaints when she joined the police, but if all of them went as well as her first one, she was sure she could handle more. Especially when she couldn't stop running into the girl she kept thinking about. Or: Lauren is a cop and gets a lot of stupid nicknames, Camila is an...

  • the sound of your heart (camren)
    73.7K 1.9K 2

    The only things Normani is absolutely a hundred percent sure that Lauren likes are the following: food, music, being right, pretentious books, kissing, and pretentious books about kissing. So far Camila is not on that list. (Normani's fairly certain.)